The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

Friday, December 7, 2001

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Christmas came early or so it seems for the Lunch Bunch today. Everyone seemed to be wearing their Christmas colors or at least their best bib and tucker...

Twenty one special guys and gals came today and brought their appetites. The weather was ideal of visiting, coach hopping, eating, coach hopping, visiting, eating and you get the picture.

Jim and Betty Haynes came with a brand new paint job on their coach...beautiful, Jim, now do the rest of our coaches! Two new coach owners were supposed to be present but only one made it. Jim Trimble was there for the first time but without his coach. Jim and Becky bought the Bob Thompson Eleganza II of Spavinaw. Bob recently passed away and his lovely wife, Donna, decided to sell rather than keep the coach.

Claude and Sally Farris recently purchased the Gary Von Fossen coach but he was out of town today but promised "No more"...We also had as special guests a young couple, Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater, who were interested in being GMC owners..they were duly impressed with our line up of beautiful GMC ladies out laid out in a row...

Also present with and without coaches were Bernie and Rene' Baldwin of Dewey, Olin and Donna Boyer, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bill Brunson of Oolagah, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Bob Musgrove, Rowland of Claremore, Glyn Trimble and Loren White of Ok City.

I know we are all looking for new ideas and uses for our coaches but one of our very newest Lunch Bunch ladies came up with a very practical idea..and it was her first time to come with her husband, too ( and he said it may her last)!.

Rene' Baldwin noticed the cut out heat shields on the side of the coaches. After explaining it to her, Glyn started his engine and Rene' stood out side and put her hand over the vented opening...OH, she exclaimed...what a wonderful hair dryer!!! Now, ladies, you have it..straight from a qualified source...Thank you, Rene'.

Needless to say, a fun time was had by all...and with warm weather prevailing, coach hopping was the order of the day. Don't know when the last coach left, but it was a lot later than usual...And now, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from the Tulsa Lunch Bunch...till next year!!

Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, October5, 2001

Today the Tulsa Lunch Bunch met again...all 17 of us, and with our coaches and usual tall tales, we got the fall activities off with a bang!!

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were there with their "new" Royale they recently purchased and they reportedly are headed to the Dixielander Rally next week. Bill has been busy bringing the coach up to Bobbie's standards, so he says. Truth is, he just likes to tinker with GMC's...

Rowland were at lunch today for their first time...they recently purchased Don Cooper's he's stranded, but only for a short while. The Rowlands also own a Bluebird so we are now trying to determine which one is his and which one is hers...Darlene said everybody ought to have a "his" and "her" motorhome!!

It was good to see John and Delphine Wells at lunch again. They have had some recent illnesses and we were delighted to have them with us today. By the way, MO Lewis is in Houston with heart problems...his daughter says he should be home sometime this coming week. We wish you well, MO...miss you.

Ron Eimen wasn't with us today, but Chet Simpson made up for it with his grasshopper and catfish stories...not sure whether we could handle Chet and Ron both at the same time...

Leif and Abby Langbakk were there with their beautiful 29' stretch Eleganza III...if you have not seen it, you should...believe it is on Buddy Bethune's web site...Leif is a pilot and enjoys flying as well as motorhoming..they were headed out this afternoon for a nice long weekend at the lake in Grove, OK..

All in all, a very nice visit for all us and a nice cool October day to enjoy...present for lunch were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bill Brunson, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Andy Flynn, Leif and Abby Langbokk, Irv and Shirley Pense, Rowland, Chet Simpson, Glyn and Melrose Trimble and last, but not least, John and Delphine Wells.

Oh yes, it's still a pretty picture to look out the window of the restaurant and see all those lovelies lined up...Join us next month, the first Friday, November 2, at the Golden Corral here in Tulsa...we will be looking for you.

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, August 3, 2001

Our lunch report for August and, pardon the pun, it is a hot one. Despite searing 100 degree temperatures, 15 hardy souls joined together for our monthly luncheon at the Golden Corral here in Tulsa.

Rod and Marvina Amerson came and not only brought their three children but their "new" Georgia (Peach) GMC for the first time. If you recall from previous posts, they bought it last year from an estate in Georgia and spent several months going back and forth to fix it for travel (fancy way of saying just able to navigate) ..finally got it trip "worthy" and brought it home in June. Now, as Rod says, where do you start on a coach that has set out for years and years with no movement or maintenance? He'll keep us posted...

Bill Brunson brought his lovely wife, Peggy, with him for a first. She works full time and was on vacation so she came along with grandchildren, Allen and Riyal, two precocious and shy youngsters but not for long..especially after Melrose told them (with very colorful and eloquent presentation) the age old story of Herman, the flea, who does acrobatic flip-flops in the air...and elsewhere.

Bob and Marilyn Musgrove brought their "new" coach for the first time, also. Bob has really done a lot of work but Marilyn says "not enough yet"...Bob, don't's only money...

Chet Simpson was present also, with his ever present and exciting stories of how NOT to ride a Harley..His GMC rebuilding job is coming along...he's looking at headliner materials now. And Steve Clevenger brought with him several excellent suggestions for improving comfort in the GMC.

We missed Bill and Bobbie Bramlett who have returned to Colorado.. Now that they have a home there also, we can't keep up with them. And our heartfelt sympathies go to Clarence Hotfelt, another of our Lunch Bunch, who recently lost his beloved wife, Roberta.

That's all for now..we'll see you next month...and if you are coming our way, join us for lunch and lots of small talk, especially GMC style...take care..

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch.

