The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 5, 2003


Once again the Tulsa Lunch Bunch had the privilege of sharing their gifts with the US Marine Corps Reserve...

Everyone came in, totin’, draggin’, pullin’ and pushin’ their fantastic selection of TOYS for the Marine Corps TOYS FOR TOTS program. S/Sgt Robinson and his aide were on hand to accept the toys...S/Sgt Robinson shared the need...for this year alone they had requests for over 18,000 toys for Northeastern Oklahoma...we can only say...thank you, Marines, for what you do and what you mean to us.

But, first, let us welcome all the GMC guys and gals who braved the cold, blustery north wind today to not only drive their GMC ladies but came in great numbers to share today.

Ken Broostin brought "Tweety Bird" today...we finally got a picture to show you...Leonard and Jane Howard drove their beautiful blue coach...Bill and Bobbie Bramlett arrived in their spotless Royale...

Bill and Darlene Rowland came from Claremore in their very colorful GMC...Monte and Helen Jestes drove their beautiful newly remodeled 26’ Alcoas and all...

You should have seen the decorations...Sharon and Ron Eimen brought the Christmas tree (in their GMC motorhome, no less), the Bramletts brought some ornaments and other decorations...and Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin brought magnificent centerpieces for each table, including candle decorations...and guess what...the centerpieces were made from...old GMC wheelcovers...and what a beautiful sight they were...we managed to get a couple of pics of them, too!

Fellow camper Gerald Weems brought us a couple of Christmas songs on his "Q" Chord haven’t heard Christmas music until you have heard it played this way...thank you, Gerald...and your lovely wife, Nadene, for joining us today!!

Pastor Preston Nix brought a special Christmas devotional...he even worked in our GMC’s in his talk, too!!! Remember his theme from last year? According to Pastor Nix, GMC stands for "Giving for a Merry Christmas"...what a wonderful thought!!!

We’re trying to get him to buy a GMC but so far he’s been a little reluctant...shy, too...yeah!!

Don Cooper was here today, too, looking for a "good buy" (low price) on OU Sugar Bowl joke of the day!!

On hand also were Jim and Betty Haynes, new owner Ron Whisenhunt, Chet Simpson, Steve Clevenger, Bob and Shirley Musgrove, along with Glyn and Melrose Trimble.

Sharing our tables with us were Claude and Sally Farris, Joe Henderson, Bill Brunson, Cecil Martin, plus Peggy Pitezel. (Fred was at home with the flu...)

Special guests from Okahoma City were Justin Hill and Lorren White...glad to have you, guys!! Did happen to notice they were first in line for chow, right after the blessing by Chaplain Farris...true Tulsa Lunch Bunch appetites...

By the way, due to the holiday schedules of so many, our next Tulsa Bunch luncheon will be the SECOND Friday in January...that would be January, mark your calendar...

See you then, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Our Love and Prayers for each of you...

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

November 7, 2003


What do GMCer’s do come fall? Hunting, fishing, football, eat, travel...well, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch certainly did their share this month....and from all reports had a fun time doing it...

We had 26 guys and gals on hand and it seemed like 26 more were off doing their GMC thing...

Don Cooper was in western Kansas doing a little bird hunting...pheasant or quail...Bill and Darlene Rowland were in Mississippi attending the Auburn-Ole Miss football game...Ken and Doree Broostin were vacationing in the hill country...Justin Hill was dining with someone else (traitor)...Irv and Shirley Pense were hunting game in West Ron and Sharon Eimen were leaving for the OU game right after lunch!!

Oh yes, Claude Farris, along with Fred Pitezel, called to say that they had to WORK Friday...such an ugly thing to say...literally sent shudders of torture up and down the spine of the rest of us...

And that’s just the ones who called and got permission to skip out (Ha-VBG)...oh well, they did promise not to miss out next month for our Christmas Party...

We were delighted to have three first timers...Steve Curtis, son of Don and Vi Curtis, came with his dad...says he is now looking for a GMC of his own...Don is really encouraging him...(We think it is because Dad would like to have his GMC back so HE can use it)...

