Central Texas Lunch Bunch

Austin Gathering


Central Texas Lunch Bunch

GMC Classics Members and Friends
All that is required to be a part of our group is that
you own or have interest in owning a GMC Motorhome

Everyone is invited
Come join us for the roundup

Last Friday of every Month
Time: 11:00 AM
Golden Corral Restaurant
7300 South IH 35 Frontage Road
Ph: 512-383-8545 or GMC Contact

Lots of free parking & great food
Bring your GMC or not
See you There!


Feel free to come for a quick lunch or to stay and visit till 2pm.  If you can’t make it, don’t worry as we will catch you at the next one.  Golden Corral has a “banquet” type room which can hold up to 75 people.  We won’t necessarily have the room all to ourselves, but should easily be able to sit together as they have us marked down to eat in that room.  There is plenty of parking on the sides and behind the restaurant.  If you have a “Classics” cap please wear it. If you have any questions please let me know.  I am looking forward to a good turn out and seeing you all there.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Please RSVP back to me, if possible, so I can give Golden Corral an good estimate of how many to expect.  Feel free to show up even if you forgot to RSVP though.  Look forward to seeing you there!

To keep informed of our activities, contact Chuck Peck at or 512-587-3006 to get on the monthly email list.

230 and 260 Paper GMCs. Thanks to Rhonda Peck for these terrific centerpieces.


Get Together Reports


October 25

The food is good, and the fellowship is always plentiful! CTLB Members enjoy sharing their ideas and experiences of repairing, improving, and traveling in their vintage GMC coaches!

Attending today were Sandra and Bob Price, Merrill Shelly, Carroll Shelly, Bob O'Farrell, Vern Crawford, Lenore Langsford, and Bert and Charlotte Austin. We were pleased to have a new member, Tommy Owen, who joined us today!

Tommy and his wife Donna recently purchased a custom GMC Motorhome from Carroll Shelly. We hope Tommy and Donna will bring their Coach to one of our CTLB meetings for all of us to see!

We were pleased to see Vern and Lenore again! They were traveling through Austin on their way to Pennsylvania and stopped to enjoy the CTLB. Traveling with them was their beautiful black, friendly cat, Nibbles.

Bert and Charlotte Austin brought their 1977 Royale, along with their black and white cat, M & M, who likes to travel with them. Several people enjoyed touring the Royale and hearing about improvements which have been made to their coach.

We really missed having Chuck and Rhonda Peck who usually lead this group! They were enjoying a week-long trip to Maui, Hawaii, and asked Bert and I to be Hosts today. We look forward to having them back at the CTLB next month!

Take a look at the latest "GMC Classics Newsletter "The Classic Chatter". to see some of the fun we have at our Quarterly GMC Classics Rallys!

Best wishes for safe and enjoyable travels in your GMC Coaches!
Charlotte Austin

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September 27

The September CTLB was another great time to enjoy each other’s company and catch up with one another, with a lot of the conversations centering around the upcoming October rally.  Attending were Bert and Charlotte Austin, Deb and Tiago Soromenho, John Sloop and Janice Doerner, Bob and Sandra Price, Bob O’Farrell, Roy White, and Chuck and Rhonda Peck.  Sandra Price has been looking into the possibility of a mini rally and has been scouting a few nearby locations.  If you are interested in helping her look, please contact her!  It is exciting that we might try a local mini rally – Thanks, Sandra!  After our lunch, most of us went out to admire Tiago and Deb’s coach – they have done so much work on it and you can see it is practically complete.  It is a beauty!  They have been working together on it for almost a year and have really come up with some beautiful, functional, unique, custom ideas. Charlotte took photos to share and they will be posted soon on the GMC Classics site under Austin CTLB.  Thanks Charlotte – it is always fun to go back and review the pictures of everyone who attended!

And of course, the October CTLB will be on Friday, October the exact same place (Golden Corral located at 7800 South IH 35 Frontage Road, Austin, 78745).  Time 11:00am - 1:00pmish...Plan on seeing you there.  This will be a great time to touch base right before the October rally and do any last minute coordination for it with friends.

Chuck Peck

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August 30

We had nine GMC Motorhome owners who enjoyed good food and lots of enjoyable discussions! Bert and Charlotte enjoyed filling in for Chuck and Rhonda who were traveling.

Attending were Janice Doerner, John Sloop, Stephen Wilhite, John Strauss, Tiago and Deb Soromenho, and Bert and Charlotte Austin. We were pleased to have one new member, Kimberly Hayes who lives in San Antonio in the San Antonio Ranch Subdivision off of West Hw 1604. Kimberly and her partner have a 1977 GMC Royale that they recently had painted Pearl White. Kim had photos to show us, and it is a really pretty coach! Kim's email is:

Kimberly suggested we have some mini Rally's. I believe the Group has had some of these gatherings in the past, but I did not attend. How did they work out for those that attended?

John Strauss brought his Eleganza II coach and showed us his most recent
updates. He painted the harvest gold door to his storage closet by the entrance door to a soft gray that goes with the colors inside his coach very nicely. The closet is a former vacuum cleaner closet.

John also installed a small cabinet door he got from Chuck, in the space where he removed a microwave. It looks like it was made for that space.

We sure missed Chuck and Rhonda and Rhonda's cute Paper GMC's! However,
Janice Doering brought her bright YELLOW paper GMC that Rhonda gave her so we had one to enjoy!

Hopy to see you all at the September meeting on the 27th.
Charlotte Wolf

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July 26

Although a little smaller than usual, we still had a good turnout at the July CTLB. There were some lively discussions and it was a good time for friends to catch up with each other. Attendees included: Bert and Charlotte Austin, Merrill Shelley, Carroll Shelley, Bryan and Brenda Wiggins, Lynn and Donna Rodgers (friends of Bryan and Brenda), Chuck and Rhonda Peck, John Strauss, Robert Abney, John Sloop and Janice Doerner. We were supposed to have a brand new Classics member (Dino Marcaccio) from Houston show up but unfortunately he wasn't able to make it; but he assured me he will be there next month. Our "offical" photographer, Charlotte Austin, as usual took some great photos! Thanks Charlotte!! So be sure to go check them out.

And of course, the August CTLB will be on Friday, Aug the exact same place (Golden Corral located at 7800 South IH 35 Frontage Road, Austin, 78745). Time 11:00am - 1:00pmish...Plan on seeing you there...stay out of the heat if you can...and since its way t0o hot to be outside, it's a good time to order some parts for your coach so you can install 'em when its cooler!!

Chuck Peck

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June 28th

Even with the heat of the summer, we had a good turnout for the June CTLB.  Attendees included: Bob O’Farrell, Delaine Brady, Larry and Linda Turner, Janice Doerner and John Sloop, Stephen Wilhite, Carroll Shelley, Merrill Shelley, Bert and Charlotte Austin, Roy and Kay White, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, John Strauss, and Bryan Wiggins. It was a good chance to catch up with each other and visit with friends.  Thanks to Bob O’Farrell for helping out, being their early and doing the attendance sheet for this lunch bunch. 


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May 31st

We had another good turnout for the May Central Texas Lunch Bunch get together.  Those who showed up included: John Sloop and Janice Doerner, Stephen Wilhite, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, Frank Linehan, Carroll and Gayla Shelley, John Strauss, Bob and Sandra Price, Bob O’Farrell, Fred Summers (from Gentech), Tiago and Deb Soromenho, Tom Henderson, Roy White, Gary Halko, Bud DeGroot, Bert Austin, Paul and Caprice Wright, Larry McPeak, and Bryan Wiggins.  This month we had the pleasure of having Fred Summers from Gentech attend and talk about Onan generators.  Fred shared his extensive expertise with the Onan generators and fielded questions from the audience.  We now know there is a resource in the local Central Texas area for Onan service.  A big shout out to Bob O’Farrell for arranging to have Fred come to the Lunch Bunch.  Thanks Bob!!


April 26th

The April CTLB had another good turnout, attendees included: Larry and Linda Turner, Caprice and Paul Wright, Tiago and Deb Soromenho, Anneke and Tom Henderson, John Strauss, Frank Linehan, Roy and Kay White, Charlotte Austin, Janice Doerner and John Sloop, Billy and Debbie Massey, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, Stephen Wilhite, Robert Abney, Bryon Kwapil and Delaine Brady. We were excited that a couple of new folks showed up, let's hope they decide to become regulars, as the friendship and camaraderie that we all share is what makes this GMC Mootorhome thing so special. We were anticipating having a presentation about Onan generators but due to unforeseen circumstances it has been rescheduled for the May Lunch Bunch; so make sure you attend in May as you won't want to miss that. Just a last minute reminder, the May Classics rally is this weekend in Abilene (info is on the Classics website) so look forward to seeing you there and of course at the next Central Texas Lunch Bunch get together Friday, May 31st. Charlotte will be sending the pictures she took on to Billy soon, who will post them here. Thanks again, Charlotte!


March 29th

We had another great Central Texas Lunch Bunch meeting in March. Everyone had a chance to see friends and catch up a little as well as make new friends. A total of 21 folks attended to include: Bob and Sandra Price, Janice Doerner and John Sloop, John Strauss, Bryan and Brenda Wiggins, Paul and Caprice Wright, Tiago and Deb Soromenho, Wayne and Delaine Brady, Bud and Lynn Degroot, Bert and Charlotte Austin, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, Bob O'Farrell and Larry McPeak. One of the attendees came to see what this whole GMC Motorhome thing was all about as they were interested in gathering some info about GMCs. We had three GMCs show up, so a big shout out to Tiago and Deb, Bert and Charlotte, and Bob O'Farrell for bringing their beautiful coaches!!! The CTLB is fortunate to have Charlotte Austin as our "official" photographer as she takes those great photos of our meetings...Thanks Charlotte!! Those photos will be sent out soon. Our next lunch bunch will be Friday, April 26th (same location) so mark your calendars now. Also remember the upcoming Classics rally in Abilene in May ( if you haven't signed up yet, make sure to check out the details on the Classics webpage and make sure you get signed up. See y'all soon, be safe and stay well.

Kind Regards,

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February 22nd

We had another good turn out at the Feb CTLB.  Attendees included: Tiago and Deb Soromenho, Stephen Wilhite, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, Bud DeGroot, Tom Henderson, Carroll Shelley, Merrill Shelley, Sandra and Bob Price, Billy and Debbie Massey, Paul and Mardy Array, Bert and Charlotte Austin and some new folks as well - a big Classics welcome to Roy and Kay White of San Antonio and Gary Halko of Georgetown.  We are glad these new GMC'ers showed up and are looking forward to them bring regulars.  Looked like everyone had a good time, as it was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and hear what was going on.  As we all know the International is next month, so for those of us that aren't going we will be having the CTLB on the last Friday of March which is the 29th.  (I'll send out an email in about a week or so). Also please remember that the next rally is May and is gonna be in Abilene; plan on being there as it will be a great time...details are on the Classics website.  Please check out the photos that Charlotte Austin took during the Feb lunch bunch, they are fabulous as usual!!! Thanks, Charlotte!!!

Kind Regards,

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Went to the Classics Rally in Durant, OK



December 28, 2018

We had another great get together last Friday at Bob and Sandra Price's home in Spicewood with 15 people in attendance. A big thank you and shout out to Bob and Sandra for generously hosting this special holiday luncheon at their place. The lunch was graciously provided by them as well and was delicious sausage and peppers, salad, and sumptuous deserts brought by several people! Attendees included: John Strauss, Paul and Mardy Array, Bud and Lynn DeGroot, Mike and Billie Kelley, Carly and Matthew Tillman, Chuck and Rhonda Peck, Bob and Sandra Price, & Charlotte and Bert Austin. This was a great opportunity to get together after Christmas and visit with old friends and make some new ones. Three GMC Motorhomes were there as well, so many of us checked out Bob and Sandra's, Bert and Charlotte's, & Paul and Mardy's coaches. Charlotte took photographs and they will be posted soon. Hoping to see everyone at the Durant rally next month on the last weekend in January. Since the rally overlaps the last Friday of the month, let's plan on meeting back at the Golden Corral in February...I'll send a reminder mid February.

Kind Regards,
Chuck Peck


November 30, 2018

Well, it looked like everyone made it through the Thanksgiving holiday okay and we had a really great turnout for the November Central Texas Lunch Bunch, with a total of 23 attendees!  We had a chance to greet old friends and make some new friends as well.  Lots of folks showed up to include: Mike & Billie Kelley, Sandra & Bob Price, Chuck & Rhonda Peck, Stephen Wilhite, Anneka & Tom Henderson, Delanie & Wayne Brady, Billy & Debbie Massey, Brian LaBorde, Robert Abney, Bert & Charlotte Austin, Janice & John Sloop, and Bob O’Farrell.  We also had new friends show up; a big “Classics” welcome to Paul Wright and Mike & Vera Hooper.  Paul already has a GMC and Mike & Vera are actively searching for a coach.  We also had two “Classic” GMC’s show up, so please give a big shout out to Bert & Charlotte and Mike & Billie for driving their coaches to the luncheon.

It looked like everyone was having a good time as there were several animated conversations going on and everyone was socializing and enjoying themselves.  As a special holiday treat, next month the December Lunch Bunch will be hosted by Sandra and Bob Price.  They have graciously offered to have it at their home, on Friday, Dec 28th, at 11am (stay tuned for more info in December, to include directions as well as other information).  Enjoy the cooler weather - it’s a good opportunity to maybe do some work on your coach that you had been putting off due to the heat!  Everyone stay safe as we want to see you at the next luncheon and, of course, the upcoming rallies.   Merry Christmas y’all and remember it’s Christmas so you don’t have to feel guilty buying something you want/need for your coach, just be sure to get something for your significant other too though!!

Special thanks again to Charlotte Austin, our official CTLB photographer!  There are 29 pictures – I’ll send them out in this email and three additional ones so hopefully everyone will receive them all.

Kind Regards,
Chuck Peck


October 26, 2018

I think we got this thing going; this was the second meeting for the Central Texas "lunch bunch." Our meeting last Friday, the 26th, was a great time and had a good turnout. The attendees included: Billy and Debbie Massey, Sandra and Bob Price, Tiago Soromenho, Bert and Charlotte Austin, Bob and Nancy O'Farrell, John Sloop and Janice Doerner, John Strauss, Michael Touhy, Tom Henderson, Carrol and Gayla Shelley and Chuck and Rhonda Peck. We even had two GMCs show up (Many thanks to Tiago Soromenho and John Stauss for bringing their coaches!!). A good time appeared to be had by all and there was lots of interesting conversations going on…all in all a great time and great to see friends we know while we make some new ones. Billy and Debbie brought an absolutely awesome GMC Motorhome Beach Towel to show everyone. Already looking forward to seeing everyone in November, (tentative date will be Friday, November 30th) so keep an eye on your email as we will be sending reminders/info in the next couple of week. We asked Charlotte Austin to be our official photographer at our lunches, and she took some great photos. I've attached part of them to this email and part to a second one, to avoid the email from getting too large. Thanks, Charlotte! Again thanks to all and thanks for your support as we meet and share a meal, good times and conversation. See you next month…be safe and enjoy your GMC!!!


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September 28, 2018
The Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting for the GMC Central Texas Lunch Bunch went well. We had several folks show up to include: Tiago Soromenho, Stephen Wilhite, Bud Degroot, Paul Array, John and Janice Sloop, Charlotte and Bert Austin, Delaine Brady, Brian LaBorde, Robert Abney, Anneke and Tom Henderson, Chuck and Rhonda Peck. It was also great that three GMC Motorhomes were brought also!! We had a chance to see some friends and make new ones. I think a good time was had by all. The next meeting will be on Friday, October 26, at the same location. I am thinking we will have a few more folks there as I know some Classics members were traveling. I will send out a reminder email as we get closer and if y'all have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Hoping to see y'all at the Mathis rally.




Thanks to Chuck for organizing the GMCMH Austin Lunch Bunch earlier today!
It was great to put faces to many names I had seen in various online groups!  I didn't get to talk to everyone, but I did realize how much knowledge and experience there is all around us!
If anyone took photos, please share them! I only took a couple, they are attached... : )

Also:, One of the goals of the meeting was to gauge interest and the knowledge and skill levels of those of use willing to put in a day or two a month helping each other out.  I certainly welcome and support that idea, and am willing to give one of my weekends every month to both help and learn from others.  If any of you that were not able to make the inaugural Lunch Bunch but are interested in that idea, please email us to let us know your interest. Chuck will send out a notice when we take a first shot at starting this.
For anyone wanting to attend the Fall GMC Classics rally in Mathis in October, we'll also be looking to coordinate driving there in a group. It's just way cool to drive in a procession of GMCMHs -- and it will generate more head-turning potential! ; )  And also in case something happens to anyone of us, there'll be more heads and hands to help out.  Let us know too if you're interested in that.
And thanks to those that brought their coaches! It was great eye-candy and total bonus!  (And to Paul for letting us drool over his amazingly restored '50? Mercury Coupe.)

Tiago Sorohmenho








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