Friday, July 6, 2001

Today is the day that we normally report back to you about a great time the Tulsa Lunch Bunch had last Friday..We did, the food and fellowship were great..even learned a few new things to do..Rod Amerson finally got his coach home from Georgia, Lief Langbakk had big time engine problems..Michael Covey met up with a guard rail..guess who won... and HOT weather has come to Tulsa!

Unfortunately, over the weekend, we were saddened to learn that one of our very dear ladies of the Lunch Bunch passed away. Mrs. Clarence (Roberta) Hotfelt, of Bixby, OK (suburb of Tulsa) had recently suffered a stroke while visiting her son in south Texas. Roberta was 85 years of age and loved to travel.

She apparently passed away as a result of this stroke, with cremation services to follow sometime early this week. Her husband, Clarence, will be returning home to Bixby (Tulsa) later this week for final disposition of the remains. Leonard and Marker Funeral Home of Bixby will be handling local arrangements.

Clarence and Roberta were involved in GMC activities, belonging to both the GMC Classic and GMC Flatlander chapters. When in town, they did not miss a Lunch Bunch meeting, either.

For those of you who know this sweet couple, should you wish to send them a card..or message.. their address is as follows:

Clarence Hotfelt
17217 So 90th E Ave
Bixby, OK 74008
(918) 366-3885

Flowers have been sent to Clarence on behalf of the Lunch Bunch and fellow GMC'ers.

Our best to each of you..
Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, June 8, 2001

We had 19 at lunch last Friday, including one newcomer, Floyd Dow of Bartlesville, along with his guest, Dick Carver, also of Bartlesville.

Regulars attending were Rod and Marvina Amerson and their 3 very lively young ones, Bernie Baldwin of Dewey, Bill Bramlett, Bill Brunson, Bill Burk, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Leif and Abby Langbokk, Chet Simpson (on his hot-rod motorcycle), and Glyn and Melrose Trimble.

Four of the Lunch Bunch, Clarence and Roberta Hotfelt along with John and Delphine Wells, skipped lunch and went up early to the GMC Flatlander rally at Cedar Oaks RV Resort,
Grove, OK. Two others, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, joined them later Friday evening.

For those who have not been there, that is a very beautiful campground, located right on Grand Lake...It is the same location that the Classics visited last September. The Club House sits just a few feet away from lake's do make the hamburgers taste even better...what else can we say!!!!

And a very special thanks to President Ted Allen of the GMC Flatlanders and his lovely bride, LaVonne and Co-Hosts Jim and Jean Lawhorn, for making us Okies feel like we were a part of the club..Thank you, thank you! We look forward to meeting with you again! (And especially that die-hard Kansas State fan, Evan Lassen, who can't wait until Kansas State plays OU at Norman on Sep 29 this fall).

Anyway, back to the luncheon...A head count showed 6 coaches in either the shop for needed maintenance or torn apart in the backyard for "mechanics training" or something like that..Oh yes, this is the month that Rod Amerson goes to Georgia to pick up his coach he bought last fall...He's taking the famous Roger Black List with all of you between Tulsa and Atlanta, please stand by..He definitely needs Dave's credit card and lots of prayers..Wife Marvina is going to follow along behind, with the family van and the cell phone...

All for this month...happy traveling!!
Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, March 2, 2001

Boy Oh Boy,

Cabin Fever really took over yesterday with the Tulsa Lunch Bunch. We had a total of 26 hungry people that turned out for our March lunch meet. Not only did we take up one end of the Golden Corral, we also ate most of their food...

Conversations were animated with show and tell right behind. Coaches started arriving before twelve and the usual "How did you do this or that" soon was everywhere. Bill Burk recently purchased a 73 model from Oregon and is in the process of gutting it out and rebuilding..and for many, it was a first to see an "empty" coach. John Wells just finished redoing his interior and it was outstanding. John does most of his own work and he is 78 years young...

Bull Session

Joe Wilson gave us a first...He has invited the Tulsa Lunch Bunch (and any other GMC) to participate in an "Old Timers Celebration" and homecoming on May 26 at Oilton, OK. He wants to line up all the old GMC classic coaches and insert them into the parade..mind you, when we are lined up in parade formation, the first and last coach will stretch out longer than the main street of Oilton...but who cares....And, since Joe and Barbara own a GMC, they no doubt will lead the "Classic" parade, along with a lot of bands and horses (you gotta have horses in a parade)!!

Oilton, for those who might not know, is about 34-40 minutes west of Tulsa..easy to reach. We will let you know more details as soon as they are available..and we promise to take lots of pics...

Back to lunch...present yesterday were Rod Amerson and two of his little ones, Ken Baldridge, Bernie Baldwin, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bill Burk, Cal and June Callicoat, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Jim and Carol Fowler, Jim and Betty Haynes, Irv Pence, Chet Simpson, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, John and Delphine Wells, and last but not least, Joe and Barbara Wilson. That's quite a group!!!

After lunch, the guys and gals hung around for continued sightsee and inspection..Cal took measurements of a screen door and decided to try and make one for his coach..Irv inspected headliners before jumping in and replacing his..some pullers were loaned out..back issues of GMC magazines and other "how to" publications were swapped...even had the usual "circle the wagon" non-GMCers coming by..some got out and toured the coaches, too!

All in all, it was one of our best times together..some are planning to attend the GMC Classics Rally next month at Lake Whitney, and most are definitely planning to "parade down the main street" of Oilton..

Until next time..take care ..and come join us the first Friday in April..

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

PS:   Here are some photos of Joe Wilson's invention for rear bogie support while stopped. If you recall, two months ago in the GMMM magazine, there was a write up about this project. Joe says he also has an adapter for the bogie if you have skirts. It looks real good and is real solid support for camping several days. Support in use. Support in travel position.