Also visiting for the first time were Clint and Beverly Davis, of Rogers, AR. They teamed up with Joe Henderson of Bentonville, AR and all came together...And, along with some others, did a lot of coach hopping back and forth...glad to have you and look forward to seeing you again next month...

A lovely couple, Jerry and Nancy Rhea, attended for the first time also...they had briefly stopped by an earlier time but this was their first regular visit...they are also new to the GMC community...welcome, folks!!

Almost forgot...Ron Eimen showed up with a "glamorous, size 13, ladies shoe that he "won" at auction at the GMC International in Goshen last month...says he bought it for New Year’s eve party time...(he claims it will hold a lot more champagne than a regular shoe)...

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were also back from International, along with Claude and Sally Ferris...Chet Simpson and Cecil Martin both went but only for a short visit...all reported having a great time...

On hand Friday were most of our regulars...Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Steve Clevenger, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Jim and Betty Haynes, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Monte and Helen Jestes, and last but not least, Jim Trimble.

And now, the most important part of today’s story...NEXT month, December 5 to be exact, is our Annual TOYS FOR TOTS Christmas party and get-to-gether...We want each and every one of you to come and bring an UNWRAPPED toy/toys for the United States Marine TOYS FOR TOTS program...the Marine Sgts will be there (as our guests) to pick up the toys and also share a bit with us...

We might even have a little Christmas the Eimens, Bramletts, and Baldwins plan on decorating for this very special and festive occasion...also Pastor Nix will be there again to remind us about the real reason for there!!! No excuses...

Again, the time...11:30 am Friday, Dec 5...the place, Golden Corral Restaurant, 71st and Mingo, Tulsa...and for those of you coming for the first time, please give a holler so we can set a place for you...and bring that beautiful GMC ‘cause we want a long, long lineup of those a lot of toys...

‘Til next month,
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

October 3, 2003


Yesterday, Oct 3, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch were treated to a real Halloween special...Ken and Doree Broostin have just recently painted a full size, life like portrait of the famous "Tweety Bird" on the back window of their very colorful yellow, canary color, GMC...don’t know about your cat but betcha ours would not get near THAT bird...

Incidentally, their coach just coincidentally is named "Tweety Bird"...can’t hardly wait until next month to see where they paint the cat...

Another special treat this month was newcomer Joe Henderson who brought along his racing car and motorcycle that he races in nearby Hallet Motor Speedway, just west of Tulsa. Just as soon as he pulled up, the men made a beeline to his trailer to check things out...his racer is an open cockpit Ford that goes well over 100 mph and your "fanny" is only sitting what appears to be about 6 inches off the ground...well, maybe a little more, but not much!!

By the way, Joe practices on Saturday and races on Sunday!! He would love to have you come out and cheer him on!!

First timer Ron Whisenhunt joined us today...He and his bride, Terry, recently purchased the John Wells 77 Royale...John and his wife, Delphine, have had to sell their home and move into special assisted living of luck, John, as both of you are very dear to us.

Congratulations to Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin...they are now a "one" coach owner again...they recently sold their second coach to Troy Stafford and his daughter, Catrina Brumley, of Bartlesville...we look forward to meeting these new owners...

Got quite a group going to GMC International in Goshen, IN next week...Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Claude and Sally Farris and possibly others...have a great time and wear those Tulsa Lunch Bunch Badges...several more are planning a trip to the GMC Classics rally in Tyler, TX later this month...

Don Cooper finally bought another coach...again...Dale and Vivian Wood sold him their 75 GMC Landau...Don swears he’s going to keep this one...says it’s the one he’s always been looking for...yeah...where have we heard that before...

Most of the regulars were present...Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Steve Clevenger, Andy Flynn, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Bill Brunson, Don Curtis, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Monte and Helen Jestes (they still have the local record...3 GMC Motorhomes)...also present were Jim and Betty Haynes, Justin Hill and Chet Simpson.

Jim Moore was on hand also, still looking for his "perfect coach"...he’s narrowed his decision down to somewhere between $1,000 and $100,000...way to go,’ll probably need Dave’s credit card, too!

A very sweet couple from Moore, OK, Dean and Neva Sears, were also back with us. They don’t come very often but it’s always special when they do!!!

Plans were getting in high gear for our Christmas Party in December...that’s our TOYS FOR TOTS program in joint participation with the Golden Corral Restaurant and the local US Marine Detachment. You really need to make plans to be there...that’s Friday, December 5, 11:30 AM and bring LOTS and LOTS of unwrapped Toys...

All for now...see you next month...

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

September 5, 2003


Last Friday, Sept 5, 38 guys and gals of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch turned out to celebrate our 4th year of having fun and eatin’ a little, too!!

GMC’s were lined up all up and down the parking lot...we even drew an employee of the restaurant next door who came out to inquire "what’s going on here, anyway?"...

Back to the party...we were joined by several first timers...George Speer and wife, Mickey, with their beautiful 78 coach, who came to us from Bartlesville, and brought along his brother, Don and wife. Bernie and Renee Baldwin were back with us and Renee brought along a special friend, Sarah Derryberry. Welcome to each of you, and we look forward to having you join us again, real soon, ya’ heah!!!

We were especially delighted to have Pearl Pitezel, Fred’s mom, who wore the sweetest smile, even when she didn’t know a soul there...that really made our day!!

Along with Fred and wife Peggy, they were also joined by Peggy’s folks, Clyde and Nora Jones. Fred brought his little GMC baby, too. Joe Henderson of Bentonville, AR was back again to help out on eating the birthday cake, too! Good to see you, Joe! Just for the record, Joe is one of these "fast sport car racing" fans as well as a driver, too! Now we know why he bought a GMC!!

Glyn and Melrose Trimble were there, sporting a new Cinnabar engine along with new day-night shades...right about now they surely could use Dave Greenberg’s credit card...their Visa has suddenly gone "south" for the winter!


Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, and also Claude and Sally Farris, were back from spending the summer in Colorado...The Rowlands, Bill and Darlene, were home again, too! Don Cooper came along, looking for Oklahoma University football tickets!! Sorry, Don, we are fresh out...and will be until the season is over!

Andy Flynn, appetite and all, was looking for some used manifolds, any color, to replace the ones that someone "borrowed" from him recently...seems as tho they "borrowed" his pickup truck, too!!

Ron and Sharon Eimen, along with the Bramletts, volunteered to set up our Christmas Party Decorations again this year. We will be doing our "Toys for Tots" program again in December, with the cooperation of the local US Marine Corps detachment. Couple of the other fellas volunteered to help, too!! Can’t hardly wait!!

Most of the regulars were there...Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Steve Clevenger, Bill Brunson, Cal Callicoat, Jim Trimble, Jim and Betty Haynes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove...just to name a few.

We were especially thrilled to have Justin Hill with us... again, we extend our deepest sympathies to Justin in the recent loss of his beloved you, Justin...

Next month is October and that means goblin time...but before that, plan on "sneakin" out, put on your best face, and join us for another fun time...

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

August 1, 2003

With hot weather all around, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch met at it's usual time and place last Friday, August 1, at the Golden Corral Restaurant at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa.

Several of the gang, however, had taken flight and were far, far away on wonderful vacations.

Ken and Doreen Broostin were in Minnesota, Irv and Shirley Pense were in Florida, Claude and Sally Farris, along with Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, were in Colorado, and Jim and Becky Trimble, along with Glyn and Melrose Trimble, were drifting off the shores of Alaska on a cruise...and Bill and Peggy Brunson were somewhere between here and there!

Never fear, however, there were others on hand to hold down the a few new guys and gals...all, except Steve Clevenger..don't ask where he was...second thought, maybe you better...

We were pleased to have Mrs. Robert (Anita) Wies and her son, Corry Bart, from Dixon, Missouri joining us for the first time...glad to have you and come back again, real soon!

Also joining us for the first time was Joe Henderson of Bentonville, Arkansas. Joe retired on Thursday and joined us for lunch on Friday. Joe, that's what being a GMC'er is all certainly have your priorities in order...

