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Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

Friday, December 6, 2002

December 6, 2002
Giving for a Merry Christmas

And now you have the new theme of the Tulsa GMC Lunch Bunch. Today we gathered all around, bringing our joys and toys for those little tykes who are not nearly so blessed as we...

With 13 coaches and 46 Lunch Bunch guys and gals, we enjoined ourselves into a Christmas Party, not only to celebrate the Birth of Christ, but also to share the season of giving.

And just where did all these giving souls come from? Gene Mazzurana came from Benbrook (Ft Worth), TX...Chuck Woods came from Midwest City (OK City), Joe and Phyllis Nimmo came from Ponca City, Monte and Helen Jestes came from Stillwater, Bernie and Rene Baldwin came from Dewey. Cecil and Sonnie Martin came from Claremore, also Todd Elson , along with Rowland plus Ken and Doree Broostin...Bill Brunson from Oologah..Jim and Betty Haynes from Haskell....and so it went, each coming bringing gifts and a special kind of love and cheer.

Sharon Eimen and Bobbie Bramlett came early and decorated the room with a brightly lit Christmas Tree plus table decorations and candy canes scattered throughout the room..with a "little" help from hubbies Ron Eimen and Bill Bramlett...

The Marines arrived right on time and shortly afterwards, Pastor Preston Nix, of Eastwood Baptist Church here in Tulsa, led us in a devotional time and prayer. And then the "run", not unlike the historical Oklahoma Land Run, began on the chow line.

We would be remiss not to mention Alan Goodwin, Manager of the Golden Corral, who, along with his staff and management, contributed so generously with their time and also several boxes of gifts to assist in our collection for the Marine TOYS FOR TOTS program. Thank you, Alan...

Joining in also were Steve Clevenger and his lovely daughter, Julie, Sally Farris, as well as Andy and Jondine Flynn. Leonard and Jane Howard came today, driving that beautiful blue coach of theirs and demonstrating their new Generac generator for us. Quiet, quiet...

Also bringing gifts and presents were Dale and Vivian Wood, Donna Long, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Clyde and Nora Jones of Catoosa, (with her fabulous peanut brittle appetizers) Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Jim and Becky Trimble, both of Broken Arrow, and last but certainly not least, Don Bobino of Collinsville and our own Don Cooper.

Will we do this again? Of course!! Next Christmas is already on the agenda for bigger and better...and YOU will be here, right? We would love to have you...we guarantee you won't regret it...and the children will thank you, too!!

Our love and best wishes to you all...until next month...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

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Friday, November 1, 2002

Tulsa Lunch Bunch-No Tricks, Just Lots of Treats

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch did not go trick or treating last night but they surely did TREAT themselves today to a LOTSA BULL and EAT SESSION! With 32 on hand today, it soon became a colorful and yakkety-yak atmosphere.

Even though the temperature was a "pleasant, cloudy, windy, bone-chilling 42 degrees" we managed to make a hasty retreat into the restaurant a little earlier than as soon we got there! That must have been the signal to eat...some started around 11:45 AM at the chow line and those same "some" were still going strong around 1:30 PM...the buffet line took a real hit today!

We were pleased to have as our special guests, Dean and Neva Sears, of Moore, OK visiting with us today. They just recently purchased their GMC and wanted to find out more about their new "baby"..

Another highlight was provided by Ken and Doreen Broostin of Claremore....They brought their 73 GMC, nicknamed "Tweety-Bird"....Most of the interior is still original and the outside Canary Yellow paint seemed to really brighten up a dark and dreary day. And also Bernie and Rene' Baldwin of Dewey brought their new purchase along...they bought it at the GMC Classic Rally in Branson last they have two GMC's...a "His" and a "Hers"....but Bernie gets to work on both (lucky guy)!

Jim Trimble brought his bride of nearly 60 years, was her first visit...even with her new Tulsa Lunch Bunch badge, she wasn't too sure about us! Didn't bother her appetite, though. Cecil and Sonnie Martin of Claremore came for the first time today, also. They promised to bring their coach next time....

