The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

Friday, October 6, 2000

The Lunch Bunch met again last Friday, Oct 6, and a joyous time it was. Most of us had gone to the GMC Classic Rally the previous weekend at Grand Lake Grove, OK and so we chatted up a storm about all our fun and experiences.

We had 17 present with one newcomer to our group. Jack Hoppe, of Tulsa, came by and was really made welcome. He has had his coach (new) since 1975 but it had been in storage last couple of years or so. After listening to all our mechanical aches and pains, he decided he
would get his coach out of storage and bring it up to snuff anyway. Brave Man!!

When dining at the Golden Corral the Lunch Bunch always takes up two rows of tables, sometimes three. With this in mind, the ladies voted unanimously this time to sit at one table and the men were to sit at the other. (By the way, the men were not allowed to vote-sounds
vaguely familiar, I think).

After lunch the ladies informed us that it was the best luncheon we had had so far...they did not have to listen to all that stuff about air bags, transmissions, flat tires, aluminum wheels, and etc and etc...I think they got the idea at the Rally last weekend at Grove.

Present for lunch were Rod Amerson and two of his children, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt, Jack Hoppe, Leif and Abby Langbakk, Chet Simpson, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, and John and Delphine Wells. Absent without leave were Ken and Myrna Baldridge who had gone to Arkansas, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett who had gone to Colorado, Ron and Sharon Eimen who had gone to Las Vegas,
and Irvin and Shirley Pense who had gone to Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival.

Take care and talk to you next month.
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, September 1, 2000

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch met yesterday (should say MELTED yesterday) in a Tulsa record setting 108 degree temperature atmosphere. Conditions were ideal for testing gen-sets and those that could run came through with flying colors. The ambient scores were about 50-50, however.

Those twenty hardy souls that stepped quickly and gingerly across the egg-frying concrete into the restaurant had a delightful time. Rod Amerson brought his 3 yr old daughter and it was a close call as to who spoiled who!

Bill Brunson showed off his new Alcoas and Michelins and Olin Boyer really topped it off with his new T-shirt with a large photo of his Clasco built GMC imprinted right on the front. Neat!! Now if he will just do that for the rest of us....

We were delighted to have Justin Hill from OK City with us again. He brought along two old ex-GMC buddies, Audie Lewis and Stan Whitehurst, just to sort of rub it in as what they were missing..or maybe we did that. No way..we would not do anything like that..that's not the GMC way, is it? Yeah!!

New owner Don Cooper just got initiated into the fraternity. First, if you recall, he helped the stranded GMC family about two weeks ago..last week he took his "new" baby out for a spin and it broke down on him...seems as though right front wheel bearings gave out. now he's wondering what he did wrong (ha)!.

Leif and Abby Langbokk left their new 29' Buskirk stretch at home and drove their van. Seems as though the converter/whatever was acting up and the electricity was not going through from the gen-set. New owner Irv Pence came for the very first time (He recently purchased Ken Jones 26' GMC) and he had lots of questions...we also had lots of answers..trouble was some of them didn't match..oh well!!!!

Gary and Dorothy Van Fossen just got back from Colorado and I think they were still wondering why. Gary is all excited about getting his new home furnished soon which will include, by the way, a garage large enough to park as well as work on his GMC. Will try to get some pics.

Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt were pleased to announce they had finalized the sale of their 38' Newell and were now one coach owners.

Leonard Howard decided that it was time to replace his front wheel bearings so Olin volunteered his puller (from Tom) for both Don and Leonard. Olin did volunteer Bill Bramlett to help him, however. Since Bill was still in Colorado, that was an easy choice.

Plans were made to attend the GMC Classic rally at Grove, OK later this month, Sep 28-30. Since Justin, as co-host, was going up on Tuesday, 26th, to set things up, we voted to go up on Wednesday...Justin, you can tell we really love you!!

Friday, August 4, 2000

We had 20 present yesterday on a very, very hot day. The generators were all running full blast and continued to do so. Believe everybody left their gen sets running all during lunch so as not o come back to an oven baked coach afterwards.

We had two brand new owners with with coach and one without. Lief and Abby Langbakk were there with their new (to them) Buskirk 29' stretch coach they had purchased through Buddy Bethune of NC. It is a beautiful coach with all the amenities you can think of and some we had never even heard of..oh well...(we were only a "little" envious)!!

Another new owner was Don Cooper who had just recently purchased his 76 Palm Beach from Bill Wilkinson of Tulsa. Bill was the original owner and had owned it since 1976 but finally decided that at their age (90 plus) they just could not maintain it anymore. By the way, Don is a former GMC owner and decided he wanted back in the fold. He has a Phillips service station at I-44 and Memorial in Tulsa... when passing through, stop and give a holler. he would love to chat with you. .He also has three service bays for light maintenance.

Others present were Ken Baldridge, Olin and Donna Boyer, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Cal and June Callicoate, Steve Clevenger, Ron and Phyllis Dallmeyer, Ron and Sharon Eimen, (Along with another tall story or two), Leonard and Jane Howard plus grandson Kyle, and Glyn and Melrose Trimble.

This meeting completed our first year for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch. We have met every month in all kinds of weather.... listened to all kinds of tall tales (courtesy of Ron and Ken), cried and prayed together over family crises, shared wonderful travel stories, help fix each other's GMC, and in fact have become a true family.

Most everyone was excited about the upcoming GMC Classic Rally in late Sept on Grand Lake at nearby Grove, OK. For many it will be their very first GMC Rally. When you come, you will be able to recognize us real quick..not only do we look and act like Okies, (vbg), we will be wearing the little blue badges that say "Tulsa Lunch Bunch"...look for us!

Our next meeting date is Friday Sep 1 and we will be starting our second year of fellowship and should you be coming our way, we would be honored to have you join us.

Friday, April 7, 2000

It is with sadness and heavy heart that we have to report the activities of the day. On a gorgeous April day in Tulsa, we had 22 happy souls in 11 coaches show up for lunch. You would think that's all we need but not so!
Fate was casting doom all around us but we struggled through...but only with help of Dave's credit card.

First of all, the reservations that we had so carefully made-even reconfirmed yesterday-were somehow lost and so they left us on our own..By shoving, pushing, and otherwise being real sweet and polite, we graciously
informed all around us we were having a GMC party...some left, some joined us..the rest just thought we were plain nuts!

Three newcomers were there for their first time with us (and it may be their last); Charles and Esther Wood of Midwest City, OK and Bill Brunson of Oologah, OK. Other regulars were Bill and Bobbie Bamlett, Gary and Dorothy Van Fossen, Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt, John and Delphine Wells, Chet Simpson, Steve Clevenger, Cal and June Callicoat, Ken and Myrna Baldridge, Olin and Donna Boyer, Glyn Trimble and last but not least Ron "Flat Bed" Eimen and his lovely bride, Sharon.

Good comments were heard from those who attended the Rayne Rally and lots of questions from those who didn't. Steve Clevenger showed off his new four air bag system and Ron brought new distinction to our luncheon group with a first...again.

If you recall, sometime ago his coach broke down on way back from Florida and he and his GMC hitch hiked a ride aboard a flat bad truck, GMC and all, back to Tulsa with him riding in the coach up on top, genset
running, roof AC running, and wife Sharon and dog riding in truck cab with driver...

Today he straddled new territory, made new history and gave us all another precious memory (for most of us, at least) when he locked his coach up before going into lunch but WITH THE KEYS STILL IN THE IGNITION. His wife, Sharon, had brought her set of coach keys but they were in her purse, and you guessed it, the purse was locked up also inside the coach. . No one realized it until nearly three o'clock when most had already left.

But wait, Sir Galahad himself, Gary Von Fossen, came to the rescue. With a trusty screwdriver he pried open a back window, pushed it open just far enough to squeeze in, crawled/fell through the open window, and then, after opening the door, asked for "Bids" for a set of keys. Now for those of you do don't know Gary and Ron..well, Gary is about 5'5", weighs about 140 and Ron is 6'2" and weighs in around 220...and a gentlemen's agreement was soon reached.

Finally, after all was said and done, we all agreed to meet again next month just to hear the latest saga of Ron "Flat Bed" Eimen and the rest of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch...join won't be disappointed. (We heard Ron
was going live rattlesnake hunting in Okeene, OK next month...stay tuned).

Friday, March 3, 2000

March soon rolled around and, despite the cold and rainy day, 12 turned out including some very special guests from Oklahoma City and the faraway eastern state of Maryland . Joining us from Oklahoma City for the first time were Larren and Bess White and their beautiful GMC. Sharing our lunch with also were John and Betty Massey from Maryland, along with their 2 and 1/2 yrs old grandson, Robert Fortney, who was traveling with them. Robert was going on to Rayne with them...please look him up...At his very young age, he has already been to 3 national rallies...he is a real trooper and he is not the least bit shy, either..

Others present were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ken Baldridge, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Glyn and Melrose Trimble and John Wells. Ken Jones could not be with us as he had just gotten out of the hospital but he did send some pics of his 1978 Elaganza GMC and also his home , both of which were destroyed by a tornado Apr 24, 1993. Billy Massey has been very kind to put his pics on the GMC Classic Web Site and I urge you to take a look. It is not a pretty sight to see. Fortunately, no one at his home was hurt. Others at nearby locations were not quite so fortunate. Incidentally, Ken sold the tornado ravaged GMC for scrap parts and has since purchased another GMC

Quite of few of us plan to attend the Rayne Rally, so we will look forward to meeting many of you...and be prepared to let us tell you about the GMC Tulsa Luncheons...we won't brag too much.

Friday, February 4, 2000

We met per usual at the Golden Corral in Tulsa with 18 hardy souls present. Weather was a wee bit on chilly side (in Feb???) but it did not deter enthusiasm or appetites.

Present for the occasion were the following: Ken Baldridge, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Andy Flynn, Justin and Dortha Hill, Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt, MO and Helen Lewis, Chet Simpson, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, John and Delphine Wells and one first-timer, Ken Jones (More about Ken later).

Despite the weather, the conversation centered around the recent GMC Classic Rally near Tyler, TX. Quite a few had planned to go, but a big snow and ice store just prior to the rally caused most of us to "chicken out". All but the Bramletts and the Lewis' that is. (You can catch the report on the rally at the Classic Rally site.)

These two families had left early for the rally and missed most of the storm going down but Mother Nature sure made up for when returning home. Bill Bramlett sort of tip-toed home on the ice and Helen Lewis (she does most of the driving) made it safely also. Word of caution-never, never follow Helen in bad weather-or good either-she is one skilled lady driver, even if she is way above (_mm___) years of age.

Friday, January 7, 2000

Well, despite the blustery winds, the flu bug and other related illnesses, 19 of us met for lunch yesterday at the Golden Corral in Tulsa for lunch. A real camaraderie has begun to develop or so it seems from the amount of noise we made yesterday and also the bewildered stares from the nearby people who was so unfortunate as to select a table close by.

We had four new attendees, Jim Fowler, June Callicoat, and Jim and Betty Haynes, each of whom stepped right up and joined in the festivities. The most pressing questions seemed to be "How do I find the leaks" ( we had some rain just recently) and "Where is the best place to buy Alcoas?". We could also tell that friendships were beginning to develop as the first question asked after arrival and the usual greeting was "Are we ready to eat yet"?.

A few of the regulars were missing but they promised to be back next month. Present along with the new attendees were Art Price, Ken and Myrna Baldridge, Ron and Sharon Eimen, John and Delphine Wells, Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt, Cal Callicoat (he brought his wife, June, for the first time), Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Glyn and Melrose Trimble , Steve Clevenger and last but not least, Chet Simpson

We are also happy to report that several fellows got together this past month and did some maintenance work together under the capable supervision of Bill Bramlett. (Front wheel bearings and things like that).

Plans were made for the caravan to the GMC Classic Rally later this month at Murchison, TX. We should have a fairly good group attending from the Tulsa area. Times for starting and rally points along the way for others to join were set up. Also discussed were trip plans to the GMC International at Rayne, LA in March.

'Til next month...
The Tulsa Luncheon Group

Friday, December 3, 1999

Last Friday , Dec 3, was another terrific luncheon time here in Tulsa. Twelve beautiful ladies and 23 hungry people were gathered together, all lined up like the Radio City Rockettes.

It's a good thing we are meeting at the "All You Can Eat:" Golden Corral because a "few" tried to do just that. With near perfect fall weather (almost 70 degrees and lots of sunshine) it only increased the appetite and made for outstanding coach hopping.

Those present were Ken and Myrna Baldridge, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Cal Callicoat, Ron and Phyllis Dallmeyer, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Clarence and Robert Hotfelt, Leonard and Jane Howard, Art Price, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Gary Van Fossen and John and Delphine Wells.

A surprise and welcome visitor was Justin Hill of Oklahoma City with two guests, Jack Barta and Audie Lewis. Justin bragged a bit and said it was a 70 mph drive and two fingers on the steering wheel all the way over. The newbies were certainly impressed and the old timers didn't believe him, anyway.

Between bites plans were made to caravan to the next GMC Classic rally in January 2000 at Murchison, TX and to the GMC International at Rayne, LA in March 2000.

We also did a little swapping and bartering...regret to say the big chief of bartering, Andy Flynn, was not with us today. However, Ron (Flat Bed) Eiman managed to come in a close second. Our #1 mechanic, Bill Bramlett, was kept busy answering all those "How" questions..

Reluctantly we completed the day as the last coach drove off into the sunset around 3:30 pm. And we can't wait until next month and the first Friday..Join us.

Regards to all.

Tuesday, November 09, 1999

Last Friday the GMC'ers in the Tulsa area met again for lunch. Eighteen of us were present for this happy occasion and we managed to eat a "little" between gab sessions.

Present for this select occasion were Keith and Liza Mizell, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, John and Daphine Wells, Ron (Flat top) and Sharon Eimen, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Andy Flynn, Ken Baldridge, Olin and Donna Boyer, Chet and Pat Simpson, and last but certainly not least, MO and Helen Lewis.

Friendships are fast forming and plans are already in the mill to caravan to the next Classic Rally and also the next International Rally at Rayne, LA.

The next gathering of the Classic clan is set for the first Friday in December, 1:00 pm at the Golden Corral, Tulsa. The parking facilities are simply superb for us plus it allows the locals to "circle the wagons" which they certainly did again.

Join us...must remind you that we do "allow" first timers to pick up the tab (g).

Tulsa GMC Gathering
September 10,1999

Our Tulsa luncheon was a rousing success and then some. There were eight of us, along with our GMC's, who met Friday afternoon for lunch at the Golden Corral in Tulsa. We parked the coaches all in a row and did they ever draw attention!!! We sat inside by a huge picture window and watched the people "circle the wagons" just like the old days of Cowboys and Indians...

The food was excellent, the conversation was animated, lively, and everybody was talking at, fun, fun.

Best story to come out of last Friday's luncheon...Ron Eiman was coming back from Florida and broke down along the way. He managed to limp into a truck stop about 10 mph and there a Good Samaritan truck driver with a flat bed offered his assistance. The driver, who was headed for OK City, and was running empty, lowered the bed, hauled Ron's coach up on the bed, and brought him all the way to Tulsa.

By the way, Ron turned the genset on, rode in air-conditioned comfort all the way home. His dog, however, showed
a little less courage..he refused to climb up and aboard the coach perched up on the flat bed but , instead, rode all the way back home to Tulsa in the trucker's cab. Ron said he called home on the cell phone but no one would believe him, especially the 70mph part sitting on top of the flat bed...Wonder why??

Come see us in Tulsa,

We met again Friday, Sept 17, at the Golden Corral in Tulsa for lunch. The word "eat" seems to be the magic word for GMC'ers. We had TEN Coaches, 25 people and 23 stayed for the meal.

Those present were Olin Boyer, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Ken and Myrna Baldridge, Leonard and Jane Howard, Ron and Sharon Eiman and Betty Houck of Tulsa, John and Delphine Wells and Chet Simpson of Bixby, , Glyn and Melrose Trimble and George and Edna Gurr of Broken Arrow, and MO and Helen Lewis of Muskogee.
Surprising us with a visit were Ken and Virginia Fitzgerald of Midwest City, OK.

Stopping by just to visit were Art Price and Keith Mizell, both GMC owners. Needless to say, with the weather being extra nice, we attracted quite a crowd. As we all went coach hopping before and after the meal, believe we had a few unknown "drop bys" who not only drove by but also did a little looking themselves. One couple who dropped by absolutely refused to believe
we were there just for lunch and a little fun. They kept asking "Where are you from" and where are you traveling?. Do you have any problems traveling in a caravan? " and so it went.

Olin Boyer took these photos. Ideas and other "how did you do that" could be heard all afternoon. Reluctantly we broke up late afternoon with a promise to meet for lunch again real soon.

And that we will...our next luncheon date is Friday Nov 5, 1:00 PM, (same place), Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa.

Hope you will join us.