On hand to greet our newcomers were several of the old standbys...our Host and Hostess for the day, Ron and Sharon Eimen...also joining the festivities were Fred and Peggy Pitezel, along with Peggy's parents, Clyde and Nora (Peanut Brittle) Jones.

Bill and Darlene Rowland of Claremore were on hand, as well as Don Cooper with his new GMC purchase...and showing it off, of course!

Olin Boyer came a few minutes early with his Clasco GMC...if you haven't seen this coach, you really need to do has gadgets on it that don't even have names as yet for them..ha..including not one but two sunroofs...

Ric Shust was also there for the first time also and he brought his beautiful refurbished coach..a real eyecatcher, too!!

The old wily veteran of GMC days past, Andy Flynn, was there with his usual appetite. Cecil and his lovely bride, Sonnie, were there also..Chet Simpson brought new tales of GMC living, including one about buying and selling a GMC almost the same day...too much luxury he said, owing two GMC's at one time...

After a fine meal, the gang gathered outside for a bit of show and tell, then reluctantly headed out for home...and to the rest of you, including those on vacation, we missed you and we'll see you next month..

Til' then, take care
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

July 11, 2003

What do you get when you find yourself surrounded by GMC motorhomes, every kind of airplane taking off and landing almost on top of you, "warm" Oklahoma breezes flowing right through you mixed with the faint aroma of Generator fumes and delicious smell of charcoal hamburgers grilling?

Why, everybody knows it is TULSA LUNCH BUNCH outdoor picnic that will be remembered for a long time to come...

Brent Littleton, a newcomer from Claremore, OK appeared to be in "GMC" heaven, as he hopped from coach to coach, and in between hamburgers, too!

Bob and Shirley Musgrove were the first to arrive, followed soon thereafter by Glyn and Melrose Trimble. Others arrived shortly thereafter, including Jim and Betty Haynes, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Monte and Helen Jestes from Stillwater, towing their prize "toad"’s a very attractive little guy made up from the parts of three salvage good and runs too!!!

Leonard Howard and his son, Glen, dropped by for a visit...Jane was not feeling too well so Leonard had to leave us...Jane, hope you get better real soon! Bill and Darlene Rowland were at home, too, with a touch of pneumonia..get well quickly, all of you. We missed you.

The cameras were busy, too! With planes landing and taking off every few minutes, plus those beautiful twin jets that took off at the same time, with their afterburners that nearly blew us away..that was really neat...the runway next to us was the taxi-way and we got to see all those pretty fellows up close...

Forgot to mention that this was Fred and Peggy’s first time to bring their GMC...but Peggy made up for it with that fantastic melon creation she brought..a chilled watermelon basket carved out and filled with every kind of summer fruit available! Our kind of gal!!

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were off to Colorado, Ron and Sharon Eimen were off to Illinois and Claude and Sally Farris were baby sitting their granddaughter in Omaha, Neb....Cecil and Sonnie Martin were off vacationing ...Guys, we missed you!

Don and Vi Curtis came out also...This was Vi’s first visit with us and we were delighted she could come. Hubby had been telling her all kinds of tales about us but she came anyway...welcome!!

Andy and Jondine Flynn came along..Andy had another new coach but more importantly, he brought the baked beans.. a must for any cookout! Irv Pense came from just across the runway...he has a hangar with storage for not only his airplane, Shirley’s GMC, but also his new Tracker tow, plus a plush office he uses when he in the "marital doghouse"..schh...don’t tell Shirley..she thinks it’s just a desk and chair room....

By the way, Irv was our master chef, cooking all those burgers, and ably assisted by Don Cooper. Another newcomer, Ed Vincent, came from just down the road..he has a building on the airport grounds and in it he has just started the process of rebuilding a 23" GMC. Boy, did he get the advice!!! He must have taken it seriously cause he was seen hopping from coach to coach!

AHH...the food! We had way too much food there and we tried to eat it, too! Not only the usual fare of burgers, tomatoes, onions, baked beans, potato salad but a few extra goodies, too! And we topped it all off with lots of ice cream and a delicious coconut cake that Betty Haynes provided...

Place all that plus a lot of GMC’ers in the covered pavilion with all it’s open and "warm" free flowing breezes and you truly do have a GMC lunch bunch blast!

Oh yes, there was a great big keg all iced down and full of cokes, Pepsi, Dr Pepper and whatever! It must have been a hot day, cause more than 6 dozen drinks shrank down to a dozen or so at the end of the a lot of water and more water...It’s amazing what a warm Oklahoma wind combined with generator fumes will do to your thirst!!!!

And the most frequent comment was "When are we going to do this again?" July, of course...or "maybe" a little sooner. We missed those who were not there and we will see you next month at the regular luncheon, first Friday in August, at the Golden Corral.

Take care!

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

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June 6, 2003


The June Lunch Bunch Meeting was supposed to be rather know, gather at the local food emporium, line up the coaches, chat a bit, ooh and aah over the latest whatchamacallits and electronic gizmos..chow some more...then go home.....But....But...But here we go!

Glyn and Melrose arrived first, towing their little tag-a-long, a 1984 Cadillac Cimarron---since they were heading out of town to Missouri right after the was the first time many had seen it, especially since it had been painted in coordinating colors to match their GMC lady...

Next, here comes Bob and Marilyn Musgrove with their little baby...first time they had brought it in six months...and along with it was enclosed their brand new Honda about quiet! WOW! The men were gathered around it in chickens after a worm...

Ron and Sharon Eimen hurried back from out of town, just in time for luncheon...Jim Trimble showed up, too, but minus a GMC...Steve Clevenger arrived about that time, along with Chet Simpson. Bernie and Renee Baldwin drove down from Dewey and brought along their beautiful teenage daughter, Minda. They only brought one GMC...left the other one at home...for shame..!!

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett made it a little early, too, just in time for Bill to answer all those "How to" questions...They plan to leave for Colorado shortly and won’t be back till fall....tough summer job, but, remember Bill, somebody’s got to go there and suffer those cool days and nights!

Claude and Sally Farris also arrived a bit early...claimed his GMC was down and out...have noted that these retired Air Force Chaplains do have a way with wonder Sally married him!

Bill Brunson made it, too! Seems as though Bill is "batchin" it now, with wife Peggy visiting in Virginia...Don’t worry, Bill...we will give a "Fair and Balanced Report" of your activities when she returns!..

Cecil Martin, along with new owner, Don Curtis, made it in time for lunch...Don reported his new Norcold Fridge was doing just fine....always glad to hear reports like that...thanks, Don. And Don Cooper arrived just in time for the "party" but we’re ahead of ourselves.

For the record, next month the Tulsa Lunch Bunch will not be meeting on the first Friday of July (July 4th) but, instead, will be having a picnic at the R.L. Jones Airport park on Jul 11, with dry camp and restaurant facilities nearby. By the way, the little park, located in the shade on the east side of the Airport runway, has covered amenities and all those goodies that make for a great picnic and whatever...lots of shade trees, too!

Irv Pense (with Shirley’s supervision, of course) will be the evening master chef, cooking burgers, etc...with Don Cooper helping him (Don doesn’t know it yet) plus other "willing" and "able" volunteers...more details later..we have the park reserved for Friday evening and Saturday Morning...oh yes, the planes take off and land just a few feet away...bring your VCR and digital cameras...we will probably take up a collection to help pay expenses (You CAN count on it)....ha...

Last but not least Renee Baldwin found out that Glyn and Melrose were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary later this month so she sneaked in an anniversary cake with all the trimmings...needless to say, they were totally surprised but thoroughly pleased and delighted. Renee’s daughter, Minda, helped serve and the party began!

There you have it...not the usual luncheon but the love and camaraderie that we have for each other is still there and, of course, growing stronger by the month...see you in July at the picnic....

And our deepest condolences to fellow Lunch Bunch guy, Justin Hill, in the loss of his beloved wife, Dortha..Our love and prayers for you....

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

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May 2, 2003


Rallies, reunions, retreats, re-something or other...the Tulsa Lunch Bunch was really scattered yesterday but we still had a great luncheon...