Monte Jestes of Stillwater came along and brought an old army and flying buddy, Charles Lemmond. Charles owns another kind of coach..believe you call it a SOB...we let him join us today but only if he promised to buy a GMC soon.... Fred and Peggy Pitezel brought her parents along also...Clyde and Nora Jones....Nora is the best peanut brittle candy maker in all of Oklahoma...hint..hint..hint...

Glyn and Melrose Trimble were there...Glyn taking a few photos...two of them turned out specially good for "blackmail" ... well, maybe a free lunch or two! Don Cooper came in today, but hardly recognizable. Don was sporting what he called a "beard"...for protection while hunting in cold weather he said....said also he had been pheasant hunting but we didn't believe pheasant, no believe..that's our motto!

Leonard and Jane Howard along with Jim and Betty Haynes sat at the end of the table, didn't say much, but sure grinned and laughed a lot...they wouldn 't repeat what was being said. We will have to separate them next month...Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were here, having just gotten back from Florida.. Rowland arrived back yesterday from Alabama...didn't want to miss out, either! And let's not forget the Maestro himself, Ron Eimen and his bride, Sharon. Ron is like the little guy in black in the cartoons...where ever he goes...SOMETHING happens! This month his theme is "Don't ask cause I sure won't tell".

And, last but not least, Chet Simpson brought his fabulous GMC work project's completely ready for winter travel...yeah...air conditioning is rear nothing...just a shell needing lots of TLC...but Chet is the man to do it...we will be watching with admiration and maybe a little envy....very little! Ha! Chet, you're the man!

Folks, we had a marvelous time. The only thing that could have made it better was for YOU to have been there...From all of us, God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

See you next month,
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, October 4, 2002

Hi gang,

Another First Friday has come and gone....and with it a lot of yummy food (to our northern friends, that means GOOD) has been consumed, devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.

As almost always, we had newcomers...this time it was Les and Sharon Watson of Utah, who said they drove all the way down here just to have lunch with us...and, judging by the way Les ate, he had not had a bite to eat since leaving Utah. (VBG)!!

We were delighted to have them, of course..Les and Sharon took the pledge to become full fledged Tulsa Lunch Bunch members...What? You didn't know about the pledge? Surely by now everybody must know what it is...well, you better ask Les and Sharon...they may or may not share with you..

Just in case they won't tell, we'll let you in on our Secret Pledge...but you must promise not to tell anyone else..Now raise your right had and repeat after me...go ahead, raise it..good...

I, (Your name) promise to eat everything in sight...

Now, that wasn't hard, was it? Don't's a secret...And, according to our waitress today, most lived up to that pledge.

Coming over from OK City today was an old friend, Justin Hill. Believe he came over to check us out again...was afraid to ask where wife Dortha was..she doesn't usually let him out without her.

Joining along in the fun were Bernie and Rene Baldwin of Dewey, along with Cal Callicoat of Locust Grove, OK. Cal was formerly in the fabrication metal business and you should see the highly polished stainless steel grill he has along with his customized spare tire cover and accessories.

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were there..Bill has customized his coach with a 500ci Cadillac a 3.7...understand he takes the hills almost as if they were flat..Steve Clevenger was here today, too...minus a coach. Last report he was examining his transmission, trying to itemize all the parts in it.

Leonard and Jane Howard were there..Jane always looks like a fashion model..way to go. gal...Bob and Marilyn Musgrove were there today also...their coach really is taking shape..they have been working ever so hard and they are to be congratulated for all their hard has really begun to show...

And let's not forget our own Donna Long..several are beginning to show off her handiwork..she makes and designs clothing, drapes, you name it..she does it..and that's in addition to her fix-it skills on her GMC..Bill (The Hat) and Darlene Rowland were there today..they just don't miss..especially the
meal part..Also joining in the coach hopping and eating were Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Bill Brunson, Andy Flynn, Chet Simpson, Jim Trimble, Ron and Sharon Eimen and last but not least, our favorite roly-poly Don Cooper!!

All total we had 25 guys and gals on hand today and, from the looks of their plates, believe they are ready to come back tomorrow..It was a delightful, fun time once hopping was at it's best...and to Les and Sharon, we were really honored to have you with us. We hope you will pass this way again, and soon.

Til Next Month
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, September 6, 2002

Hi gang,

Today was our 3rd Anniversary for the Lunch Bunch and so we celebrated...birthday songs and cake and all the good stuff. The GMC tales were tall and mostly occasional little white lie did pass inspection, however.

About 12 coaches and over 30 Lunch Bunch guys and gals came today, including two first-timers, Todd and Cecila Elson of nearby Claremore (about 20 miles east of Tulsa). They joined right in with all the festivities, especially the cake-eating part!

Back from the summer in Colorado were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, along with Claude and Sally Farris. Needless to say, the rest of us are extremely jealous..we didn't go with them!

Ron and Sharon Eimen announced they were headed for GMC International at Nashville in two weeks...Ron, we expect a full report when you return, including the Casino sidetrips...Understand Sharon pulls him out after he loses his $20 allowance.. good for her!

Andy Flynn was back in the saddle again. He has purchased another Royale..soon as he sells one he runs right out and buys another..Jondine controls the checkbook, however. Jim Trimble was along, telling us that he has made a lot of progress on his GMC fixer-upper. He and wife, Becky, still travel in the other (SOB)'s gorgeous and only 36' long.

Claude led us in singing "Happy Birthday" to ourselves...even the Golden Corral staff joined right in with the sing-a-long. It doesn't get much better than that.

Donna Long (our female mechanic and decorator) came along today. She and Steve Clevenger took turn about trying to blow out the (3) candles on the birthday cake. They finally realized they were trying to blow out trick candles....the kind that keep coming back on every time.

Unfortunately, all the pictures we took of this hilarious occasion got chewed up in the computer so. we can't show them to you. Steve is our local computer guru and he must have put a hex on the camera/computer!

Others present were Don Bobino (still looking for a GMC), Cal Callicoat, Leonard and Jane Howard, Jim and Betty Haynes, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Don Cooper (He's looking, too), Bill Brunson, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Rowland, Chet Simpson, and last,but certainly not least, Floyd and Rene Baldwin.

Again, it was a very delightful, full-filled occasion and we look forward to next month when we start our 4th year of GMC Foibles and Lunches, not necessarily in that order. Join us, won't you?

Till next time,
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, August 2, 2002


It was a hot time today for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch. Several of our more intelligent guys and gals were in Colorado and could not (or would not) make it. Just talked with Claude and Sally Farris..they said it was 47 degrees this am in South Fork CO and very comfortable this afternoon. That sure beats our over 100 degree heat index we had today. Haven't heard from Bill
and Bobbie Bramlett...they are still somewhere in Colorado...

However, we must not forget that they are really only two seasons in Oklahoma...just ask any native and he will tell you that one season is "Univ of Oklahoma Football Season" and the other season is "Waiting for OU Football Season"...well, we are waiting but not for long now!

Meanwhile, back to the ranch..Bernie and Rene Baldwin, along with their lovely daughter, came today. Also, Bill Brunson was right on time, with more questions that we had answers. Missed Steve Clevenger...believe it was the first time he has ever missed.

Don Cooper sold his GMC...this is his second GMC to sell.. Rowland, who bought his first GMC, were here today, along with Ron and Sharon Eimen. Leonard and Jane Howard came a bit early and were already seated at the dinner table with their food when we came in. Leonard said "Jane was hungry"....don't bet on it!!

Regret to report that Rod and Marvina Amerson are moving to Kentucky Monday. Good luck. We will miss you and the children. Lief Langbokk is finalizing his move to Florida soon. Our loss is Orlando, Florida's gain. Seems as though the Lunch Bunch is really spreading out across the country.

Donna Long was not with us today...Donna, where are you? Lunch is not the same without you. Bob and Marilyn Musgrove were here today also. They are certainly working hard to bring their coach up to top notch condition. Won't be long until it will be a real show piece.

Also present were Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Dale and Vivian Wood and also Glyn and Melrose Trimble. MO and Helen Lewis sent their regards, and that MO was feeling better, but still not able to travel much. Delphine Wells also called to say that John was feeling a little better but it was best for him not to drive for awhile.

There you have it folks..a report on today's Lunch Bunch, including the latest on our walking wounded. Oh yes, the new Motorhome Magazine was shown and well received by everyone. We solved a few mechanical problems and also created a few that we did not know we had...but lunch was fabulous as usual....

Till next month,
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, July 5, 2002

Wow! Already it is July and today was our monthly Lunch Bunch Meeting. We really don't know how to classify today's was somewhere between fellowship, fix-er-up ideas, confession, and a whole lot of schhhh ...gossip....

Some of the gang were off in Colorado..Claude and Sally Farris along with Bill and Bobbie Bramlett...Claude did call yesterday to say he was thinking of us...yeah, are up at 10,000 feet and 60 degrees and we are almost sea level (700 ft) and 95 you can't guess what we were thinking about you...

Regret to say we are losing one of our lunch bunch couples to Orlando, FL. Leif Langbokk and his bride, Abby, are taking on new responsibilities in Orlando..they have that beautiful 29 ft stretched Buskirk coach of which we are all so envious..Leif, since you are an almost original Lunch Bunch guy and Jim Bounds is an honorary Lunch Bunch guy...we expect you two to form a farm it the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, Florida Division...

Jim Fowler has taken his coach to Cinnabar...hope to have a good report back real soon. Glyn reported a leak in his holding tank but could not get any volunteers to check it out..this little chore really tells you in a hurry who your real friends are (VBG)...

And congratulations to Marilyn Musgrove...she retired the other day and this was her first "Official Meeting" with the Lunch Bunch..she had slipped off before once in a while but now she will be a regular..again, congratulations...Bob is kind of proud, too...says he now has a full time "gopher"....whatever that means (ha)..

Jane Howard reported, unofficially of course, that hubby Leonard took her and his sister to Dallas the other day and did not take the GMC...Leonard said they both (______) all the way down and back because he didn't take the motorhome..You should have asked us, Leonard, we could have told you that...think this borders on gossip....

Anyway, we had a wonderful time today...sorry you could not be with us...until the first Friday of August...take care.
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, June 7, 2002

In the song "Oklahoma" there is a line that goes something like this: "June is bustin' out all over" ....well, we did it too!!

Last Friday's little get-to-gether broke all records, coaches and people alike..We had 11 coaches and 30 hearty eaters gathered for our monthly luncheon and GMC technical seminars (gab fests)...

Erv Pence showed up with his brand new paint job..very colorful and most attractive, along with a partial inside refurbish...we didn't even recognize the old coach...

Rod Amerson, along with children, Kyle and Jordan, came in their "bright peach colored" GMC...reluctantly he is going to have to sell soon as he has been accepted into medical school...that means "No GMC" for at least another 8 years...

Donna "Whee" Long, along with granddaughter, Jessica, brightened up our day with her tales of her mechanical well as some other you know what....

It was good to see John and Delphine Wells again..John's health is failing and he may be forced to sell his Royale if there is no improvement..Wife Delphine does not drive....believe John is 84 now...let's hope for the better..we are praying for you, John...

Rowland came rushing up at the last minute..they had just arrived back from Florida and did not want to miss the luncheon..they really make a handsome couple, especially Bill and his "Hat"'ve got to see it to believe it..

Out of town guests were Charles Wood of OK City and his guest, Robert Stovall, along with Gene Cassavarra from Fort Worth, who took the day off and just drove up to have lunch with us. Gene is another "wanna be" but says it won't be long...Also, visiting again was Don Bobolink from Owasso, who is also looking to join the GMC family.

Joining in the group also were several regulars...Bernie and Rene Baldwin with their lovely young daughter, Minda, as well as Leonard Howard, Steve Clevenger, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Clarence Hotfelt and his lovely guest, and we must not forget Don Cooper...however, Don is in the proverbial dog house..seems as though he had been out on the lake last two days fishing..caught a huge mess of crappie and didn't bring us a bite....

Now you put all those folks together in one room, turn on the talk button, set a place of food before them and sit back and have fun..

And that's just exactly what we did..See Ya!!!
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, May 5, 2002

WOW! We almost had enough today for an old fashioned brush arbor tent meeting! Invite them and they shall come and come across the river indeed they did.

From south across the Red River, ala Ringgold, LA, came Ron "Peanut" Tipton and his most gracious bride, Carolyn...from across the Arkansas and Cimmaron Rivers came John Stoner and his favorite lady, Laura Etta (Garber, OK). Also coming (from Enid, OK ) were Richard Worth and his fair lady, Mary .

Really have to give these traveling sojourners credit for coming just to have lunch with us. Peanut and Carolyn left Ringgold, LA about midnight last night, meandering along the way, arriving at the Golden Corral about 8 AM this morning, then camping out until the first Lunch Bunch arrivals around 11 AM.

Along came the Stoners and Worths, who came because they thought we were having too much fun without them (and they wanted in on the good meals also). The meals must be good because Peanut and Carolyn were the last two to leave the restaurant this afternoon...does this mean they might be back? Hope so..and again, welcome and thanks for coming...each of you.

Also joining us today were many of our regulars plus a special guest, Don Bobino, of Collinsville (suburb of Tulsa) who read about our lunches on the GMC Net and came just to see for himself.. (He has an S.O.B. motorhome but believe he now has the GMC bug deep inside trying to get out)!!

Rod Amerson and his little daughter, Jordan, joined us today after a brief absence. Congratulations to Rod..he has been accepted into medical school and will soon be leaving us shortly. Good luck, Rod..we will miss you.

Bennie and Rene Baldwin were there..Bennie is really proud of his handiwork..he just finished installing a new 3.70 transmission and is really anxious to take a nice trip to try it out..Cal Callicoat and Steve Clevenger, along with Don Cooper, really chimed in today. Also present were Ron (Ask him about his granddaughter) and Sharon Eimen, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Jim (Hot-rod) and Betty Haynes, and our own Donna "Wheee" Long. At least report, we had solved six GMC related problems and created eight new ones...thanks, guys..a whole lot!!

Last, but not least, present were Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Dale and Vivian Wood, Bill "The Hat" and Darlene Rowland, Bob Musgrove and long time favorite, Ken Baldridge.

After all was said and done, we counted 29 Lunch Bunch guys and gals, one live dog, and four stuffed animals among our entourage. My math question, not being too good, do we count our total as 29, 30 or 34 present for lunch today.? A little help is always appreciated.

See you next month.
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, April 5, 2002

From all the noise and enthusiasm today, you would have thought the International Rally was meeting with our group today. First timers Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater, OK just got back from the rally and kept saying over and over..."You should have been there"..they loved it.

Two couples of our lunch bunch guys and gals must have really enjoyed themselves..they haven't made it back yet..Bill and Bobby Bramlett and Rowland of Claremore..

However, Ron and Sharon Eimen did make it back. Being old-timers at rallies (they had been to Rayne a couple of years ago) they showed the "new" guys and gals around...especially where the casinos and blackjack tables were..they also gave glowing reports and are looking forward to the next rally. And Ron make it back ok..didn't have to ride an 18 wheeler flat bed back, either.

Donna Long brought her "new" coach out for all to see. That gal (who does most of her own work) has put on more little gadgets that go to make a motorhome seem like home. Our favorite by far was the door bell she
installed for her grandchildren to use. Not only does it have a beautiful melody, it also lets you know there is someone at the door! Way to go, Donna! Looks like Donna now has a whole bunch of new grandchildren" .. and why not?

Cal Callicoat of Grove, OK was here today..Not too often do you see an all white GMC that is really outstanding in appearance...well, his is simply beautiful and with that stainless steel grill he made...well, that just is the icing on the cake.

Ken Baldridge (who sold his GMC recently) was by to join us for lunch. He brought a brand new GMC Dana compressor that had never been used and had been in storage for several was sold before he could even get the words out. Thanks, Ken..

Bill Brunson of Oologah, OK slipped in on us. Next time you are at a GMC gathering, just look around for that quiet fellow who doesn't talk..mostly just listens..that's Bill. But he sure knows how to fix a GMC to run real good!

Claude and Sally Farris were there..they are still in process of learning about their "new" GMC. They are getting ready to go on their maiden voyage in a few days..can't wait until we get a first hand report of their

Others present were Bernie and Rene' Baldwin of Dewey, OK, Glyn and Melrose Trimble of Broken Arrow, OK , Don Cooper, Andy Flynn, and last but not least, Steve Clevenger. Well, as you can tell, the old saying "You shoulda been there" never was more truer than today. We had a blast, solved all our GMC problems (Ha) and looking forward to the next Lunch Bunch meeting.

See you there.
Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, March 1, 2002

Another Lunch Bunch meeting has come and gone. Today we had 22 lively people today and it seems like about 30 conversations were going all at once. even the waitress joined in..Included among our group today were one new owner and two former RV owners...

The weather was quite nasty, with cold, cold north winds blowing and light rain that seemed almost like ice..temp was above freezing, thankfully. Not surprising, one of the major topics of "fixer upper" items today was that of "furnaces" and how to make them work better. Come July it will be air conditioning, of course. were showing off some of their major interior improvements...their new wood flooring really drew a lot of comments!

New to our lunches was Donna Long of Tulsa..she recently purchased a GMC...even though it was in the shop for some interior maintenance and updating, she came on anyway. With her expertise and mechanical skills, she is going to make a valuable contribution to our group..and, most important, she ain't shy!!!

Justin Hill brought a guest from OK City, Frank Wade, a former RV owner..delighted to have you Frank...turns out that Melrose and Frank both have grandparents buried in the same cemetery in Quannah, TX...How they ever got to that subject no one will ever know (VBG)!

Chet Simpson also brought a guest..Jim Moore..who used to own a GMC and is in the process of looking for he will find one, too! By the way, Andy Flynn has two GMC's now, both Royales..believe he wants to sell one ... at least he said the "boss" told him to get rid of one .. guess that means "sell"(VBG).

Also present and accounted for were Andy Flynn, Don Cooper, Rowland, Leif Langbakk, Monte and Helen Jestes, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Steve Clevenger, Jim Trimble, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Erv Pense, Jim and Betty Haynes and last but not least Bob Musgrove.

Until next month...enjoy the rallies..hope to see you at one.
Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, Febuary 1, 2002

Gee whiz and gollee bang bang! You missed a good one today. In spite of all the ice and snow around us, frigid temperatures, a little flu sickness we had a fantastic turnout of 28 today for our February Lunch Bunch meeting.

We had several first timers...Sally Farris of Tulsa, Fred and Peggy Pitezel of Catoosa and Dale and Vivian Wood of Tulsa...

Even though we are scheduled for 12:30 meeting, the gang started gathering at 11:45 outside the restaurant for a little lively before meal discussions...Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater, OK brought their "new" 23' Birchaven GMC for the first time today and appropriately received a lot of "oohs" and "aahs", especially the parts they have already redone to bring it into the 21st century.

Just to make sure she would not be left out on the food line, Rene Baldwin picked up her plate and filled it twice before 12:15 and also before the prayer of thanksgiving for the meal..She said she wanted her food blessed twice...once by her and later by our GMC'er Chaplain, Claude Farris..

