GMC Classics Motorhome Club
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GMC Motorhome Information

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We maintain a list of those who would be willing to help a fellow member in need as he might be passing nearby. Check the space provided if you are willing and able to provide the service.



Overnight Hookups         Water    

   Mechanical help  


   Spare parts  


   Advice on local services  

We maintain a membership roster that is issued annually and updated quarterly. Please include a photogragh or portrait of yourselves for the roster.

Annual dues are $25.00. To apply for membership, mail this page with your check payable to GMC Classics Motorhome Club and photograph for our annual membership roster to:


GMC Classics Headquarters
7110 Forbess Dr.
Brownwood, TX   76801

* To be a member of the GMC Classics, you must also be a member of the Family Motor Coach Association.


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