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, along with Claude and Sally Farris, were whoopin’ it up at the Bean Station Rally...Ron and Sharon Eimen were doing a bit of class reunion in Illinois...

John and Delphine Wells were at home trying to recover from the "don’t feel too good" blues...Cecil Martin came along but wife, Sonnie, was off doing a "girl" thing...Andy and Jondine Flynn were was really nice to see Jondine again...she had been absent for quite a spell...Andy was his usually ebullient self..went through the chow line three times and even tried to munch off Glyn’s plate.

Don Curtis was present, but without his bride, Vi...said she has to work to support him or something like that! Don is trying to figure how to make a Norcold fridge work when it apparently doesn’t want to...welcome to the GMC world...

Bernie and Renee Baldwin came down from Dewey, OK and brought their "extra" GMC...when you have two, you can do that..don’t know whether it was "his" or "hers"...rumor has it that she wants to sell it so it must be a "his" GMC...Fred and Peggy Pitezel came along, but without their month, for’all heah!

Peggy’s mom and dad, Clyde and Nora Jones, were absent ...seems they had gone to a Blue Grass Festival somewhere in Missouri. Missed Nora’s peanut brittle goodies!!

We had two new wannabe’s present today...Jim and Linda Elmore, of Tulsa...they had been reading about the Lunch Bunch on the net and just had to come and make sure we really did all the stupid...woops...wunnerful little "adventures" that were mentioned along the way...Jim Moore was here today...he’s still looking also...Chet Simpson came along, too, but without his GMC or his Harley...wasn’t sure that was him (ha)!

Steve Clevenger, along with Bill Brunson, held down the far end of the table...Bill promised to bring his wife if he can get her to not work so hard all the time!! That’s all right, Bill...we need her to keep working so we can keep drawing those Social Security checks...

Glyn and Melrose Trimble were there...Glyn’s the one who takes the pictures and puts them on the net...Jim and Betty Haynes came but without their coach..seems as though Betty wanted to do some shopping later...Jim, haven’t you heard? You are supposed to take the wife to the mall, give her the checkbook and then stay in the coach....

Our chief lady mechanic and "can do anything" gal, Donna Long, was here and we were really glad to see her..said her GMC was a little down in the dumps..keep us posted, Donna!

Oh yes, we had a great time..the food was outstanding, as usual..and we will meet again the first Friday of June...believe it is June 6...

love to have you there....
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, April 4, 2003

Another month, another luncheon, and especially another time for good fellowship and lunch. That was the scene Friday for the Tulsa Lunch was gorgeous and the GMC's were just as beautiful!

We were thrilled to have two special guests from Cherokee Village, AR who stopped especially to have lunch with us...Gordon and Nancy Wickstrom with their very nice Royale. Seems as though they had been to Indiana to visit the kids and grandkids and decided to detour back through Tulsa...welcome, Gordon and Nancy..glad to have you!! And we did happen to "notice" that Gordon knew how to go through the chow line!

We found that they had made several tours in their GMC to Alaska...boy, did that get our attention...Alaska, here we come!

Chet Simpson learned that Jim Haynes only lived a short distance from him and that Jim had a real nice private fishin' hole nearby...somehow GMC's got lost in that conversation!

We really missed Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, along with Ron and Sharon Eiman..they were at the GMC International Rally in Tucson, AZ and won't be back until sometime next week. The table where Ron usually sits was so quiet...we should have called him. Rowland were off to Alabama, also.

An old Tulsa GMC friend of years ago, Harold Burlingame, stopped by to inquire about buying another GMC...we took care of that little problem real quick..Now Harold only has one little problem...which coach should be buy? This one...or that one...we'll soon know!

It was especially nice to see Charles Woods of OK City again...Charles took the day off and decided to join us for lunch...he does this two or three times a year...said he would really like to have an OK City Lunch Bunch...sure hope the way, Charles, we do expect a "royalty" fee for the use of that name...we will settle for an occasional steak...ha!

Fred Pitezel was here, back from his Panama cruise...and ready to go again...brought his mother-in-law and father-in-law along..Nora and Clyde Jones..she's the world famous peanut brittle maker...that's for sure!

Claude and Sally Farris were back with us..Claude has had to work on Friday the past two more, he says...Steve Clevenger was with us today..with his usual tid bits of wisdom...Bill Brunson of Oologah brought his usual appetite...Cal Callicoat came along...but he didn't bring his GMC...that's the one with the beautiful Stainless Steel grill and other features on it...

Cecil Martin, along with Bob Musgrove, both came without their ladies and their GMC's too...fellas, that's a have got to bring one or the other or both...Glyn did it the hard way...he "let" his wife drive her car and come when she wanted to! Yeah!

Last but not least, Dale and Vivian Wood, were there today and they really took a bite out of the buffet line...You really need to get to know Dale and Vivian..they are such a nice, sweet couple...each always looking out for the other... And a final note to "you know who" from down the road...Where were you?

Again, a great time and a promise to meet again next month...thanks again, Gordon and Nancy, for the pleasure of your company...come again!

See Ya!
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, March 7, 2003

Hi gang,

Time to give a report on today's eat and eat meeting of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch...The guys and gals started arriving around 11:00 AM all prepared to show and tell...all total, 33 joined in along with a whole bunch of
coaches...all spic and span and ready to be properly inspected...and, as usual, a few of the restaurant patrons circled round about with that usual expression on their know what we mean!!

The weather was fabulous..about 65 or so..and coach hopping was really on the agenda after a couple of cold winter meetings that sort of slowed things down..

Don Curtis brought his new GMC out to show..with it's beautiful wood and mauve was his first time to join us..welcome, Don...

A special guest from Connecticut, Alan Bradbury, made his initial visit with us today...glad to have you with us..only next time, bring your GMC...after all...

Bill "The Hat" Rowland and his lovely bride, Darlene, came and brought along their son...glad to have you, Barney. Also back with us were Richard and Frances Turner, along with son, Stan...This was also Stan's first visit..

And, of course, a lot of the "regular" guys and gals were there, too! There was Bernie and Renee Baldwin..from Dewey, OK..minus a coach..and they have 2 of them, too! Bernie, we want you to drive down in one and Renee, you come in the other..that would really be a nice treat!

Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Claude and Sally Farris..minus little "Missy"...oh yes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, along with Erv Pense, Jim Trimble, Jim Moore, Chet Simpson, Steve Clevenger, made up another table or two of yak-yak...

Bill Brunson came driving in right on schedule, as did Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater, OK...Cecil Martin, with that great big smile of his..joined right in, too! Dean and Neva Sears of Moore, OK drove over to join us for lunch..Richard Worth of Enid, OK surprised us with a visit, also...

Mustn't forget roly-poly Don Cooper...Don's still looking for buy another GMC since he sold his last if we can just convince him to part with the money...(ha)...last coach drove off around 2:30 PM or so..and we did get enough to eat..each and every time..after all, it is a buffet!!!.

Missed a few of the regulars...missed you, too! Next time, join us...we'll be lookin' for ya'

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, Febuary 7, 2003

Hi Gang,

A quick report on our luncheon was a nice, warm balmy typical February Oklahoma day...19 degrees and hearty appetites.

35 folks made it out..some through a little mud, a little snow...but all arrived safely, full of lively stories and impertinent questions..

Some even wanted to know about fixing a problem or two about their GMC coaches..can you imagine that?

The GMC Classic Rally at Waco was hashed and rehashed..come to find out (while listening in) it was really a conversation by the ladies on the best places to shop not only in Waco but also in Dallas ...on the way back home....

We surely missed Ron and Sharon Eimen today...come to find out, they were holed up at Jim Bounds's place in Orlando, FL with transmission problems.. Take good care of them, Jim...we know you will..

Rowland got back from Alabama just in time for the Lunch Bunch meeting..Bernie and Renee Baldwin surprised us by bringing their lovely daughter, Minda, with them holiday... Clyde and Nora Jones came long to hold down the fort for their daughter and son-in-law, Peggy and Fred Pitezel, who were off on a cruise in the Caribbean..

Andy Flynn, coachless again, came in a buying body would talk to least, not today..Cal Callicoat came to the luncheon...June went shopping instead...where have we heard that before?

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett brought their appetites, along with Jim and Betty Haynes...Bill Brunson, along with Don Bobino...Chet Simpson with his guests, Don Stephens and Lou Paparella, made up a dynamic bull session over in one corner..

Also present were Leonard and Jane Howard, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Steve Clevenger, and Jim Trimble..they filled another table...

Ken Broostin brought his Tweety Bird Coach and a lot of fishin' questions...but he forgot to bring the fair, Ken.. Ervin and Shirley Pense brought back a few "tales" of the Waco Rally plus a promise to fry the fish the Ken catches..

Dale and Vivian Wood came, bringing a beautiful put-put along..for sale..and also brought a progress report on coach repairs..

Bob and Marilyn Musgrove brought a report on their new fuel injection installation...started on the first, let's see what happens when they put it in gear ...just kiddin...honest. Monte and Helen Jestes of Stillwater were also present today..really, Helen, how can you eat so much and stay so thin? Don't mind us, we are just jealous..

Anyway, it all started a little before 11:00 AM and broke up sometime after 2:00 PM..a fun time it was but it would have been better if YOU had been there..all for now..

Til' Next Month,
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Friday, January 3, 2003


And it was a "warm" and happy group that met yesterday to start the New Year with a rousing and successful luncheon. Twenty six hardy souls came out on this Friday, Jan 3, 2003 in mid 40's temperature and "slightly:" chilly and typical Oklahoma winter day.

We were especially delighted to have several first timers come our way.... Richard and Frances Turner of Broken Arrow, who just recently purchased ( and rescued) their "rebuild" GMC classic...we are looking forward to hearing how they do it...and welcome to the Lunch Bunch!

Also, Don Bobino brought his gracious bride, Leanna, with him for the first time. They both brought their son-in-law, Don Heath, of Talala, (northeast of Tulsa) who is in the process of renovating a 73 jewel...

Just found out that Bernie and Rene Baldwin are home with the flu bug...hey folks, we missed you..the Farris' are in Iowa baby-sitting their granddaughter while the parents are off to Florida for a nice winter
holiday..the Bramletts are still in Colorado..don't know where Donna Long is..

We were really thrilled and delighted to have John and Delphine Wells from Bixby with us today...As you know, John's health is forcing him to sell his beloved Royale.. and we know how hard that is, too!! John and Delphine are two of our favorite people who have been a part of the Lunch Bunch from the very beginning...

Quite a few of the regulars were here want to mention that you should not sit across the table from Fred and Peggy Pitezel..Fred is one of those tall and lanky guys that can eat and eat and eat and still stay
thin..boy, did he ever..his dessert plate was stacked higher than it was wide..way to go, Fred..we are just jealous! Peggy tells us they will be gone next month...on a cruise through the Panama Canal and on to the Cayman Islands..Peggy, be sure and take a picture or two of Fred at the buffet line!

Joe and Phyllis Nimmo from Ponca City were here's just about a 100 miles from their home to the Golden Corral..makes for a nice drive for lunch, they said.. Robert and Marilyn Musgrove made it..he's one of these guys that has eleventy-elevn projects going all at once...and then do 'em...

Ron Eimen and his lovely bride, Sharon, were here today..Ron has purchased a new tow vehicle..a Mercury Mystique convertible..stick shift no less...we hear, unofficially, of course, that he's going to paint it a bright RED..(a bit of advice, had better ask Sharon first..ha)...

Steve Clevenger was here today..always cheerful..always...well, just always... Glyn and Melrose Trimble, along with Rowland, Jim and Betty Haynes, Leonard and Jane Howard, and Cecil and Sonnie Martin rounded out the group today.

By the way, several are planning to attend the GMC Classics Rally in Waco later this sure and look for them..they will be ones dressed for winter in "sunny" Waco.. One more item..starting this month, we will be featuring several coaches each month with pics...this month you can see the pics of Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Rowland, and Glyn and Melrose Trimble..they will be on the write up posted on the Classic website, hosted by dear friend, Billy Massey..

Until next month..see ya!
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch