Oilton Oklahoma Parade

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch thrills the parade crowd with their classic GMC Motorhomes

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The Tulsa Lunch Bunch of the GMC Classics were invited to participate in the Old Timer's and Alumni Parade in Oilton, OK on Saturday May 26. Oilton is an old, old oil boom town of yesteryear that still clings to it's early heritage. Population about 1500 and 2 old grouches..The Lunch Bunch met near Don Cooper's Phillips 66 Station in Tulsa around 10:00 AM Saturday and then drove over in convoy, arriving about 11:30 AM, with Joe and Barbara Wilson (of Oilton) there to meet us with their GMC.

Next we treated ourselves to some old fashioned food ranging from down home huge, greasy hamburgers to real, fresh water fried catfish that literally melted in your mouth...the food itself was well worth the trip.

About 1:45 we loaded up and headed for the parade start point. Joe and Barbara Wilson led the way, followed by the others..Cal and June Callicoat, Don Cooper, Olin Boyer and Glyn and Melrose Trimble. Oh yes, Joe's three year old grand daughter rode along, too..sitting pretty as you please up in front waving at all the people.

Promptly at 2:00 PM the Parade started...with the usual Police Car and siren, the local Fire Truck blaring out it's horns, then came the horses (no pooper scoopers, either), the Corvettes, the Mustangs, the Beauty Queens, the various Classes, ranging from kindergarten right on up to Class of 1940, all dressed in their best gingham dresses and shawls. .

The most precious little girl in the parade was a little four year old, dressed up in her best western outfit, riding her little trainer bicycle, with her very proud mother walking along behind..Sorry, failed to get a pic..

Then came the Shriners, with their funny cars, whirling motorcycles and clowns..the crowd really loved them..

And, last but certainly not least, came the Tulsa Lunch Bunch with their big signs on both sides reading TULSA LUNCH BUNCH and on second line GMC CLASSICS..needless to say, when you stretch out 5 GMC's in parade formation, we made a magnificent showing...wish you had been there with us..

A fun time and hopefully we will get invited back again!!!

Tulsa Lunch Bunch

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