The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 2, 2005


What a joyful time it was today…Lunch Bunch guys and gals bringing in whole bunches of new toys and the US Marines standing by to receive them. Without a doubt this was our most fun and blessed TOYS FOR TOTS luncheon ever!!!

Chaplain Claude Ferris brought the Christmas devotional program this year…bringing us both scripture and thoughts from his heart. Chaplain Ferris reminded us of the joy of giving, not only at this time and season, but as a way of life. Thank you, Claude.

Chaplin Ferris and the United States Marines

GMC Table Decorations

The near overflowing crowd began gathering early and lingered long after the luncheon was over. So many were present it doesn’t seem like anybody was absent. Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin (and a great big vote of thanks to Bernie for the table decorations. Those GMC hubcaps make tremendous table center pieces…see pics), Don Cooper, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Andy and Jondine Flynn and Jim and Betty Haynes were just a few of the many.

We missed Justin Hill, who is still at home recuperating, and Doree Broostin sent word that Ken “Tweety Bird” Broostin got home yesterday from surgery and was doing well. that’s a big “Praise” for both!!

Others we saw in the chow line (several times ) were Leonard and Jane Howard, Monte and Helen Jestes, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, as well as the peanut brittle lady, Nora Jones with hubbie Clyde. Nora brought her usual peanut brittle appetizers. oh boy oh boy!!! Oh yes, Monte reported he had sold one of the GMCs. Poor guy, he’s now down to only two GMCs.

After Dinner Gossip

You Do It This Way

Jim Moore brought his favorite beautiful guest, Charlene Hemphill. Bob and Marilyn Musgrove were on hand, with Bob dispensing out sound tech advice, as usual. Thank you, Bob.

Fred and Peggy Pitezel, along with Bill and Darlene Rowland, Chet Simpson, Art Moore, Doc Parsons, and John and Marjorie Troy all brought toys, too!!

A great big “Thank You” goes to Allen Goodwin, manager of the Golden Corral, who furnished us again this year a gorgeous Christmas tree, decked out with all the trimmins’.We stacked toys on both tables on either side of the tree till the tables were overflowing and then some.

Now to be serious for just a moment.For the wonderful friendships formed, the continuing camaraderie, the joy of fellowship, and the love thereof, we thank you, Lord.

And, last but not least, we count it a special blessing to have all of you for our friends. And now, let us celebrate together the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas to each of you.

Love and all the best,
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch



November 4, 2005


With the success of the Lunch Bunch October picnic still on their minds, a large contingent of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch descended upon Corsicana, TX for the Fall Rally of the GMC Classics. Led by their fearless guide dog, Grizzly, they arrived both by caravan and singly.

The Trimbles and the Musgroves left on Tuesday, Oct 26, going by way of Hugo, OK and their well known Frisco Museum for an overnight stay and visit. Folks, that is a must see…relics of bygone days of railroad glory and history…plus they have a brand new campground on the grounds with full hookups!! Add a little circus nostalgia (Hugo was winter headquarters for the circus for many, many years) and the little boy and girl in you comes tootin’ out in a hurry!!

The Bramletts, Baldwins, Jestes’, Davis’, Eimens, and last but not least, Grizzly, along with his entourage (the Broostins) arrived in time for the rally!! (For those who do not know, Grizzly is a young Airedale puppy, just short of the size of Paul Bunyan…he loves everybody and everything…dogs, cats, horses and yes, people, too)!!

Doree Broostin with Grizzly and
Linwood Arthur with Sue's Yorkie Puppy, Zoie

Anyhoo, a great time was had at the rally and Grizzly indeed held his own. After the rally was over, all came home except Grizzly, who came back by way of the Padre Islands!!

First Friday, Nov 4, rolled around real quick and it was Lunch Bunch Time again…all the rally attendees were on hand, along with other regulars, plus a few special guests!!

Surprising us with a visit were two of the North Texas Lunch Bunch guys, Charles Wersal and Boyd Mooney. Both were also at the Rally and all, of course, are members of the Classics. Welcome, guys, you made our November lunch really special!! Hopefully we can return the favor soon!

Visitors Charles Wersal and Boyd Mooney
Bob Musgrove conversing with visitors Charles Wersal and Boyd Mooney

By the way, both are “do it yourself” guys, so you can imagine we had all sorts of mini tech sessions going last Friday, between bites, in each and every corner of the dining room, plus the parking lot, along with sketches of “this and that” on a bunch of napkins!!

We were delighted to see Don and Chariety Arrowwood again…it’s been too long, folks…also that young and vivacious Terry Whisenhunt…she even came without Ron, believe it or not…

Claude and Sally Farris were on hand, along with Fred and Peggy Pitezel…Jim Haynes was eating alone today, (no Betty)…Bill and Darlene Rowland came along and Bill was doing the driving!!! That is a “praise” for sure…glad to see you doing so well, Bill!

John and Marjorie Troy drove down again from Parsons, KS, along with an invite to visit them soon in their part of the world…thank you John, believe we will, and soon, too!!

And, now, a serious moment if you please…next month, on First Friday, Dec 2, The Tulsa Lunch Bunch will be hosting their annual TOYS FOR TOTS luncheon here at the Golden Corral Restaurant, with the US Marines as special guests! We invite you to come, join us, and bring as many unwrapped, brand new toys for giving to those less fortunate. Not only will the children be blessed but you will reap far greater blessings!!

Several of the guys and gals will decorate the room for Christmas and Chaplain Claude Farris will be bringing our Christmas devotional.

It’s far and away our best luncheon of the year and it will be even better with you present!!

Til next month, our love

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


October 7, 2005


Take a beautiful fall day, sunshine everywhere, add a huge charcoal grill loaded with the delicious aroma of hamburgers sizzlin’. Place it all in a magnificent park setting, surrounded by tall sky driven trees and lots of beautiful GMCs.

Now you have a perfect way to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch. Yes, we have been meeting monthly for over six years and, believe it or not, the best is yet to come.

Conversations buzzin’ everywhere, hugs and more hugs all around, new friendships being formed, with coach hopping at it’s best.

Irv Pense, ably assisted by the best hamburger taster ever, Don Cooper, fired up the grill, and cooked til all had their fill. Other goodies were everywhere. Jane Howard and Shirley Pense brought heavenly potato salads, Marilyn Musgrove brought a broccoli salad that disappeared almost immediately, Darlene Rowland and Peggy Pitezel treated us to baked beans and more baked beans, Stan Turner and his girl friend, Sandy, kept us full to the brim with spicy deviled eggs. ymmm.

Jim and Betty Haynes brought enough lettuce, tomatoes and relish items to feed a small army. Thanks much. Marjorie Troy brought a fruit salad that she made from scratch. That didn’t last long either. And on it went.

The desserts were just two shades of being totally sinful but we ate ‘em anyway.

Becky Trimble’s brownies needed to be a lottery item. Doree Broostin’s gooey desserts were definitely against the law, and Sonnie Martin’s dessert had “low calorie” written all over it. yeah, yeah

And so many others pitched in, napkins, towels, cutlery, chips, soft drinks, and the clean up detail just appeared as if by magic. Thanks, guys and gals!!!

New owner Art Moore brought his daughter and granddaughter. Sharon Eimen brought hubby Ron. Renee’ Baldwin let Bernie come by himself. tsk, tsk, Renee, you shouldn’t have done it. We were delighted to have Ron Whisenhunt with us, if only for a short time. Ron just returned from SE Asia on a missionary tour and will be going back in a few months. Appreciate you, Ron!!

Later this month quite a few plan to attend the GMC Classic Rally in Corsicana, TX and plans were also made for our annual TOYS FOR TOTS program in December at the Golden Corral.

And, last but not least, our thoughts and prayers for a special Lunch Bunch guy, Justin Hill, as he undergoes cancer treatment. Love you, Justin!!!

Til next month,

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


September 2, 2005


Tulsa Lunch Bunch Six Years Old

Believe it or not, it was just a few short months ago that a group of GMC owners gathered together for lunch at the Golden Corral in Tulsa, OK. Only when you look back, those few short months have now become a magnificent six years…that means we have met every month...for six years…that’s 72 times…and now we start our seventh year…my oh my…

Folks, do you realize how many pies and cakes we have eaten? How many pounds of mashed potatoes? How many chicken drumsticks? How little broccoli? No wonder Weight Watchers has us on their mailing lists!!

Looking back over the years, a few of those early GMC’ers who first met in the month of Sep ’99…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Leonard and Jane Howard, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, and Chet Simpson… are still meeting with us. (TLB Photo Album)

Joining us over the years have been lots and lots of other GMC’ers…Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bill and Peggy Brunson, Steve Clevenger, Don Cooper, Clint and Beverly Davis, Claude and Sally Farris, Jim and Betty Haynes, Joe and Luci Henderson, Justin Hill, Monte and Helen Jestes, Clyde and Nora Jones…

Also, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Jim Moore, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Irv and Shirley Pense, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Bill and Darlene Rowland, John and Marjorie Troy, Lorren and Bess White…just to name a few. Some others have been recalled by the Lord and we will always remember them.

The stories (in polite circles we call them “whoppers”) we have heard, the adventures we have experienced, (riding in a GMC upon a flat bed truck, running out of gas in convoy, swallowing an apple core in a near accident, getting lost on a one way highway) …all of which have contributed to a camaraderie that truly befits owning a classic GMC Motorhome.

So many of us take our pets with us in the motorhome travels but one stands out big time…Ken (Tweety Bird) and Doree Broostin bring their Airedale puppy dog named “Grizzly”…that little feller is about the size of a small Shetland pony and doesn’t know a stranger…so, when you see him, be prepared to be greeted with lots of hugs and kisses, doggie style!!

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we will be having a picnic next month (Oct 7) at one of our local parks…Tulsa County Haikey Creek Park, located at 111th & Garnet, in Bixby (suburb of Tulsa) ...same time, around 11:00 AM, bring a covered dish, your appetite and, of course, your GMC.

Irv Pense will be doing the cooking honors and Glyn Trimble will be taking your reservation.

Until next month, remember you are special (cause you own a GMC) and we love you!!!

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch



August 5, 2005


From every direction they came, these dedicated Lunch Bunch GMCers, all 41 of them, along with a bunch of coaches, to share the good times of the summer. Bernie and Renee Baldwin, with daughter, Minda, had been to California and back, with their only casualty being the A/C that shut down in Colorado of all places. Andy and Jondine Flynn had a fantastic trip also to California and Texas and all points in between. No damage except to the pocketbook!!!

Ken and Doree Broostin, along with Bill and Darlene Rowland and their families, all enjoyed a trip up north to the big Air Show, with its many thousands of aircraft. Doc and Susy Parsons traveled to Canada, down to Florida and then back home, saying the GMC is the only way to go.

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Clint and Beverly Davis, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Claude and Sally Farris, along with Ron and Sharon Eimen all went to the GMC Classic Rally in Thackerville, OK. They survived the heat but lost in the nearby Indian establishment. Better luck next time, Ron!!! (He just won’t stay away from those penny slots … ha).

Newcomers today (and new owners also) were Art and Sharon Moore of Owasso, OK, along with their guest, Sharon Bacon. They are the proud two week owners of a 78 Royale,. and of course they showed lots of pictures of their new “baby”. Congratulations, Art and Sharon!!

Chet Simpson was on hand today, also, with guests Jerry Chapman and Dale Wallace. Jim Moore brought his friend, Charlene Hemphill, with him. Welcome, folks. Glad to have you!

Don Cooper made it out today and reports real progress on his restoration project of his GMC Landau, he’s moved it from the pasture to the barn. Way to go, Don!!

Jim and Betty Haynes were on hand today, with their always immaculate GMC. Justin Hill drove over from Oklahoma City to be with us. Cecil and Sonnie Martin held their own with all the other guys. Frank McMillen and David Stevens were present today, driving their beautiful little 23’ GMC Norris.
Frank has decided to sell it, however.

(Note: After seeing the For Sale sign in Frank’s coach, several of the “circle the wagon” locals wanted to know if all the coaches were for sale)!!!

Plans were drawn up for an overnight campground visit later this month along with serious stuff about the GMC International next month in Rapid City, SD. Quite a few are planning, at least according to the show of hands!!

With 41 on hand, our favorite waitress, Julie, kept herself real busy with refills and what not. Thank you, Julie. You are a doll!!

Until next month, take care. See ya’ down the road!!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



July 1, 2005



Remember the childhood nursery rhyme…these little piggies did this and these little piggies did that…well, that was the Tulsa Lunch Bunch for the month of July.

Claude and Sally Farris are in Tonopah, Nevada…Bernie and Renee Baldwin are in California, Bill Burk has gone to Hawaii, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove are also in Hawaii, Ken and Doree Broostin are in Minnesota, Bill and Darlene Rowland are in Alabama, Cecil and Sonnie Martin have a house full (15) of company for the 4th of July weekend, Doc and Suzy Parsons are in Des Moines, Iowa, Clyde and Nora Jones are in Conway, Missouri, Ron Whisenhunt is still on missionary assignment in Indonesia, and we have no idea where Don Cooper, Steve Clevenger, Jim and Betty Haynes, and Donna Long are…(sorry about that, guys) but we still had a room full of GMC guys and gals…

Clint and Beverly Davis were on hand today with their brand spankin’ new diesel pusher!! Clint forgot his sack (over the head type) but did bring along his grandson, Austin.
Leonard and Jane Howard were here, also, along with Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Monte and Helen Jestes, Irv and Shirley Pense, and Andy and Jondine Flynn.

New Owners John and Marjorie Troy of Parsons, Kansas were here today, sporting their brand new (to them) GMC…Chet Simpson came and brought two new owners…Danny and Maudie Myers of Bixby, OK…welcome to each of the new owners…Danny’s new coach will be a "real" work in progress…he brought it home on a transport truck bed!!!

Fred and Peggy Pitezel brought two lifelong friends, Jerry and Charlene Teague …they wanted to come and see what makes a GMC owner tick…tock...tick...something like that!! Joe Henderson stopped by on his way to the Hallet race track…he just can’t get the racing blood out of his veins…ha…we think he just keeps his GMC parked in the pit area!!!

To sum it all up…another great time and another great lunch in the new surroundings of the Golden Corral Restaurant!! We now have a really private dining area, all glass enclosed with our super waitress, Julie, still with us.

Till next month, and a full report of breakdowns (just kidding)!!! No Dollars, just good (cents) sense…Join Us!

YourTulsa Lunch Bunch



June 3, 2005


NASCAR look out…here we come!! The Tulsa Lunch Bunch is all revved up and ready to trot…er…excuse me…race off into the wild blue yonder for every part of the US you can imagine!!

In fact, some have already up and left…Bill and Darlene Rowland are in Alabama, Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin with daughter, Minda, are lying around on the beaches of Florida…Jim and Betty Haynes are in Houston, Justin Hill is off lobbying with the big dogs at the State Capitol and last but not least, we must not forget Ron Whisenhunt who is on a missionary journey to the Far East, to be returning in August.

Next week Ken "Tweetybird" Broostin and bride, Doree, are headed to the far north country, Glyn and Melrose Trimble are headed to SE Missouri, and two of our very special newcomers, John and Marjorie Troy, are headed out to Arizona to pick up a new (to them) GMC and drive it back home to Parsons, Kansas. And yes, they will be carrying the Black List along with them, right next to their pocketbook … congrats … we look forward to seeing them next month with a tale and a half about their trip home.

Bill (Good Samaritan) Bramlett and bride, Bobbie, were on hand, along with Ron and Sharon Eimen, Claude and Sally Farris, Clyde and Nora (the peanut brittle lady) Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and Cecil Martin.

Irv and Shirley Pense, along with son, Craig, (first timer, welcome), Chet Simpson and guest, Jerry Chapman, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Bill and Peggy Brunson (Bill brought his new Airstream, slide out and all but we tried to ignore him…course we were just a wee bit jealous, too)…

Shirley Pense and son, Craig
Embarrassed new SOB owner,
Clint Davis

Clint and Beverly Davis were on hand today, along with Clint’s brother, Bud. Clint has purchased a new 38’ diesel pusher and he seemed a little embarrassed about it…ha at least according to the picture…(Pic definitely attached)…because he now owns two highline coaches…a Clasco GMC and a SOB pusher …

We were especially thrilled to have Norman and Margaret Treude of Kerrville, Texas, drop in today. Many know them from attending past GMC Classic rallies…they were in town visiting their daughter and just could not resist the thought of NOT attending a Lunch Bunch food fest … ha … glad to have you … Come back again … real soon!!!

Oh, forgot to mention that John Troy brought his sister, Rosemary Gates and hubby, Pete…Welcome, folks …

John and Marjorie Troy

FLASH ! FLASH ! Don Cooper reports that, although it is still sitting out in the pasture amongst all the cows and bull, he has started working on his GMC Landau…(Yeah, he mowed the grass around it when the bull wasn’t looking .. .ha).

Believe it or not, folks, we had a great time today! The restaurant has remodeled our dining area (just for us, they said … yeah) … and our favorite waitress, Julie, says she still loves us … why, we can’t understand … and our favorite catfish filets are still not on the line!! Oh well, maybe next month!!

See Ya!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



May 13, 2005


Although much joy was present as  The Tulsa Lunch Bunch met Friday, May 13, 2005, our hearts were saddened by the loss of one of our long time special guys, Jim Trimble, who passed away recently on May 3 after a lingering bout with cancer.

Jim was one of a kind…no one else like him…and a beacon we could build our life around. We were truly blessed to have known him and even more so to be able to call him our friend (in spite of his incessant desire for HOT peppers)…Thank you, Lord, for sending him our way!!

We send our condolences to his bride of 64 years, Becky!! Love You!!

Several of our stalwart troupers made the trip to Bean Station for their annual rally…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Robert and Marilyn Musgrove and Monte and Helen Jestes…From all reports, they enjoyed themselves so much that they were able to recruit some additional "volunteers" for next year!! (No one has shared with these new volunteers yet that they might have to do a little work while there…but let’s not spoil their fun just yet…ha)…after all, it is a labor of love.

And next it was off to the chow line and for a little planning for the summer. Sharon Eimen says she is planning to park the GMC out in the yard and just look at it! Seems as though they lost an engine on way home from Bandera and Ron rode home in the back of Bill Bramlett’s little red trailer…we even have the pictures to prove it!!

Cecil Martin was on hand…Wife Sonnie had gone to a fund raising affair and Cecil said he could not attend due to an "important engagement"…thanks, Cecil…we know we were important and now you have proven it…ha…by the way, don’t let her read this month’s letter.

Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin were all excited about their daughter, Minda’s upcoming graduation. Congratulation, Minda, and don’t tell Dad just how much college is going to cost him…at least, not yet!

Got a sweet note from one of our guys, Ron Whisenhunt. Ron just recently returned from the Far East on a mission trip and has been asked to go back for several more months. Seems as though his skills are badly needed. He asked our prayers as some of the areas he travels in are not always the safest places to be. Thank you, Ron, for sharing!! By the way, Ron won’t be back until late summer!

Bill and Darlene Rowland were on hand today…Bill’s health has much improved. Ken "Tweety Bird" Broostin and his lovely bride, Doree, are home for a few days, then off again. Leonard and Jane Howard, Bill Brunson, Chet Simpson, Irv and Shirley Pense, Doc Parsons and Jim and Betty Haynes all were present today. Also, Jim Moore and Charlene Hemphill were on hand…Jim always dresses just like he came from the fashion shop!!! Now, if he only had the right kind of GMC, he could come with a " little grease here and a little grease there"..

Several of our regulars, Clyde and Nora Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and Glyn and Melrose Trimble were on hand for early lunch (this allows them to go back a second or third time without bringing "too much" attention to themselves … yeah!! Clyde and Nora are headed for Missouri next week and Glyn and Melrose won’t be too far behind. Don Cooper was on hand, wearing the latest summer style of cut offs … none of the girls were envious, however…ha!

Next month we will be meeting at our regular first Friday, June 3 here at the Golden Corral…same time…11:30 AM…see ya there…

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch



April 1, 2005


With a mighty drum roll and bands playing "Hail to the Classic President", the Tulsa Lunch Bunch welcomed an old friend and new GMC Classic President, Lorren White and his lovely bride, Beth, to Tulsa for our April Fools Day Luncheon…boy, does that sound good rolling off the tongue..

After all, it was April Fools Day, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch did meet, and Lorren White and his bride were there…but Ron Eimen forgot to bring his toy drum (Sharon hid it) and the Golden Corral wouldn’t furnish us a band…

Arriving back from the GMC International Rally in Ft Myers, FL, just in time for today’s luncheon were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett and Bob and Marilyn Musgrove. Good trip, they said…and they came back with lots of good ideas and even more "How To Do’s"…

Bernie and Renee Baldwin also made a "flyin" trip to Cincinnati and back, reporting that their GMC came back with a "little cough and fever"…whatever that means…(guys, do you mean "sick")…anyway, they are up and ready to go again!!! Oh yes, they had a wunnerful visit with two of their adopted guardian angels (From the Albuquerque Trip), Blaine and Diane Merrill, in Indiana.

We certainly want to welcome a neighbor of Chet Simpson, Danny Myers and his son, J R, and daughter-in-law, Diane…Chet brought them to show off our GMC’s…seems as though they are interested in buying one. Glad to have you…

Lorren extended an invitation to everyone to attend this month’s GMC Classic Rally in Bandera, TX. From the response received, it appears about 5-6 families will be attending…Bramletts, Eimens, Trimbles, Jestes’, and Musgroves…just to name a few. One of the guys even promised to carry an extra gas tank of gasoline just for Glyn…(Inside joke, you really don’t want to know…well, ok...seems as though he ran out of gas on way to Albuquerque last fall…didn’t watch his gas gauge or something "brilliant" like that).

Early birds on hand today were Clyde and Nora, Fred and Peggy, and Melrose…Claude had to make the lunch prayer retroactive…ha…

Bill Brunson shared with us his purchase of a new SOB…a 30’ Airstream…we are looking forward to a thorough inspection, Bill…as well as show and tell…

Irv and Shirley Pense have decided to sell their gorgeous coach…believe he wants to rebuild another from scratch…you know how these pilots are…

Lots of regulars on hand today…including Claude and Sally Farris, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Ken "Tweety Bird" and Doree Broostin, Clint and Beverly Davis, and the inimitable Andy Flynn…

And last, but certainly not least, we covet your prayers for our own Jim Trimble, who is in intensive care in a local hospital, with a damaged heart, pneumonia in both lungs, as well as cancer of the liver. His wife, Becky, is keeping us posted daily.

Until next month,

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch Gang


March 4, 2005


With all those GMC coaches all lined up, washed, polished and shiny…it was difficult to convince the passers by that we were just there for lunch!!! Here it was, the FIRST Friday of March, beautiful, warm, sunshiny weather (almost 70 degrees), and little wonder it looked like we were off to the highways and byways…

Turned out lots of plans were already underway…several couples were ready to leave now for the GMCMI convention in Floriday later this month…The Bramletts, Farris’ and Musgroves…with about half a dozen more couples drooling…and lamenting that they couldn’t go…

The Eimens were heading out for the lake later this afternoon…to un-winterize their boat (any old excuse to drive the motorhome on a gorgeous day like today)…The Baldwins were leaving next week for Ohio…sorry, folks, that’s the wrong direction….should be SOUTH...ha..

We had a delightful new visitor today…Doc Parsons brought his vivacious bride, Susy…(This is the first time he has let her out…so she said)…welcome, Susy, and hurry back. Also, it was good to have Justin Hill back with us again (from OK City)…

Jondine Flynn almost didn’t admit to knowing Andy…she caught him taking up a collection to leave his tip…and knowing Andy, bet he was working on a commission fee…ha…but Julie, our lovable waitress, forgave him anyway!!!

Chaplain Claude Farris and his special lady, Sally, were on hand…they also brought along little "Missy"...their poodle dog who considers the GMC her private property…Also on hand were Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Joe Henderson, Clint and Bev Davis, Leonard and Jane Howard, and Chet Simpson (Still in recovery from major surgery)…

Monte and Helen Jestes brought their beautiful all white 23 foot GMC…Fred and Peggy Pitezel, along with Peggy’s parents, Clyde and Nora Jones, Irv Pense and Bill and Darlene Rowland filled out another table…and it was time for lunch!!

The most popular item of the day was the fresh blueberry pie(s)…with lots of ice cream, of course…some of us (no names, please) had considerably more than one or two helpings...a couple of the "heavy" eaters were not here today…Don Cooper and Donna Long…we missed you guys…And, for goodness sake, don’t tell "Tweety Bird" about the blueberry pies, either…He wasn’t here today, toughies!!!

After lunch, the serious stuff started…how do you do this…or that…or…where? Or why? We finished lunch about 12:30 PM and "Strategy sessions" were still going on out in the parking lot about 2:30 PM…One of the ladies mentioned that they were more like the opposite of "cow"…wonder what she meant??

Forgot to mention that Bob Musgrove has refastened his windshield shade cowling…says next time it flies off the GMC will go with it…guess we will have to call him the "Flying Musgrove"…

Reluctantly we all went home…and we look forward to being with you again next month…So, to paraphrase the TV guys, stay safe, be careful and join us next time!!!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



February 4, 2005


February has three important days…Ground Hog Day, which was last Wednesday, Valentine Day, which is just around the corner, and Lunch Bunch time, which was today!!

Put that with gorgeous weather (it was over 60 degrees today, almost shirt sleeve weather), line up a string of beautiful GMC’s, pass out Rally Schedules, with times and places, and you have a lot of guys and gals ready to go…anywhere…just so they can go!!


Cecil and Sonnie brought their beautiful newly painted GMC, (a fantastic work in progress), Andy & Jondine Flynn brought their newly acquired Royale (looks like it came off the show room floor), Bill & Bobbie Bramlett brought their Royale (neat as a pin and mechanically perfect), Glyn and Melrose Trimble brought their Glenbrook (Glyn, it needs a wash job), Bernie and Renee Baldwin brought their Albuquerque veteran (that was their FIRST ever GMC trip), and on and on it went…lots of coaches, lots of people, lots of fun!!!

Jim Trimble and his lovely bride, Becky, were there…(Jim just returned from a tough hospital stay), Ron and Sharon Eimen made it back from Florida in time for lunch, Bill and Darlene Rowland brought their beautiful maroon coach…Claude and Sally Farris were on hand also…along with Chet Simpson, Jim Moore and his lovely guest, Charlene Hemphill, as well as Monte and Helen Jestes and Bob and Shirley Musgrove…

Don Cooper brought his appetite and OU Orange Bowl sweater (he’s still in mourning), Bill Brunson left Peggy at home and came on anyway…Ron Whisenhunt was on hand…Ron is leaving later this month for a six week mission trip to Burma…our thoughts and prayers are with you, Ron…It was good to see Gerry Gerondale and his son, Gregory, again. (Gerry recently lost his wife of 50 years plus)…

Jim and Betty Haynes managed to make it through their muddy pasture and join us…they live on a farm in the country side and the roads leave a whole lot to be desired…Jim said the first two miles were the hard ones…rest were a piece of cake!!!

Clyde and Nora Jones, along with son-in-law, Fred Pitezel, were on hand…Congratulations to Clyde…he turns 80 on Saturday, Feb 6. Hope we look as he does when we turn that corner!!!

Doc Parsons made it okay…every month he drives a different vehicle…this month it was a long, long pickup with cover on back…he keeps us guessing…We missed some of the regulars today…Steve Clevenger, Leonard and Jane Howard, Peggy Pitezel, Clint and Beverly Davis (they have gone on a Caribbean cruise…didn’t offer to take any of us, tho…for shame)…also missing were Irv and Shirley Pense…just want to let you guys and gals know we missed you…whole bunches…

Well, now that lunch is over the cabin fever has set in…where to go, when to go, and how many are going? On second thought, never mind where or when we are going…let’s just GO!!! And one more thing, why don’t you come along with us?

See Ya’
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


January 7, 2005


Nothing can deter a hungry GMC’er from his appointed rounds ….to the table, that is!!

January 2005 started off with it’s usual aplomb…rain, some sleet, some light snow, and temperatures that belong in the northern tier of states.

Bill and Darlene Rowland drove in from Alabama, arriving this morning about 2:30 AM, just in time for the Lunch Bunch today. They had gone to Alabama for the Christmas Holidays and to watch his beloved Auburn Tigers whoop it up!!! Way to go, Bill!

Ron and Sharon Eimen are headed to Florida Monday, but stayed long enough to share a meal with us. Can’t wait to hear the next adventure of "Ron the Man"…our famous Black Hat Man…

Stan Turner was on hand, making the usual queries about how to do this, how to do that, where, etc…Stan recently inherited his GMC from his late father, Richard. From the sound of it, don’t really think he will need our help, tho…

Clint and Beverly Davis joined us again. Clint decided he is among the living now…we’re just thankful he is over his health problems. Take care, buddy…we need you!

Fred and Peggy Pitezel, along with Peggy’s folks, Clyde and Nora Jones, anchored down one table with lots of goodies from the buffet line…and more than once, we might add.

You should have seen Renee Baldwin’s plate, all three of them, and all at the same time, too! And, despite Renee’s claim of innocence, we have the pictures to prove it!!

Jim Haynes did the exact opposite…he put very little on his plate but understand he went back about six times. But, alas and alac, no pictures to prove it…except wife, Betty, of course.

Cecil and Sonnie Martin, along with Chet Simpson, discussed the pros and cons of a trip to Alaska…motorhome or cruise ship. Don’t know how it came out but Sonnie always wins the discussions!!

Monte and Helen Jestes, along with Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, and Andy and Jondine Flynn, filled out another table. Monte is primed and ready for another trip, another rally, anywhere just so he can get away in the GMC. Bill Bramlett was on hand, dispensing his usual sound advice. Sorry to learn Bobbie was under the weather a bit…take care, dear lady, we will be praying for you.

Ken "Tweety Bird" Broostin and his lovely bride, Doree, were back home again and joined us. Glyn and Melrose Trimble were there, also. But Claude Farris couldn’t make it…he was on the job today, ministering to the veterans at the Muskogee Veterans Hospital!! We are really proud of his work there.

Donna Long was present and among the living today…we have really missed you, gal…she brought along a special friend, Ann McGuire. Seems as though both girls like motorhomes more than their spouses!! Our kind of girls!! Steve Clevenger and Don Cooper both played hooky today…for shame!

All in all, we started the New Year off with a real showing of appetites and pent up energy…can’t wait for warm weather! Final count was 31…plus a bunch of motorhomes and the usual round of guys driving by "circling the wagons" while we were inside!! One guy, however, did the unusual…he would drive down the backside of the row of GMC’s…then back up, and drive slowly by again…then do it all over again.

Till next month,
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch