Being an A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) personality type that should be on Ritalin, four rallies a year doesn't satisfy my need to roam. After retiring, I looked at several RV clubs in northeast Texas, southern Oklahoma and northern Louisiana for a second club to travel and socialize with. Only one had a tech session. All mainly played games, did crafts, and ate and ate and ate. They seldom travel more that 100 miles for a rally. It came to me in a sleep deprived stupor that the most interesting and travel-orientated people I knew were in the Classics. Maybe other members share my desire for more traveling with this great group of Classic members. Thus, the idea for mini-rallies came about.

At the October rally, the Board approved the concept of mini-rallies. Input is requested to see if there is interest in rallies not involving the whole Classic group and not replacing any regular Classic Rally.

Someone at the meeting (Billy Massey, I think) has mentioned that he plans to go to a hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque in October before the October Classic Rally. We discussed making this a mini-rally. We need to check dates to be certain, but it was thought that it is the weekend before the Classic Rally and the Classic Rally would be a stop on the return trip.

I have been thinking of going to Nashville or Branson in mid-to-late March and maybe to Colorado in June.

As I envision a mini-rally, we would make plans and caravan to a location. A gathering location would be planned and an outline travel plan (not to exceed 7 days from gathering location) with campground stops would be distributed. Reservations could be made by a one-time Rally Master or Caravan Host.

Email response to the mini rally idea has brought an idea from Eugene Mazzurana suggesting weekend mini rallies.

I think the Classics membership is dynamic and energetic enough to have two types of rallies in addition to the regular quarterly Classic rallies:
the Mini Rally - a weekend rally for a special event or place
the Classics Caravan - traveling rallies for events and places more distant and requiring six to ten days.

We are limited only by our interest and members willing to plan a rally and serve as a host/wagonmaster for these single event/destination rallies. These events will cost the club nothing but will provide additional venues for forming and sharing friendship with the great Classics group (not to mention the fun places that we can experience).

Think of the opportunity to let your GMC cruise the roads more frequently instead of being tethered for weeks and months at a time. Talk about cabin fever - what must it be like to be your GMC. Mine complains to me all the time about being shut up in the garage and never getting to go anywhere. We might even get some use from those house batteries before they will no longer hold a charge. You could even get a chance to change the oil because mileage requires it. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

I would like to participate in this type activity. (if so, provide contact info)

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I would like to plan or host a mini rally.

The Mini-rally Master should collect fees.
Each person make their own arrangements.

If you have an idea for a Mini-Rally or Classics Caravan, please share it with me.

Click HERE for a printable form you can fill out and snail mail.