Classic's members Glyn and Melrose Trimble of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma have decided to have some GMC logo Domino's custom made for them. They've offered to broker the sales of these for all of us that would care to have a set.

If you'd like to get a set, here's the particulars:

Glyn will collect all names and moneys and forward to the manufacturer and they will be mailed directly from Waco to each of you by Priority Mail.
 * (Prices do not include postage which will have to be added when we know how much it is)

Double sixes $39.50
Double nines 47.50
Double twelves 67.50

(The double nines and double twelves are both color coded)

Options are       (1) Logo with no dates but inscription across bottom
                        (2) Logo with dates and also inscription across bottom

Without Dates
Selection 1 without dates.

With Dates
Selection 2 with dates.

They are what is called "Professional Grade", Size 1" x 2" x 7/16".

The dominoes are ivory color, made from a special marble resin which will make them look and feel like ivory.

They are manufactured here in the USA. Puremco of Waco, Texas.

The dominoes will arrive enclosed in a case with set of rules for eight games included.

On all double NINES and double TWELVES a starter will be included at no extra charge. If you wish one for the double Sixes, there will be an approx $5 extra charge.

* For those who are not familiar with term "starter" this is a plastic center piece for holding down your starting double in games such as Chicken Foot, Mexican Train, etc.

ALSO, for you real domino buffs there is available A CHOO CHOO TRAIN WHISTLE for games like Mexican Train, etc. Cost is around $6 or slightly less and batteries are included.

The folks at domino plant are very excited about what we are doing. Believe they are going to do some "neat" things for us in the future from way they talked.

Send Orders and check to:

R. G. Trimble
37 Saint Andrews Circle
Broken Arrow, OK 74011-1128

or email

Delivery will follow within 10-14 working days.