Plans were bring made by several to attend GMC International at Mobile next month...believe the Eimens, Bramletts, Jestes and Rowlands are all making plans to attend. We will expect a full report in April, especially the trip parts..Ron Eimen always has an adventuresome story to tell...

Clarence Hotfelt was there...but without his gracious wife, Roberta. If you recall, Roberta passed away a few months ago and this was his first lunch time without her. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Clarence.

We are really enjoying our private room that the restaurant has so graciously provided for us..We were having so much fun that we even had a few non GMC patrons trying to come in and join us..when they found out the GMC motto "Get More Cash" was the password, they beat a hasty retreat...

A great time was had by all...and as one of the newcomers said..."I didn't know you were having THIS much fun"...In attendance today were the following: Bernie and Rene Baldwin of Dewey, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bill Brumlett of Oologah, Steve Clevenger of Catoosa, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Claude and Sally Farris, Jim and Betty Haynes of Haskell, Clarence Hotfelt of Bixby, Leonard and Jane Howard of Jenks, Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater, Fred and Peggy Pitezel of Catoosa, Rowland of Claremore, Glyn and Melrose Trimble of Broken Arrow, Jim Trimble of Broken Arrow, John and Delphine Wells of Bixby and Dale and Vivian Wood.

Several photos were taken for the Rogue's gallery...they will be posted on the Lunch Bunch site by Billy Massey in a day or so. Until next time, may all you travels be trouble free and your gasoline mileage read "12 mpg"...

Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, January 4, 2002

In spite of the "warm" 38 degrees and cold, cold north winds blowing down all the way from Canada , we had a marvelous time together today.

Eighteen hardy souls, most with their GMC ladies, arrived prepared to have a good time and they did. First of all, Rowland of Claremore, arrived showing off their brand new paint job on their GMC..a beautiful deep burgundy with nice trim...Darlene says the interior is next and she was asking lots of questions...of each of us..Bill kept asking the same questions but always with that special GMC phrase: How much does that cost? Understand Darlene did not hear a single answer to that.....

Also, Ron Eimen and his lovely bride, Sharon, arrived with their newly painted GMC ...Ron was so proud of it he even took a nice clean handkerchief and wiped off some residue from low flying b....ds..

Others attending were Bernie and Rene' Baldwin of Dewey, .Bill Brunson of Oologah, Cal and June Callicoat from Locust Grove, Don Cooper, Claude Farris, Andy Flynn, Jim and Betty Haynes of Bixby, (they just painted their coach recently ), Leif Langbokk of Sand Springs, Bob Musgrove, Chet Simpson of Bixby, and Glyn and Melrose Trimble of Broken Arrow.

The Golden Corral has now very graciously provided us with a private room in the east wing, away from all the rest of the diners..we are not sure whether it was a courtesy for us or a necessity for them...anyway, we appreciated it very much. And we will still have a large picture window with a view of those beautiful GMC's parked out there, all side by side.

The stories were as usual very eloquent today, but none more so than one told by Ron Eimen. Seems as though Ron recently purchased a new fangled bicycle that has a battery powered booster which will enable him to climb hills without too much effort...sort of like using a GMC with a 3.70 transmission passing an 18 wheeler going up the mountain side...

Ron took his new bike out to a local bike trail and you know the rest..without letting other bikers know, he would pass them going up the slopes...slow down on the straight and narrow...then pass them again...and again..and again..that's our Ron..said he learned his bad habits from the Dixielanders...but we believe it is the other way around...

Glyn passed out rosters with current lunch number, address, etc. It's sort of like a local Roger Black list....also listed meeting dates for this year...discussion was given about the next GMC International meeting in Mobile...also mentioned were future Western States meetings as well as the GMC Mountaineer meeting in Sante Fe in July..we tried to cover all the bases.

Finally, after umpteen trips back through the buffet line, we reluctantly broke up..the ladies headed down the road to the mall...and the fellows out to the coaches for further "inspection".

Until next time...
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch