The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 3, 2004



Once again, Christmas takes on a special meaning for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch as we held our 3rd Annual Toys for Tots program in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps at the Golden Corral Restaurant..

An overflow crowd brought toys and more toys until all the tables were completely laden and overflowing. Thanks, guys and gals, you have made yet another Christmas very meaningful and added special blessings to one and all.

Pastor Nix brought us a very timely message for our Christmas program. He brought his own two little angels, Rebecca, age 9, and Rachel, age 6, and together they brought the Christmas Story in word and song.

And yes, the little "angels" did considerable damage to the ice cream bar…they went back, and back, and back again. However, they were just following the example of some of our Lunch Bunch guys…No names, but Don Cooper resembled one of them.

In addition to M/Sgt Reeder, U.S. Marine Corps, we also had a newcomer, Charlene Hemphill, guest of Jim Moore. Welcome! And Hurry Back!.

So many on hand, it’s hard to name them all...Steve Clevenger was here today, with his lovely daughter, Julie. And Leonard and Jane Howard were with us also…It was Jane’s first meeting since her stay at Mayo Clinic…good to see her again, and looking so well, too!

Need to report that Joe and Barbara Wilson of Oilton are still a bit under the weather…each has taken turn about going to the hospital recently.

Get well heah!!

Our deepest sympathies to Gerry Gerondale in the recent loss of his beloved wife, Dee. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Gerry! As you know, Gerry and Dee have owned their GMC since they purchased it new in 1976.

We must not forget to give thanks to our wonderful decorators for their outstanding Christmas theme and table decorations…Bernie and Renee Baldwin along with Ron and Sharon Eimen and Bill and Bobbie Bramlett…thanks mucho…and the gorgeous Christmas tree furnished by the Restaurant…along with the red poinsettias and GMC wheel covers, Christmas candles, ribbons, and festive table ornaments that Sharon and the Baldwins brought…

Others on hand included Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bill Brunson, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Chet Simpson, Clyde and Nora Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Jim Trimble, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Claude and Sally Ferris, and Doc Parsons, just to name a few…

Both Joe Henderson and Clint Davis were still a little under the weather…we missed you…hope to see you next month…Justin Hill just returned yesterday from a mission trip to India and stayed home just resting up a bit…

Oh yes, the food…how could we forget!! We ate before the lunch prayer, during the lunch prayer and after the lunch prayer…now, before you wonder what we mean…well, when you come next time, you will know…ha…just kidding, Claude…we appreciate you so much!

Everything was so….humdinger good…especially the catfish and the ice cream…and also everything in between…and Julie, our waitress, did her usual superb job of keeping coffee cups and ice tea glasses full, and dirty dishes cleared away. Thank you, Julie.

And now, from all of us, to all of you

Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year!.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

November 5, 2004



No sooner than we started gathering Friday in the big lunch room at the Golden Corral, than these words rang out from Renee Baldwin…


Now, mind you, these words came from a gal, who, along with hubbie, Bernie, and daughter, Minda, were making their very FIRST trip in their GMC, and doing it solo all the way to Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival, or so they thought!! The Baldwin family left Bartlesville, OK Sat AM, Oct 2, and headed west, hoping to catch the rest of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch before we got to Albuquerque. (Remember, we left Tulsa on Friday, Oct 1).

By the time they reached OK City, although the engine was running seemingly normal, every time they slowed down or stopped, that nasty green stuff started flowing out from the radiator cap overflow…and so, while pulled over in OK City, debating on whether to go on or turn back, their guardian angels, Ken and Elaine Burton, along with Blaine and Diane Merrill, all from Indiana, pulled up along side, placed Bernie and his flock in between, and shepherded them all the way to Albuquerque, even after joining up with us in Santa Rosa, NM. And now, you know the rest of the story…and believe it or not, the Baldwins are ready to go again.

And the fantastic plus is…the Baldwins made some great, great new GMC friends, as did we all!!!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, as Roy Rogers would say, it was time to plan for December and our Annual TOYS FOR TOTS Christmas meeting here at the Golden Corral Restaurant! Plans for decorations were made, restaurant management approval was gotten, the Marines promised to be there…so what’s left???

Why, YOU, of course…You need to be there, bringing plenty of unwrapped toys, and be prepared to treat yourself to the joy of giving!!

Each year we have participated has been such blessings that we cannot wait until the next time!! Oh yes, the food ain’t too shabby, either!!!

By the way, should there be ANY circumstances that you cannot be there, we will have a HUGE box out in front for you to drop off your UNWRAPPED toys for the Marines to distribute for you. Right now, we can’t imagine any reason why you can’t be there…so there, too!! By the way, this meeting just prior to Christmas has always been our largest attendance meeting… so, we will expect you there, the first Friday, December 3, 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral, and bring lots of goodies...some to give away, and maybe some to eat!!

Meanwhile, at the luncheon last Friday, it was just plain enjoyable to tell about the fun things at the Balloon Festival, the good food, the good times, and last, but not least, the forming of new friendships with those guys and gals we had heard about, read about, and finally got to place faces with names or vice versa…whatever!! Believe it or not, we had THIRTEEN families from the Lunch Bunch represented at the Balloon Festival…and memories were made that will be treasured truly down "memory lane"….

Some of the guys and gals on hand Friday were Andy Flynn, Steve Clevenger, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Glyn and Melrose Trimble with guest Aaron Bedingfield, Monte and Helen Jestes, Renee Baldwin and daughter, Minda, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Don Cooper, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bill Rowland, Chet Simpson, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Doc Parsons, first timers Frank McMillen and David Stevens and we must not forget our favorite waitress, Julie!!!

We received a report from Leonard Howard that wife, Jane, is recovering nicely from her visit to the Mayo Clinic…Claude Farris was doing his special calling…ministering to the sick and wounded veterans at the VA Hospital in Muskogee…received a report that Curt White was a little under the weather…our prayers are with you, Curt…hope you feel much better…real soon…

To sum it all up, last Friday was another great time of fellowship, tall tales, and a few gracious lies…a bunch of coaches were in the shop being rejuvenated for the next trip…and we look forward to seeing you Friday, Dec 3, at the Corral…


The Marines will be on hand to take them and make certain that when Christmas comes, they will be given to worthy youngsters, including those who may be less fortunate that we.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


October 1, 2004


After weeks of anticipation, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch (Okie GMC Classics) excitedly gathered at the Golden Corral for their regular October luncheon in preparation for departure for the Western States Balloon Festival Rally Oct 5-10 in Albuquerque, New Mexico…

Never mind that we had NEVER traveled anywhere together, and for sure had never been in a caravan together to go anywhere, let alone a 4 day trip to beautiful Albuquerque.

The guys and gals began gathering about 10:30 AM Friday morning, Oct 1, with gear all packed, tow cars hooked up, and appetites somewhat topsy turvey with butterflies a-floating.

Some had already gone on ahead…Monte and Helen Jestes, along with Bob and Marilyn Musgrove left Wednesday, two days ahead of the rest of us…to do a little sightseeing before joining us in Albuquerque. Bill and Bobbie Bramlett left Thursday to do some visiting with life long friends along the way. Joe Travis left early Friday AM by air to pick up his GMC undergoing surgery in Albuquerque. And Ken and Doree Broostin "Tweety Bird" left early Friday morning to buy out the Bass Pro Shop in OK City before joining us at Wal-Mart Friday night.

On hand and ready to go were Claude and Sally Farris, Clint and Beverly Davis, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Ron and Sharon Eimen and Glyn and Melrose Trimble…

On hand also, were Jim and Betty Haynes, along with Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin, both of whom were planning to leave on Saturday and joining up with us later in Amarillo or Santa Rosa…plus they wanted to see us off as well as not to miss their regular luncheon with all the gang. (Sort of suspect they also wanted to see what we were doing wrong so they wouldn’t make the same mistake…ha)..

Other regulars on hand were Andy Flynn, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, and Fred and Peggy Pitezel. Joining us for the first time was Don and Cherrie Arrowwood of Claremore…We sorely missed Leonard and Jane Howard who left early Friday morning for the Mayo Clinic for Jane to undergo more testing for her illness. Our thoughts and prayers go with you, Jane.

And so, after a travel prayer by Chaplain Farris, we left the Golden Corral parking lot, about 2:30 PM, all paired up, CB’s and intercoms wide open, and for sure….really wide eyed and bushy tailed…

Glyn took the lead, followed by Ron and Claude, with Clint and Bill bringing up the rear. We followed Hiway 169 South, picked up the Creek Turnpike, then west on I-44 to OK City, then followed the Kilpatrick Pike round OK City to I-40, which exited 2 miles from Exit 136 and Wal-Mart, our evening destination and campground for the night.

Ron and Claude kept the CB’s well in use, with Claude making certain everybody’s CB was working and Ron stayed tuned into the trucker’s channel, just to hear what was going on…Oh yes, most exciting happening of trip so far: Clint Davis ran out of quarters for the pike toll gates…thought he might have to leave Beverly for a deposit…

We had a pleasant surprise awaiting us in OK City…Ken and Elaine Henderson, Dixlelanders, of Americus, GA were already on hand to greet us. They quickly became one of us as well as a group favorite. Although Ken had only a 23 ft GMC. he came supplied with more tools and parts than Cinnabar…or so it seemed!! And shortly afterwards, Ken "Tweety Bird" and Doree Broostin checked aboard and refused to say how much he spent at Bass Pro Shop…he did smile, tho!!

And, just for the record, Wal-Mart had graciously consented for our parking there overnight…and in return we spent a ton of money there, both at the gas station and inside the store as well…

And so, we snuggled down, like ducks in a row, all cuddled up, safe and secure from Day One of our caravan adventure!!

Saturday morning the early birds got up and went walking and that sort of thing...whatever people do when they get up early…ugh!! Oh yeah, when we turned in Friday night, we were all in a row. Sat AM Tweety Bird, who was at the end, had moved his coach across the way…apparently Clint, who was parked next to him, snored too loud or something like that…Nobody would say for sure…

Justin Hill, Lunch Bunch guy and Classic member, came out to greet us and wish us well…He and Lorren White were planning on leaving Sunday AM and would join up with us in Santa Rosa, NM. (And they did, too…leaving around 5 AM Sunday)…

After our morning travel prayer, we "saddled up and headed out" toward Amarillo on I-40…Glyn led the way, followed by Ron and Ken, Claude and Bill, with Clint and Tweety Bird bringing up the rear. Again, we traveled as much as possible in pairs, with each coach watching out for his buddy…good way to travel…

Just before noon we stopped at Love’s Country Store in Elk City, OK (Exit 41) for a bite of lunch, refuel as needed and take a bit of a rest. Along with the truckers, we sort of filled up the parking lot…so much so, we spilled over into the lot next door!

After lunch it was off to the races…so far we had really done a good job of staying together as partners, communicating back and forth, and also keeping the traveling truckers’ curiosity satisfied. More than one was just a wee bit jealous…and we stayed spaced apart so that no one had difficulty getting around when needed...

Break time mid-afternoon was at Groom, TX at Exit 112 at the magnificent Cross, stretching far up into the heavens, with numerous sculptures surrounding the Cross. A restful respite as well as inspirational. Lots of pictures taken here!!

From there it was on to Amarillo, and our destination for the night, the Amarillo Overnite RV Park, Exit 75…Boy, do those folks do it up right!! As we pulled in (just before 5 PM) our guide was waiting for us and he directed us into our sites, like horses being placed in racing stalls…turns out they had marked off a whole long row just for the GMC Classics…Full hookups, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and gracious hosts…what more could you ask. And more yet to come!!

Joining us in Amarillo were Bob and Beverly McLaughlin of Arlington as well as Jim and Betty Haynes from the Lunch Bunch. Now we are really beginning to have a caravan full of GMC’s…

Next, a real special treat was in store for all of us (well, almost)…The Campground Host arranged for two limousines to come and pick us up at 6 PM and take us to the Big Texan Restaurant for dinner, then return us back to the campground. Not only did we ride in style but the steak dinner was superb!! Oh, forgot to mention, one guy, name of Ron, came out of his coach about 6:15 PM, looked around, found NO BODY, and realized the limo had not waited for him…Anyway, he caught up with us and he managed to get a good meal as well as a few "raspberries" for dessert. Thus ended Day Two!! (It says here in little fine print).

Do want to mention that your first hour or so in the campground is an unusual one…The municipal airport and local Air Force Base are both adjacent to the campground. After a few near overhead misses, you realize that the planes are really not going to land on top of you and the campground is really not the runway…we did keep an eye and ear open for possible rapid machine gun fire…

Day Three: Rise, Shine and Go Forth…

Sunday morning came way too soon. Crawling out from the blankets and covers, we discovered that the sun was coming up on the wrong side of the coach. You can tell right away that the day was going backwards before we even got up…

Chaplain Col. Claude Farris (a retired Air Force Chaplain) brought a brief Sunday morning service for us prior to departure. We do appreciate Claude so much…he is always willing to contribute his services and his messages always seems to be just what we need.

Time to head out and so we did, nine coaches in line and still paired up, with Glyn leading. We were beginning to gain a lot of confidence now, with a day and half of traveling together. The camaraderie was forming and half-truths and fiction were flowing over the CB’s like water over the dam…

Break time, lunch time at Tucumcari, NM…we filled up the lot at McDonalds and everybody scattered. One of the truckers gave us a case of freshly picked cantelope…it must have been payola so we wouldn’t block him in…after all, nine coaches do sort of cover up a lot of ground!!

From there it was on to Santa Rosa and a rendevoux with the rest of the Classics. Most were already there so we just added to the confusion…

Shortly after arriving, the Baldwins came in, accompanied by Ken and Laurie Burton and Blaine and Diane Merrell of Indiana, who had chaperoned Bernie and Renee’ all the way from Tulsa.

Forgot to mention, that Lorren White and Justin Hill did catch up with us right out of Tucumcari and caravanned the rest of the route to Santa Rosa with us.

Right after we all got settled in, a whopper of a rain and hail storm moved in and, for most, it was a real eye and ear poppin’ time. Luckily, it apparently did not damage our coaches…it did, however, knock out Cable TV, just at a crucial time in the Denver Bronco game. Oh well!!!!

Monday, Oct 4, The BIG Day

Around 9 AM, we all lined up out on the roadway, with Billy Massey in the lead, and Glyn bringing up the rear and 30 plus coaches headed out to Albuquerque and the Western States Balloon Festival Rally.

Everything was going smooth as silk, no problems, people were impressed, chatter and phones were buzzing…and THEN, 13 miles out of Cline’s Corner, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch Classic leader ran out of gas! …now you would think that he would have known to check his gas gauge better than that…after all, he had only owned a GMC motorhome since 1973…but fellow travelers Ron Eimen and Claude Farris bailed him out. Brought him 10 gal of gas and got him on his way.

And he now has a special "trophy" gas can to prove it…It will be on exhibit at the next Lunch Bunch luncheon…that’s for sure!!

The next few days went by in a blurrr…seminars, lots of food, displays, admiring all the various coach modifications and doo dadds…and certainly not least, visiting the Balloon Festival and oohing and aahing over those fabulous creations. Pictures do not do them justice, so you do your best to walk among them, and put lifetime memories in your heart.

(And, just for the record, no one ate more than one of those breakfast burritos…oh me oh my)…Thanks, Al, for everything…

Friendships were renewed, names placed with faces, and many, many new GMC friendships were born. What a wonderful group!!

Soon the Rally was over, and we slowly started drifting homeward, one by one until all had reached Tulsa safely. Thank you, Lord, for a fabulous time and safe journey…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P.S. First question…when do we do it again?

P.S.#2 See you at the November Lunch Bunch meeting Friday, November 5th.

September 3, 2004



Last Friday, September 3, 2004, 40 GMC guys and gals, plus a whole bunch of beautiful GMC’s, gathered at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Tulsa to celebrate 5 great years of fun and fellowship together!

The weather was perfect, the food was great, and GMC coaches were lined up from one end of the parking lot to the other! Clint and Beverly Davis brought their "brand new" GMC Clasco coach which they recently purchased from Olin and Donna Boyer. Glyn and Melrose Trimble brought their 76 Glenbrook, all loaded and ready to go to Branson later in the day. And so it went...first it was party time, then it was off in every games, lake side retreats, family reunions, you name it...we were all headed out, one way or the other!

And we managed to also sneak in a surprise birthday cake and song for our own Helen Jestes! She wouldn’t give her age but did confess it was a little bit more than the "29" that was hinted...So, Happy Birthday, Helen, and may you have many more!

It seems as though September 1999 was hardly more than a few days ago, but looking back in retrospect, we have had a total of 60 food and fellowship times, with all but one was held at the Golden Corral Restaurant. The one exception was our July 4 picnic at Jones Riverside Airport where we parked along side the runway, cooked hamburgers, ate watermelon, and enjoyed the tremendous air show (for our benefit, of course) of planes arriving and departing right in front of us.

And who can forget the wonderful, warm memories of our past two years of participating in the US Marine TOYS FOR TOTS program. Such unselfish giving of our guys and gals, plus patrons and restaurant staff personnel, never fail to remind us how fortunate we are and also remind us of our spiritual heritage and foundation! And, of course, this December we will be doing our part again....

We would be remiss not to mention those of our fellowship who have come among us, shared with us, loved us and now have gone on home to be with our Lord in heaven. We love you, remember you, and miss you!

Sharing this exuberant and joyful celebration time were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Steve Clevenger, Jim Haynes, Doc Parsons, Clyde Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Jim Trimble, Claude and Sally Farris, Justin Hill, Lorren and Bess White, Jim Moore, and Don Cooper, just to name a few.

Might mention that Don did a no-no...well, almost...Seems as though Don’s GMC is scattered all around his garage he drove up in his beautiful 33’’s almost 20 years old, only has about 18,000 miles on it, and looks like it came off the show room floor yesterday...but, he DID have a GMC cover logo on the towing hitch...picture, we did the only honorable thing we could under the circumstance...shamed him, then forgave him...this time..ha!!

Also present and accounted for were Andy and Jondine Flynn, Cal Calicoat, Leonard and Jane Howard, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Shirley Pense, Chet Simpson, plus Bill and Darlene Rowland...Dottie Lawrence also came by for a short visit...

Next month is going a be a first for us...and a real adventure at that...After the October 1 luncheon, quite a few of us, at least eight families, are leaving to caravan together out to the Western States Balloon Festival October 5-10 in Albuquerque, NM...In addition, four other families are leaving early and will be joining us in Albuquerque...two more families are planning to join us enroute...looks like the Tulsa Lunch Bunch will be well represented at the Rally!!

And we would like nothing greater than to have you join us for lunch on October 1 and help give us a big fireworks, please..we are already excited enough...take care and see ya’...

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch,              5 Yrs Old and Counting...

P.S. We were excited this week to hear from a lady in Germany. She apparently reads about our exploits and foibles on the GMC Classic, guys, gals, beware...eyes and ears are watching you...from around the world...maybe we should call ourselves...Tulsa Lunch Bunch International...ha...til next month!

August 6, 2004



Can you believe it? Here it is, Friday, August 6, 2004 in Tulsa, OK and the temperature is not yet 80 degrees at lunch time!! Not a generator running, doors all open wide and everybody standing round yakking up a good time!!

Looking up and down, back and forth, whatever...all across the back of the Golden Corral parking lot you could see nothing but beautiful GMC ladies all lined up, gussied up, and ready for inspection!

We had the usual passers lady wanted to know if she could buy one, and another couple could not comprehend the fact we were not going anywhere except for today’s lunch!! AHH..such is the life of the GMC nobility...ha..

We were set up to eat at 11:30 but the weather was so nice it was after 12:00 before all finally straggled in...Julie, our adorable waitress, kept trying to shoo us to our seats, but, somehow, we didn’t want to ....we did have a few that came in on time..later we found out why...they ate at 11:30, again at 12:00 and, you guessed names, please...our favorite GMC Chaplain, Claude Farris, was very gracious...he asked the blessing for what we were about to what we had already partaken!!

First timers were scattered all around...Clint and Beverly Davis brought Clint’s "younger" brother, Bud...Chet Simpson brought an old friend, Jim Lieberman...and Irv and Shirley Pense brought their precious little 3 yr old granddaughter, Addie Pense.

Might add Addie was a little camera shy but she captured our hearts anyway!!

We were glad to see Claude and Sally Farris back from Nevada...their son holds a pastorate in Reno, NV and they always enjoy visiting him and their 6 year old grandson!! Welcome back...

Joining the festivities were Bernie and Renee Baldwin, along with daughter, Minda...Ken "Tweety Bird" Broostin from Claremore came along...left Mama home working...Don Cooper came over...looking for some FREE Oklahoma University football tickets for this fall...Irv Pense had a couple of extra tickets for one of the games but he SOLD them to Ron and Sharon Eimen...tough luck, Don...keep trying...

(P.S. For those of you who do not live close by...Oklahoma University has a 10,000 plus waiting list for season football tickets).

Jim and Betty Haynes were on hand also..they have such a beautiful coach...Andy Flynn joined us today...wants to buy another GMC...Andy, you shouldn’t have sold that last one you had...

Jim Fowler from Broken Arrow was with us..first time in long time..his schedule has been such he could not attend...glad to have you, Jim...Clyde and Nora (Peanut Brittle) Jones came along, minus their daughter and son-in-law, Peggy and Fred Pitezel. Seems as though Fred was taken ill a couple of days before...get well soon, Fred...We missed you!

Bill and Darlene Rowland were also on hand...Bill is feeling much better now...he has been under the weather for past few weeks...Glyn and Melrose Trimble were present along with Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, who brought their gorgeous coach...if you recall, their coach is currently being featured on the GMC Classic website cover...

Ron and Terry Whisenhunt were also on hand, giving us a grand total of 33 GMC guys and gals. Plans are still ongoing for our caravan to Albuquerque in October plus a few are going to Branson in September with the GMC Flatlanders!!

Next month is our 5th Anniversary of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch...we will be meeting at the Golden Corral at 71st and, plan on joining us for the celebration...we might have a surprise or two...

See ya!!
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

July 4, 2004



Well, counting those already at the lake, those going to the lake and those Lunch Bunch guys and gals actually at Friday’s lunch, we had a great crowd!!

Seriously, sort of, we had 26 Lunch Bunch guys and gals on hand, plus 2 pets and our very special "regular" waitress, Julie, who always waits on us.

We always have such a good time, eating, visiting, and generally talkin’ up a storm, that we tend sometimes to forget some of those who make it all possible for us to enjoy our time there at the Corral.

We would like to take time out to tell you about our "Julie"...for months and more months she has waited hand and foot on us...making sure our drinks were always full, our plates removed when empty, bringing coffee for "after lunch" get the picture...Not only is she "Julie" our waitress, she is also "Julie" our friend and really our "Girl Friday"...

Our Julie

She also sets up our tables for us so that we can all sit together...she brings extra plates...she always asks about some of our regulars when they are absent...about the only thing we haven’t been able to do is to get her to go out and go through one of our GMC ladies...we keep tryin’, tho!!

So, Julie, we salute you and say "Thanks" for doing your job so well that sometimes we tend to take you for granted...(we have enclosed a picture of her so you will know her, too)!!

The weather was so nice that, as mentioned earlier, a bunch of the group had already taken off for weekend adventures at the lake...quite a few others were leaving right after lunchtime for lakeside hideaways...and the rest were headed back home to enjoy the 4th with family and friends.

Upcoming rallies were being coordinated, including the Classic Rally later this month as well as the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque coming up in October. Four families are leaving early for the Balloon Festival, six families are planning on traveling together, and two families are going to join up enroute...(we drew up a draft trip plan but that’s already been for a second try...ha)...

Next month promises to be an exciting time...we hope...bring your GMC plus a good appetite...and we will have another story or two to share...woops, almost forgot...remember the story a few months back about the GMC motor oil being dumped into the floor of a certain guy’s "brand new SUV"...WELL, would you believe...HE has traded that SUV off for another one and has definitely promised his wife he will not carry any more oil on the floor...period!!! Know what, Ron...some of us don’t believe you! (Ha)!!!

Anyway, see you next month...
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

June 4, 2004



Glory Be! That’s what dear old Grandma would have said today when she saw all the commotion going on with the Tulsa Lunch Bunch today!

First of all, Glyn and Melrose Trimble arrive in their far, so good. Next, Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin, along with daughter, Minda, arrive in their SUV...woops, not so good! Then Jim and Betty Haynes drive up in a BRIGHT RED Corvette with a roaring turbo noise that shakes the ground...No, no, are at the wrong meeting...I think!!

Jim Trimble comes driving up in his GMC...and, we might add, the very first time he’s had it ready to go...anyway, back to normal, we hope!

Not for comes Chet Simpson whipping around the corner, a mile a minute, in a would-be-Harley...his 8 cylinder, out of this world, Honda motorcycle...well, sounded like 8 cylinders anyway!

Ron and Sharon Eimen restore a bit of reason with their beautiful GMC BUT then Doc Parsons messes things up when he comes up in a very, very vintage 1939 Buick Sedan...what a beauty!

We did have another GMC or two...Bill and Darlene Rowland brought their gorgeous two tone lady, and sporting their brand new GMC Classic name tags on top of that.....a number of regulars were gone...Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were in Colorado...again...Ken Broostin took "Tweety Bird " and went fishing in Minnesota...Irv Pense was just gone!! Oh yes, Andy Flynn played "Hooky"...

But, the good news...Curt and Hazel White, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Claude and Sally Farris, Fred and Peggy Pitezel along with in laws, Clyde and Nora Jones...all were here today.

So were Steve Clevenger and his lovely daughter, Julia, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Clint and Bev Davis, Ron Whisenhunt, and Don Cooper. We had three special guests today, Jim Moore, Dale Wallace and Buford Clements...all total, 38 guys and gals on hand today...

Now that the excitement of the Classic Rally in Grove is over, the talk turned to summer rallies and, of course, the BALLOON Rally in Albuquerque in October. As of today, 12 Lunch Bunch Classic families are planning a huge caravan for a memorable trip and rally in Albuquerque!!

Tentative plans call for Friday Oct 1 pm departure from Tulsa for an overnight stay in Oklahoma City, pick up guys and gals from there, leave Ok City Sat AM and drive to Amarillo, TX....Camping overnight there, next a Sunday trip to Santa Rosa and joining up with the Classic family coming via the southern route. Can’t you just imagine a huge, huge convoy of GMC’S traveling westward on I-40 toward Albuquerque...Billy Massey, looks like we will need a police escort when we arrive...ha!!

Folks, get your cameras and VCR’s looks like a fun trip and one to remember for a lifetime...and for those who have never attended the Balloon are in for a treat...we took over 300 pics last time at the Western States GMC Balloon Rally...

Time to sign off now...don’t know what time the luncheon broke up today...guys and gals were still talking long after the waitress cleaned up the tables...may have been a hint but it didn’t work...

Next month, join us...and see who drives up in what...ha...
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

May 7, 2004



Our May Tulsa Lunch Bunch gang came draggin’ in today...between the rallies several attended last week and the ‘sick’ bug floating around, well, it could have been better...but not much...

All attendees at both the Dixielander Rally and the Classic Rally agreed that they had a wonderful time...talked too much, played too much, and most of all, ate too much. Bill and Bobbie Bramlett along with Claude and Sally Farris, reported that the Dixielander rally was one of the best! And certainly the Classic Rally at Grove turned into a rally to remember!

Lorren White   and   Justin Hill

Justin Hill, together with Lorren White, put on quite a show as hosts. You don’t really realize just how multi-talented they are until you see Lorren out on the dance floor Saturday night, dressed in those sharp toed cowboy boots, hugger jeans, plaid western shirt and HUGE Stetson hat...and cuttin’ the rug to the tunes of "San Antonio Rose" and "Faded Love"....

Also attending the Classic Rally were Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Clint and Beverly Davis, MO, Helen and Karen Lewis, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bill and Darlene Rowland at least but not least, Monte and Helen Jestes (the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers duo of Western Swing)...

We had a couple of first timers with us today...Curt and Hazel White...they recently purchased a GMC Royale...and like everybody else the first time around...they spent their time this afternoon coach hopping looking for ideas and seeing what changes they would like to make! Join the crowd, folks...don’t look now, but that’s a "forever" job...

Also contributing to the festive occasion today were Andy Flynn, Ken Broostin, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Bill Brunson, Steve Clevenger, Leonard and Jane Howard and Jim and Betty Haynes, (Jim and Glyn found out today they might be related though their Stubblefield cousin line...think it upset both of ‘em...ha)...

Jerry Gerondo was on hand today, also. If you recall, he’s the proud GMC owner who has owned his coach since new in 1976. Boy, doesn’t that make you "green" with envy...or, on the other hand, just remember he’s had a lot more time to spend a few "green" dollars on that ole’ gal, so there.....

Plans were tentatively made and discussed about attending the Western States Balloon Rally in October...looks like quite a few will be going. Turns out that Cecil and Glyn have both spent military tours of duty they will be surprised at the changes in Albuquerque after all these years ! Melrose said she would like to go up for a balloon ride but only if it’s tethered to the ground...our kind of gal!!

Just learned that Bill and Darlene Rowland are still a bit under the weather from last week’s rally...our prayers are with you both...get well soon!!

We were missing a few regulars today...Don Cooper, (Played hooky and got caught) Clyde and Nora Jones, (Gone to "Blue Grass" in MO) Clint and Beverly Davis, (?) Monte and Helen Jestes (they are helping to host the Pawnee Steam Engine Festival) ...along with Jim Trimble, who is still recuperating from a recent illness...

Anyway, a great time today...and we look forward to next month...and especially having YOU with us...
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

April 2, 2004



The April meeting of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch and their GMC beauties started early Friday morning... and by lunch time they were scattered all up and down the Golden Corral parking lot and almost spilling over into the next one!!

Bob and Marilyn Musgrove brought their brand spankin’ newly painted GMC...and it’s a real WOW...not only that, they brought their painting crew with them. Needless to say, the painters not only enjoyed seeing all the other beautiful coaches but they were treated to a free meal, too!!

Claude and Sally Farris brought their newly refurbished GMC lady and the "oohs and aahs" were the order of the day!! By the way, they have a very good arrangement with their coach...Sally thinks up the ideas, Claude then does them and pays for them, too! The other gals think that it’s an excellent way to go...or as some would say...the only way!!!

We were treated to a special feature today...Gerry Gerondale came today for the very first time...he lives here in Tulsa and has owned his 1976 Glenbrook GMC since, can you believe, 1976? He and his wife, Dee are the original and continuous owners of their GMC. To the best of our knowledge, they are the ONLY couple in the Tulsa Lunch Bunch area who can make that statement...WOWEE...Glyn and Melrose Trimble have had their 1976 GMC Glenbrook since 1977 but they are not the original owners...

Doc Parsons was with us again, driving that 1,300,000 mile GMC and was on his way to a car show! Joe Henderson was also towing his little racer and was headed to Oklahoma City for the races...

Ron and Sharon Eimen were back from GMC International in Las Vegas...folks, that fellow sitting in back of that BIG BLACK LONG LIMOOOSINE and driving up and down the rows of GMC’s at Vegas, with chauffeur and dark glasses, was none other than our own Ron Eimen...just living up to his usual reputation of being...well...just being big ole’ lovable Ron!!!

Don Cooper played hookey and went crappie fishing...Bill and Darlene Rowland just played hookey...Jim Trimble was home in bed with the you know what...oh yes, the Baldwins skipped out...went to a school function with their daughter...can you imagine that??? Over a GMC could you?

Justin Hill and Lorren White from OK City were on hand, recruiting last minute assistance for the upcoming GMC Classic Rally in Grove on April 29, 30 and May 1...thanks to all of you who so graciously jumped in and will see them in Grove!!

Forgot to mention that Clyde and Nora Jones were on hand today and Clyde brought along some of his artistic woodcraft...wooden cut outs of the GMC ...several were purchased right on the spot!!

Cecil and Sonnie Martin were also right in the big middle of things was good to see Sonnie...we have missed her big smile and cheery hello...Jim and Betty Haynes were chowing down, today, too...they are two of our most consistent attendees..don’t think Betty likes Jim’s cooking too well..ha...Clint and Bev Davis held down their usual spot at the lunch bar...

Fred and Peggy Pitezel were doing their share of smilin’, eatin’ and talkin’ at the same well as Chet Simpson, Ron Whisenhunt, Steve Clevenger, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, and last but not least, Don Curtis. Oh yes, we must not forget first timers Hazel White (Mrs. Curt) and son Chuck. Curt and Hazel just recently purchased their GMC and thought they were about the only ones in the Tulsa area who owned a GMC...well, we fooled ‘em for sure!!

And lastly, would you pause with us just a moment to remember one of our original Tulsa Lunch Bunch guys..John Wells, who was also a member of the GMC Classics, passed away a couple of weeks ago...He was a retired Firefighter, and a very dear man and friend to all of us. Our deepest sympathies to Delphine and the rest of the family!!

Attendance today was 35 or 37, depending upon who did the counting...camaraderie was the best and the locals who circled the wagons with their mouths and eyes wide open were ‘bunches’...

Until next month..
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

March 5, 2004



The rains finally stopped and the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, pioneers that they are, literally crawled out of the rain-soaked woodwork and climbed up over the downed trees, waded the swollen creeks, and swam the rest of the way...

Shux, in other words, folks, the rain, about 5 inches worth, finally quit, the guys and gals jumped into their GMC’s and came on down for lunch...and a loud and noisy time was had by all!!

Rally schedules and topics were the main order of the day...the upcoming GMC International rally in Las Vegas, the FMCA rally in nearby Claremore and the GMC Classic rally in Grove next month!! Also, no one was forgetting the big GMC Western States Balloon Festival rally in Albuquerque in October, either!!

We had a very special newcomer joining us today. "Doc" Parsons, a quiet, soft-spoken gentleman who just happens to live here in Tulsa, has owned his GMC since 1982 but had NEVER heard of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch until last Tuesday! We quickly forgave him, tho it wasn’t easy..ha!

Doc has an usual avocation...he races cars for a living...and races all over the United States! Doc is on his 3rd engine, and has over 1,300,000 miles on his GMC...and all the while, pulling an 11,000 lb trailer (it holds the racer, plus lots of parts)...whoa, Nellie...did you say, 1,300,000 miles?? That’s more miles that a whole bunch of us combined!!!

Seems that Doc does ALL his own maintenance and that sure got the fellows’ attention! And that included the removal of the engine out the top with his own special mechanical arms and slides!! For those of us who have difficulty finding where to fill the propane and gas tanks, well, we were impressed!!

Joining in the fun today, in addition to Doc, were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Claude and Sally Farris, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Dean and Neva Sears, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Don Cooper, Jim and Betty Haynes, Ken (Tweetie Bird) Broostin, Cal Callicoat, Bill Brunson, Don Curtis, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Irv and Shirley Pense, Clyde and Nora (Peanut Brittle) Jones, Chet Simpson, and last but certainly not least, Bill and Darlene Rowland...a grand total of 33 guys and gals!!!

Several of our regulars were missing...Steve Clevenger was out of town, Clint and Beverly Davis’ daughter was having eye surgery...Ron Whisenhunt was "umpiring" a soft ball tournament...Andy Flynn was just AWOL, etc..guys, gals, we missed you!! Oh yes, Jerry Rhea and Leonard Howard both had to work...ugh!!

Next month will be time to get serious about summer join us to find out what we are going to be doing...we don’t even know yet!!

Til’ next month
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

February 6, 2004


Surprises come in all sizes and shapes but none came with a bigger surprise that awaited Clint Davis last week. Seems as though Clint called into the VA to made an appointment for his physical. No can do, they are DEAD...after that shock wore off, he called to renew his prescription, assuming of course, that the VA would pass the word around that Clint was indeed alive and well...Again, those familiar words...No can are DEAD...(just try getting a check cashed under those circumstances...ha)

Well, you know the rest of the story...word finally did indeed get out but to all the wrong people!! Other than being accused of perjury and a few other "minor" details, Clint is now back among the living and we were happy to see him Friday at the February luncheon. He didn’t drive the GMC, though...not even sure he has a valid driver’s license yet...

Despite the wintery (below freezing) temp last Friday, 30 hardy souls braved their way to the Golden Corral for lunch. In fact, some were so hungry they jumped into the line early!!

No names, please, but they looked a lot like Clyde and Nora Jones (the peanut brittle lady) the way, we celebrated Clyde’s birthday Friday also...daughter Peggy Pitezel said he was celebrating his 65th birthday for the umpteenth time...

Not only did we sing to him but the Golden Corral beauties came over and serenaded him that made him grin real big time!!

For your information and we know you are dying to know...Lunch Bunch guy Ron Eimen has just about gotten all the oil from his mega bucks SUV...(see last month, please)...and he’s ready to pass the baton on to someone else!!!

Happy to report that Bill and Bobbie Bramlett along with Claude and Sally Farris, made it back safe and sound from their extended Florida vacation...they took in two rallies...Ron and Sharon Eimen made only one rally...but they all arrived home just in time for the temp to reach 11 degrees the night they got back...obviously they brought the cold temp with them!!!

Bernie and Renee Baldwin brought their lovely daughter, Minda, with them...she skipped school to join us...she had a different version but we like ours better!! Andy and Jondine Flynn were also here today...he just sold his GMC Royale but he’s hot on the trail for another one...Go get ‘em tiger...

Chet Simpson was on hand today but, for some strange reason, didn’t drive the GMC or the Harley...(the GMC has no heat and the Harley...well!!).

Steve Clevenger, along with Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Jim and Betty Haynes, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, and Ron Whisenhunt also joined in the t(r)opical discussions of the day...and the food bar...

We were delighted to have first timers, Ed and Margaret Banning, of Ketchum, OK...Ed and Margaret are looking forward to owning a GMC and surprise, surprise, we didn’t scare them off...said they would be back next month...with their GMC...maybe...hope so...

That’s all the sad stories for today...we will save the others for another time...for example, Bernie bought another GMC but the title is tied up in probate...oh, fun, and more fun!!

See you next month at the Golden Corral
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

January 9, 2004


Last Friday, January 9, 2004 the Tulsa Lunch Bunch met at their usual gab and eat place, the Golden Corral, in Tulsa...from there it sort of...well,, it DID..go downhill in the proverbial basket...

Despite the biting, cold temperature, 23 Lunch Bunch guys and gals turned out to set the pace for the New Year...the temp was around 32 degrees with a wind chill factor about we evened out...23 degrees wind chill and 23 guys and gals on hand!!

To set us in the proper mood for the day, just before lunch we talked with Claude and Sally Farris along with Bill and Bobbie Bramlett...who just happened to be in Floriday and it just happened to be 76 degrees when they, if that won’t sour your disposition, nuttin’ will...

Well, we were sitting there...all pretty as you please...puttin’ the grub away by the shovel load...when our little guy with the black cloud brings us this story...which, by the way, is so unbelievable that it has to be true...

Seems as tho’ our guy, Ron Eimen, decides to drive over in his brand new MEGA-BUCKS SUV and change the oil in his NEWLY PAINTED GMC Lady...keep in mind that he’s doing this at the storage lot where the GMC is stored...and there ain’t no oil dump site for miles and miles..

Anyway, he gets down under the GMC, unplugs the oil drain and fills the pan up nearly to this pan has a curved, rounded bottom...after he pulls the pan from under the motorhome, it suddenly dawns on him...WHERE am I going to dump this? You know what’s coming, now!!!

He finds a not too firm a pad, and gently lays the pan of dirty motor oil from the coach down on the floor of the SUV and prepares to take it home and dump later...

He’s almost home, driving ever so gently, when BAM...a guy cuts in front and Ron slams on the brakes...and, using your imagination, you now know where all that motor oil is...he has about a 2 inch deep layer of dirty old motor oil resting ever so gently on the right front carpet of that BRAND NEW MEGA-BUCKS SUV...

Nothing to do but proceed on home as quickly as he pulls into his driveway, his next door friendly, helpful neighbor comes running over and says "Ron, you have a huge oil leak coming out the bottom of your SUV"...

We must add that about this time, all the guys and gals at the Lunch Bunch gathering are sitting with rapt attention...not knowing whether to laugh or cry...but it didn’t take long to decide...we sort of rolled in the aisles...

And now...Chapter 2, if you please!! After soaking up about three bundles of paper towels to get the oil (that didn’t drain out the bottom), Ron then took the SUV to the car wash...turning on the high powered soap and water dispenser, he tried to mix soap, water and oil in a sort of emulsifying project...hoping to do the impossible...instead, it blew little beads of soapy oil all over the van, on the dash, ceiling, sides and everywhere else you can think of...tune in next month for Chapter 3...

Now you know why we think Ron needs a NEW guardian angel...maybe one named "Clarence"...maybe...maybe not..

Oh yes, joining in the fun today were these guys and gals...Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Clint and Beverly Davis, Joe Henderson, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper (still hasn’t found his lost "coon" dog with the $500 collar, but that's another story), Don Curtis, Cecil Martin, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Andy Flynn, Jim and Betty Haynes, Monte and Helen Jestes, Chet Simpson, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, and last but not least, Bill and Darlene Rowland.

Now, don’t you agree...this is one beautiful way to start the New Year...join us next month for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch mechanical soap opera...

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch