The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 1, 2006


Mix in a few big toys with a few small toys and you wind up with a GMC party…The Lunch Bunch really outdid themselves this year!!!

With GMC coaches lined up from one end of the parking lot to the other, toys and gifts piled deep and high on the tables by the Christmas tree, and a room filled to near overflow with happy GMC’ers…each bringing in another armful of toys for the children…it was enough to say “Thank You, Lord” for such a wonderful group of guys and gals!!

There was so many on hand it was nearly impossible to tell who was here and who was not…but do want to recognize a few special ones…Bernie and Renee Baldwin for the unique table decorations…GMC wheel covers gaily covered (see picture)…Jim and Betty Haynes for bringing their brand new Marine grandson…He leaves Monday for boot camp…Fred and Peggy Pitezel for bringing their daughter and baby granddaughter…

Also Michael Barolin for not only bringing his GMC for the very first time but also his neighbor that he so Tom Sawyer like cons into helping him work on it…way to go…Mike. send him on over to my place..

A very special “Thank You” to Chaplain Claude Ferris for bringing us an inspiring Christmas devotion. We appreciate you, Claude.

Here is a request for your prayers…one of our ladies, Nora Jones, (our peanut brittle lady) fell Monday night and broke her right hip and fractured her left shoulder…a rod has been placed in the leg and a steel plate has been placed over the shoulder…she will be in the hospital a while and is headed for physical therapy very soon…incidentally, Nora is Peggy’s mom…

Doree Broostin brought another batch of home made goodies…the kind that stick to your teeth but taste good all over…calories, go away….

The early birds arrived around 10:30 this morning and were still going strong at 2:30 pm…the guys did manage to sneak in a bit of GMC stuff here and there (yeah)…the gals shared a few shopping secrets…and Nadine, our sweet waitress, really outdid herself, cleaning, serving, and keeping us supplied with plenty of hot rolls, coffee, tea and water…

And so, we bring the year to a fantastic close…looking forward to 2007 and having you join us…see you in January…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We Love You
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

PS..Due to an unexpected change in plans, happily we were able to deliver all the presents to the Salvation Army this year…a double blessing in disguise for sure….


November 3, 2006


TODAY WAS “YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE” AND “WISH WE HAD GONE WITH YOU” TIME!!! Between the telling of tall tales about the Foliage trip, International Rally at Berrien Springs, and the campout at Blue Creek Cove, it was sort of like being at the National Liars Club except we had the pictures to prove we really did those things that others so boldly made accusations…ha…(and thank goodness we threw away some of the pics)..ha..

Clyde and Nora Jones were the first to arrive…minus her peanut brittle…followed by Glyn Trimble, still minus the cat…others arriving shortly afterwards…Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Claude and Sally Farris, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Monte and Helen Jestes, Jim and Betty Haynes (story about her later) and Cecil Martin.

Also arriving with a full head of steam were Ron (Black Bart) and Sharon Eimen, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bill Rowland (minus his lovely bride, Darlene, who was home recovering from a bout with pneumonia) and last but not least, Chet Simpson…

The Golden Corral had a new manager today…Jay Worth from OK City…his first day on the job and we had to go and spoil it for him…turned out that his mom and Betty Haynes were lifelong friends…going way back to little girl days…small, small world…Jay promised to bring his mom out to join us for lunch next month…

New Manager Jay Worth with Betty Haynes

Speaking of next month, Friday, December 1 is our most important luncheon of the year…it is our annual TOYS FOR TOTS luncheon…everyone brings a passel of new toys, including the restaurant staff, and the local US Marine Detachment sends out their finest who then load them up for distribution to the children for Christmas!!!

So, may we encourage each of you to be a part of this blessed time…whether you own a GMC OR NOT…we just want you to join us and be a part of this giving time, and the fellowship and the food ain’t bad, either!!!

So, come Thanksgiving time, as you pause to give Thanks Unto the Lord, remember the little ones who are not as blessed as we…

Until next month, and Friday Dec 1, when you bring all the toys, (and make sure they are unwrapped), enjoy the Holiday Season, and Happy Thanksgiving to you’all…

Our Love and Prayers for Each of You

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



October 28, 2006



Without a doubt the Tulsa Lunch Bunch rolled out the carpet and turned loose all the little goblins and ghouls for their October Foliage Tour of Southeastern Oklahoma…we did it all…gorgeous scenery, food fit for a king, the granddaddy of all campfires and even driving sight unseen into the empire of the fogs…

Let’s see…it all started Tuesday, Oct 24, at 10:00 AM when eight brave steeds with their masters arrived for a giant leap into motorhome history…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove and last, the fearless wagon master, Glyn Trimble…minus the cat…

Drawing straws for peckin’ order, we then headed down Hiway 64 for a luncheon rendezvous at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee…of course, we went the round-about way-down through the narrows and switch-back curves…but, then, who cares…the trees were beautiful, of course!!!

After a delightful lunch, and a quick nap, we gathered ourselves up and started down Hiway 10, passing by Greenleaf State Park, and on down to I-40, a short jog over to Hiway 2, then south on a colorful tour of the Oklahoma hills and valleys, arriving shortly after 3:30 PM at our destination for the evening, Robbers Cave State Park.

And then we hooked up, naturally, much in the manner of the wagons of the Old West, protecting ourselves from the Outlaws of the Past, or something like that…

Suppertime soon came and what a feast it was…gathered round the table alongside the Flynn wagon, we indulged to the best of our abilities and then Marilyn presented the Wagon master with a birthday cake, celebrating his 80th birthday…(we also included her hubby, Bob, who had just celebrated his birthday a few days earlier)…

And then came the most memorable treat of the day…thanks to Bill Rowland, we set up a campfire that lasted many, many hours, bringing about many joyful, happy and tearful memories of both the past and also the present…that campfire will always be a highlight of our many, many trips to nostalgia land!!!

With the pitter patter of raindrops, rustling noises of the wind and leaves, and the symphony of chimes (acorns) falling on our coaches, we enjoyed a night of beautiful memories…(and also were thankful for modern heat)…Conestoga wagons, we were not!!!

Morning came soon and it was time for Breakfast at Tiffany’s…at least that was what the schedule said…alas, Tiffany’s was closed so it was Cold Cereal, Bananas and Milk instead…ah yes, close!!!

At 10:00 we were treated to a morning presentation by the Park Ranger, Brenda, about the history of the Park and surrounding area…

As she spoke, your imagination could just see Belle Starr and her outlaw buddies clamoring in and about all those rocks and caves, leaving their pursuers frustrated and disappointed…but, thanks to Judge Parker, many were caught and dispatched via the hangman’s noose over in Fort Smith, AR…

After a hearty hot meal, we set out for Queen Wilhelmina Lodge, via Hiway 2, then Hiway 1…Little did we know the excitement that lay ahead!!!

As we turned onto the road to the Lodge, the sign read “40 Miles_...Little did we realize that it would be 15 miles of low cloud cover (like pea soup), 10 miles of beautiful up and down road, gorgeous tree color, distant panaromas of mountain painting, and then came the last 15 miles…by this time the pea soup was so thick you could barely see in front or in back of you…we did all drag in, get settled in and wondered what was next…

Dinner was at 6:00 PM and the Lodge staff had us all set up…and the feast began!! From shrimp, stuffed crab, chicken and all the way to strawberry short cake we ate, ate and then ate some more!! We all agreed it was a super meal, despite the miserably dreary skies outside…

A happy surprise came during the meal…Bill and Darlene’s son, Dean, and his wife, Regina, joined us for the evening and we all enjoyed their company!!

Going back to our coaches, the Wagonmaster and Black Bart managed to find where the road was not…but that’s another tall tale in itself…needless to say, everything turned out hunky-dory!!

Morning came, still no let up on that low hanging cloud cover (we were at 2600 feet elev), two by two, we drifted down the side of the mountain, found Hiway 270, and headed northward…some for home, some for Lake Wister…

A luncheon stop was in order at Heavener at the City Park, complete with a few deer nearby…surprisingly, they were the only wild life we saw on the entire trip, except of course, roadkill and the crows…don’t blame ‘em a bit..I wouldn’t want to get out in the miserable rainy wet country side, either…

Arriving at Lake Wister, we were treated to delightful, scenic parking places…looking out the back side was the lake…looking out the front side was also the lake…we were literally parked out on a pennisula…and right between us were a couple of fisherman who were really on top of things…as we arrived they were in the process of skinning and fileting a morning catch…a 40 lb catfish…they did not invite us to the fish fry…and we really hinted…big time!!!

Friday morning it was Breakfast at McRough’s…(that’s leftovers from the previous two days)…we continued west on Hiway 270, then north on 82 toward Stigler…the drive through the Sans Bois mointains were more than we could hope for…made the entire trip worthwhile…

Going west on Hiway 9, we turned north toward Muskogee on Hiway 2 and 64, arriving just in time for a final farewell feast at My Place Barbeque in Muskogee…we thought we would need carry out boxes but the temptation was simply too much…we ate it ALL…

Breaking up was hard to do but the time had come…soon we were all back home, safely and soundly, but thoroughly in love with the scenery of Southeastern Oklahoma…and need we say…ready to go again…Thank you, Lord, for a safe and blessed journey!!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


October 6, 2006



The joy of life in a GMC was never more evident than today when six weary and happy GMC Lunch Bunch families reported on the fun and excitement of attending the International Rally in Berrien Springs, MI last week.

Traveling ala Marco Polo, we all headed east (and a wee bit north) to Michigan about two weeks ago…laden down with all sorts of goodies, spare parts, and Dave Greenberg’s credit card…our trusty, precision like steeds, carried us safely though the jungles of the interstates and eighteen wheelers…we only lost one alternator along the way!!!

Arriving safely we soon found that the King (Emery Stora) and his Royal Staff had prepared for us an exciting fountain of knowledge and an abundance of tasty morsels for dining pleasures….Both Monday and Wednesday evenings the Lunch Bunch managed to squeeze in a couple of fellowship get-to-gethers, along with a few other “adopted” Lunch Bunch personalities….

We were greatly concerned that Black Bart would not live up to his sordid and exaggerated reputation but he did not let us down…with a loud sound of the trumpets he crushed and mangled an old fashioned horseshoe…(Actually he ran over his tow bar and spiked his tire, blowing it all to smithereens…all while parked…he did manage to buy a new tire, got it installed and all’s well that ends well…but it’s supposed to be a secret so don’t let on you know…schh)…

Just before returning we learned of the passing of another Lunch Bunch member, Justin Hill…by leaving a day early, we all managed to get home for many to attend his funeral last Monday…Justin, we pray that you and Melrose will start a new version of the Lunch Bunch while waiting for the rest of us to join you….Love you both….

Which brings us up to date…lunch today was a bee hive of excitement, going over pictures taken at the rally, planning for the Classic Rally at Kerrville, TX next week and last but not least, planning for a short foliage tour of beautiful Southeastern OK the last week of October….

Joining us for the first time was Michael Barolin of Owasso, OK…a new owner of a 75 Palm Beach…we wined and dined him, showed him around, and overall, probably confused the issue really good…oh well, such enthusiasm is bound to catch on…sooner or later…we hope…

We will see many of you in Kerrville next week, more later on our foliage tour and most of all, see you next month for sure…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


September 5 - 8, 2006




Ole Man River ain’t got nuttin on the Lunch Bunch!! Pack up a bunch of GMC’S, gather up all the fixuns, hitch up the boat, gather up ole Grizzly, and move ‘em out…

Tuesday, right after Labor Day, a large contingent of the Lunch Bunch (that means more than two) found their way up the road, off the highway, through the boonies, to a secluded little lakeside retreat…called Blue Creek Cove, right on the banks of beautiful Lake Oologah…maintained by the US Army Engineer Corps…along with the deer and squirrels…oodles of them….

First to arrive was Glyn Trimble, soon followed by Jim and Betty Haynes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Monte and Helen Jestes, Ken “Tweety Bird” and Doree Broostin, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Ron “Black Bart” and Sharon Eimen, Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin and last for the day, Irv and Shirley Pense…Don Cooper along with Andy and Jondine Flynn came in the next day but that’s another story…ha..

With chairs all set up under the shade, the intelligent and enlightened conversations began…topics ranging from…never mind, I ain’t gonna tell you…you can figure it out for yourself…when GMCers get together you know what’s going on…the ladies, of course, did their usual girl talk and craft doo dads…


Supper time came all too quickly…everybody brought out their goodies to go with BBQ, including lots of pickles, salads a bunch, cole slaw, baked beans, and, of course, ice cream and cake…

Bedtime came and it was drag out the blankets…for those nice, cool, lake breezes brought the temp right down to cuddle weather…

Wednesday morning was time to get up and ‘attem’ for breakfast…It was time for early bird breakfast of coffee, pancakes, and sausage…of course, early bird time for the Lunch Bunch was around 9:00 AM…(surely you didn’t expect us to eat at sunrise, did you) …

Tweety Bird brought his pontoon boat so it was fishin’ time for some, craft time for others and back to bed for the diehards…plus a few more problem solving sessions under the shade trees…while watching Grizzly and the squirrels exchange verbiage…

Don Cooper arrived with the catfish (we didn’t trust the fishermen to catch enough…we were right…in fact, they said they threw all the big ones back because they were so “small”) …

Suppertime rolled around…Irv and Don set up the fryer, breaded the fish, threw ‘em into the deep fryer, and then hollered “Come and Get ‘Em”…which we did…by the way, the covered shed provided by the Corps was absolutely perfect for eatin’, visitin’ and eatin’ some more….and the ice cream and cake were good again….

Thursday morning came around too soon…several had to leave but that didn’t dampen the spirit, nor the dedicated fishermen…ha…

After a day of leisure livin’ the gang bundled up in a couple of vehicles and headed out across the dam and up Hiway 88 to an old shanty type barn along side of the road…Black Jack was the name of this infamous establishment…what a surprise when we got inside!!!

It was country atmosphere at it’s finest, plus the youngsters waiting on us were simply delightful, even showing us pictures of their families…but the Ribs we ate were some of the finest anywhere…literally falling off the bone…this is definitely a return place, whether camping or not!!! Congratulations, Tweety Bird, for finding this country palace for us!!!

Friday…now it’s time to pack up and go home…but not without a pause to say “Thank you, Lord, for a small taste of paradise, with family and friends as only found in GMC camaraderie”…

Until we meet again, thank you for sharing with us…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


September 1, 2006




Believe it or not, just seven short years ago a group of GMCers got together here in Tulsa for lunch…we had such a good time we decided to keep doing it…and now, here it is…seven short years later and still going strong…

Although several guys and gals have come and gone, the theme, the camaraderie, the love for each other has grown stronger by the year. We have welcomed each new owner as a personal friend…we have given fond farewells to those who have gone to other places in life and we have grieved (and rejoiced) for those who have gone to be with our Lord…

Our one continuing goal…to enjoy the fellowship of each other and to enjoy the ultimate pleasures in owning a GMC motorhome…can’t get much better than that!!!


A good crowd was on hand today…plans were being made to enjoy a post Labor Day celebration nearby at Blue Creek Cove on Lake Oologah…let’s see…Tuesday night it will be BBQ, Wednesday night it will be FISH FRY…catfish, no less…and Thursday night will be leftovers, of course…come on over, bring the GMC and your prettiest apron…


We missed a few of the faithful today…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were still at Estes Park (40 degrees there last night, he said)…Claude and Sally Farris were on their home from Colorado…due in this afternoon…John and Marjorie Troy were involved in pre-Labor Day activities in Parsons…Monte and Helen Jestes were putting up hay out on the ranch…Andy and Jondine Flynn just played hookey (again)…

Black Bart and his lovely bride were on hand…heading out afterwards for Norman to see the OU game Saturday night…Irv and Shirley Pense were going also but not until tomorrow…Jim and Betty Haynes came today…minus their GMC…for shame…as also did Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin…thought we had taught you better!!!

Don Cooper came early today (what?)…he even volunteered to help fry the fish next Wednesday…Cecil Martin, Chet Simpson and Jim Moore anchored down one table…Ken and Doree Broostin, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove and Jim and Betty Haynes took up a whole table…Fred and Peggy Pitezel were there…but without Peggy’s folks…Clyde and Nora Jones…they were up in Missouri doing their family reunion thing…

Bill and Darlene Rowland drove over from Claremore…with their beautiful maroon GMC…Glyn Trimble tagged along today…driving his gold GMC…Melrose always called it her “Goldie”…

And last, but not least, we again enjoyed the fine services of the Golden Corral and our impeccable waitress, Nadine…she always has a smile and hug for everybody…

Next month begins our eighth year…we will be looking for you to join us…

Take care

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



August Meltdown GMC Style

Shawnee Celebration and a Bit of Sadness

Move over, Black Bart, you now have a new bosom buddy…Andy “Wrong Way Corrigan” Flynn…and Andy has the scars to prove it!!

The Shawnee Rally was hot, exciting, hot, exhilarating, hot, fun, hot, entertaining and, of yes, HOT!!!

The Lunch Bunch guys and gals (Classics all) did a super job in making certain all went well at the Rally but, first, a little bit of good old fashioned gossip. All true, cross my heart.

Seems as though Mr. Flynn and his lovely bride went to downtown Shawnee one evening and got caught there after sundown. Heading back, or so he thought, he imagined he heard a siren. Not knowing which way to turn, or even where he was, he make a quick left turn at an intersection, on a red light, and into oncoming traffic and wound up on the sidewalk or reasonable facsimile.

Naturally the local gendarme came blazing around the corner, red light glowing, to trap this “Wrong Way Corrigan” guy. Tto make a long story very short, the very, very nice officer directed Andy and his bride in the right direction without so much as even a warning ticket. You know what he was thinking. Yeah, same thing as you and I … Congratulations, sir, no more after dark driving for you!!!

But, Black Bart didn’t get off very easily, either. Seems as tho he picked up a local “professional” who Ron tried to assist in a gentlemanly way. But the guy, after each unsuccessful stop, kept beating Ron back to the car, and asking for more moola each time. Luckily Black Bart figures out the next move, and when the guy gets out one more time, Ron takes off…0-60 in about 4 seconds!

Enough gossip. Meanwhile, back at the Corral a large contingent of guys and gals enjoyed another meal but with heavy heart. We learned that one of our very special gals, Melrose, was very, very seriously ill with cancer of the pancreas and was comatose at the Clarehouse, a very caring place for terminally ill patients. Melrose and Glyn were among the very first families to assist in the start-up of the Lunch Bunch…and were long time Classic members!!

Please remember her…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


Our beloved Melrose Trimble

This gentle soul, this special lady, the love of Glyn’s life, went to be with her Lord Monday August 7, 2006, and was buried Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK. They were married 53 years…and were GMC’ers almost 33 of those 53 years.



July 7, 2006



Question: (1) What rhymes with food?
Answer: (1) Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Question: (2) What rhymes with a good time?
Answer: (2) Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Question: (3) What rhymes with food, good time and GMC?
Answer: (3) Tulsa Lunch Bunch…but you knew that anyway…

Boy, what a fun time this past month has been!! First of all, we enjoyed the picnic at the Broostin home in Claremore in early June…next a few of us snuck off and camped out in the woods at Natural Falls State Park…and now a feast today at our favorite stompin’ grounds, the Golden Corral here in Tulsa!!!

Nadine, our new waitress, really treated us special today! We couldn’t tell, however, whether she was laughing with us, or at us…surely we wouldn’t do anything to change the decorum of the Corral…right?

Even Black Bart was on good behavior today…well, for him at least…and Claude wasn’t there…he was away again doing his Chaplain duties at the VA Hospital in Muskogee…and Roly Poly (Don) was nowhere to be found…we didn’t look under the table, tho!!

We had a very special guest today…Art Moore brought his lovely mom, Iris Moore, with him…thank you for coming, Iris, you helped make our day a little brighter with your presence…

Also on hand were many of the regulars…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Monte and Helen Jestes, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Bernie and Renee Baldwin to name a few…rounding out the big table also were Bill (The Hat) and Darlene Rowland and Jim and Betty Haynes…
Helen Jestes (The REAL Boss)
Helen Jestes (The REAL Boss)

Bill Brunson brought Peggy along…she only gets to come in the summer time…she’s still a workin’ gal…also Ron Whisenhunt brought his working wife, Terri…by the way, welcome back Ron…He just returned from a mission trip to India…thank you, Ron, for following your star so brightly…we pray for you!!!

Also on hand were Black Bart and his bride, Sharon…Irv and Shirley Pense, Andy Flynn, Glyn Trimble, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and Peggy’s folks, Clyde and Nora Jones…

We did notice one thing today…a number of truckers parked midst the lineup of GMCs…not sure we liked that but one thing for certain…it made our lovely ladies stand out like a fresh moonbeam on the water…beautiful…beautiful…

And now, the last but not the least of items today…everybody is counting the days until the GMC Classic Rally coming up later this month in Shawnee!! It’s been real exciting to watch our guys and gals plan for this rally and what’s even more exciting…we have some who are going to be attending their very first GMC Rally…that is something we all remember…our FIRST Rally…

So, look for us…we will have our Lunch Bunch badge on…and walking around…just ooing and aahing, pointing and trying not to miss a thing!!!

So, for the “old hats”, see you at the Rally and, even better, see you next month at the Golden Corral!!!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch ...... (The Classics of the North)


June 30, 2006



Since the Tulsa Lunch Bunch guys and dolls were hosting the GMC Classic Rally in Shawnee next month, they decided to get together for a little rendezvous and planning strategy…just to make sure they had all their ducks lined up in order…

And, naturally, since the hosts and hostesses were gathering in the woodside in seclusion, some of the rest of us had to sort of mosey on over and check things out…just to make certain they were doing things up right…ha…

Well, pardner, the campground was straight down Hiway 412, well marked and right where the Campground Book said it was…it’s not fair to tell you just how many of the wheels (hosts and hostesses) got lost…suffice to say, the more stable members of this geriatric and genteel group gently guided them into their appointed hideaway…

Host members next month for the Classic Rally are Robert and Marilyn Musgrove, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Monte and Helen Jestes, Ron and Sharon Eimen and Ken and Doree Broostin…nuff said..

Members present from the geriatric and genteel squad were Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Irv and Shirley Pense, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Clint and Bev Davis, Glyn and Melrose Trimble, Charles and Dianne Ree and last but not least, Jim and Betty Haynes…And, as the noted philosopher would say…now you know the truth of the matter…

What a View!

Oh, in case you are wondering where the hideout was, it was in the Natural Falls State Park in West Siloam, OK…located just at the eastern border of OK and at the beginning edge of the Ozarks…a beautiful, wooded setting, surrounded by tall trees and gentle shade…squirrels were aplenty, along with the birds…and literally buckets of quiet, interrupted only by an occasional bird call…a must see and visit place on anyone’s itinerary…Dripping Springs (in the park) was nearby, with it’s absolutely beautiful miniature water falls and secluded tiny canyons…

As they began to arrive, one by one, two by three, etc…a number of important details to note: Black Bart lived up to his impeccable reputation – he broke down on the way, but by a little bit of skullduggery, he limped on in…then called upon his lifelong pit crew chief (aka Bill B) and able crew to restore him to good health … well done, thou good and faithful servants…once again, ye have restored the faith!!!

And, alas, poor Yurick…upon arrival his wife discovered her favorite jar of apple butter was missing…nowhere was it to be found and nothing would do but that special jar…so, up at the crack of dawn, poor Yurick made a hurried trip back to Tulsa, grabbed that special jar from the fridge, and was back to camp pronto…(For the uninformed…the jar read on the label…”Distributed by Wally World” alas, poor Yurick).…PS...there is another side of this story but it ain’t gonna be told here…

NASCAR races at the campground…yep, that’s right…with “thousands” watching and cheering, several of the guys raced around the cart track by the playground in time trials… the narrowest of margins the team headed up by Monte and Helen Jestes won, just barely beating out Jim and Betty Haynes by seconds…well, ok…so they made the wrong turn…we can all dream about racing our GMCs around the Indianapolis track!!!

Tuesday evening came too soon…under the Big Top (furnished by the Musgrove duo) we visited and harmonized about anything and everything…then moved over to the grill, and, as if by magic, the food came from everywhere…from campfire steaks (hamburgers) to scrumptious pies and cakes…and with the weather to match…it was evening no one wanted to end!!

Wednesday morning (after a night under the blankets)…the hardy gals and a guy or two, traipsed down to the Falls for a beautiful morning sight seeing journey…but, coming back up was another story…happily, our dear old friend, Ben Gay, was on hand to greet everybody…

After a couple of good naps, it was now ice cream time, homemade at that…ain’t nuttin better than thirteen different kinds of ice cream, all mixed in the same dish…well, it seemed like thirteen anyway…just ask Bill Rowland…he tried ‘em all!!!

Thursday morning came too soon and several of the gang had to pack up and leave…but, never fear, the remaining Lunch Bunch guys and gals managed to stoke up the fireside bucket and roasted marshmallows until they were all black on the outside and real gooey on the inside…Sharon, how could you eat that many?

Friday morning? Already? But…we just got here…time to pack up and leave…with a vow to return and a total brain full of memories of camaraderie the Lunch Bunch parted for home…

And, one last item…a wonderful jar of kudos to Bob and Marilyn, for being the light in the window for all of us there…we love you…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

June 30, 2006


June 2, 2006


Picnic in the Garden of Broostin

In the beginning, God created the Garden of Eden, then right after that Ken and Doreen Broostin created their own little Paradise, nestled deep in the rolling hills of Rogers County !

Whether in the spacious mansion by the brook or in the palatial gardens. The Tulsa Lunch Bunch dined in such outdoor luxury that each of us hoped would last almost forever ! (We may never go back to the Corral after this day).

Ken and Doree Broostin, our gracious hosts, treated the Lunch Bunch to a small taste of what Paradise must be like…Mother Nature in all her floral beauty and spectacular garden delights to fill your soul !

And speaking of filling, the chef (Ken Broostin) and his able assistant (Doree Broostin) prepared an elegant display of culinary barbeque treats, along with a fantastic supporting cast of ladies!!

The tables were laden down with bowls and bowls of foodstuffs, all kinds of salads, desserts, relishes, plus heaping platters of smoked, barbeque pork, brisket, and other goodies ! Need we say that more than one trip was made to the tables by most…In addition to our hosts, a good number of the Lunch Bunch ate their way through a good time…

Don Cooper led the way, following by Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Monte and Helen Jestes, Andy Flynn, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and Glyn Trimble..

Also sharing with the tall tales were Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Charles and Dianne Ree, Ron and Terri Whisenhunt, Jim and Betty Haynes, plus other guests…

Missing were Irv and Shirley Pense and Melrose Trimble…Shirley and Melrose are having serious health issues and could not be with us today…our special condolences to another Lunch Bunch lady, Neva Sears, who recently lost the love of her life, hubby Dean ! To each of you, our love and prayers…

Bill and Darlene Rowland, along with Claude and Sally Farris, played hooky today…amd also Bernie and Renee Baldwin…we know you had good excuses but we want to tell off on you anyway…ha…(just our way of saying we missed you very much)…

As we prepared to leave, the first question that popped up was…you guessed it…when are we going to do this again? That’s right…spoiled we are and, as one of the gals said, don’t quit now…you are on a roll !

Lots of pictures were taken…they will be available at the next luncheon, Jul 7, at the old haunting grounds, the Golden Corral….till then, take care and remember….we do love you!!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch, from the Garden of Paradise


May 5, 2006

Spring Fever Struck Again

Where Oh Where Has My Little GMC Gone

Tell me true, my love, oh tell me true…Has my GMC gone and left me to mourn…On top of ole’ Smokie…Or Down in The Valley, Levee so Low…

Now you have the spirit of today’s luncheon. Many were gone and the ones left behind awishin’ they had gone, too!!!

Ron Whisenhunt led us in the invocation…remembering those whose health problems were cause for concern, including his own heart fluctuations.

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, along with Claude and Sally Farris, were yodelin’ and mixin’ it up at Bean Station…Andy Flynn was (ugh) workin’…Bill Brunson was on hand, tho, but he left Peggy at work…same with Chet Simpson…he left Pat at home to answer the phone…and so it went.

Bill and Darlene Rowland was here today…and he was sporting a brand new flat TV imbedded in the top half of the vacuum cleaner cabinet…wow…neato!!! You gotta see it…fantastic…they’re headed back to Alabama in a few days…drive carefully…we want to see how you did it!!

Just before lunchtime, the gals (Sharon Eimen, Marilyn Musgrove, Darlene Rowland, Betty Haynes and Helen Jestes) were all gathered in the back of the Musgrove coach plotting…(ok, planning) further activities for the July Classic Rally in Shawnee…last we heard they were assigning jobs to the various hubbies without asking…hmmm…sounds normal, doesn’t it…

Black Bart, aka Ron Eimen, was sporting dark glasses and a one eyed patch…He’s really living up that International role, but for real this time…seems as though he is working his way through cataract surgery…our prayers are with you, Ron!!

Jim and Betty Haynes were on hand today…their coach is a thing of beauty…Jim keeps it immaculate…and he lives way out in the boondocks, too!! Glyn and Melrose Trimble got here just in time to eat…Melrose brought a bunch of thing-a-majigs for the Rally…Bernie and Renee Baldwin drove down from Dewy and brought their beautiful college girl, Minda, with them…Hard to believe she has already completed her first year at college.

Monte Jestes and his lovely bride, Helen, were backed up to the serving line, as usual…best stories of the day were not at the luncheon, but at the fireside chats afterwards…you need to get him to tell you about life with the raccoons, possums, squirrels, and of course, his real love, horses…

We had a very, very nice gentlemen, Mr. E. E. Reece, of Houston, TX stop by after lunch and inquire about where to purchase a GMC…Seems he was looking for a fixer-upper to tote his grandkids around…Didn’t take long to locate a couple for him…hope he finds just the right one…

Fred Pitezel and bride Peggy, along with Peggy’s parents, Clyde and Nora Jones, came early and stayed late…Irv and Shirley Pense, Cecil and Sonnie Martin…where were you…we looked and looked for you…even under the table but nada…nuttin…don’t worry, we ate your share of the ice cream…

Next month is picnic time…we are all invited to the home of Ken and Doree Broostin…and Grizzly, of course…they promised to park all the GMCs in the cow pasture, along with the cows and cow patties…full hookups, of course…the water is in the horse trough, the electricity is next to the windmills, and the dump station is down by the creek…can’t hardly wait…

Lastly, it was a sad day, bidding farewell to Julie, our much loved waitress, who is moving to Joplin later this month…she has been a favorite lo these many years…wears her Tulsa Lunch Bunch badge proudly…and she introduced to us our new gal, Nadine…Nadine is really no stranger…she was our waitress our very first year…but that was nearly seven years ago…

With that note, we’ll say good bye for this month…it was a fun time…only way it would have been better had you been with us…

Our love and prayers to each of you

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch



April 7, 2006



Good ole’ Black Bart…symbol of all which is necessary to be a GMC owner, showed up today, all peaceful and quiet with Sharon in tow…our question today was: What really happened at the International Rally?? Whatever it was, the gang here would like to bottle it up and give him a dose now and then…(VBG)…

Seriously, the fun and camaraderie served up at the International Rally last month in Montgomery, TX brought us a renewed crown of many blessings…as we were able not only to visit old friends but to create so many, many marvelous new GMC buddies (and memorable memories) …whether in was by the Long Branch Saloon, in the old oaken bathtub, even at the ice cream parlor, or just gabbin’ down by the Ole Corral…

This month has already been a real barn burner…Bernie and Renee Baldwin were off to a wedding in Topeka, Irv Pense was off with the guys on a wild turkey hunt…Bob and Marilyn Musgrove were back down in TX taking care of that “most beautiful new baby in the world” …to the rest of us…it’s their newest grandchild…

Our heart and prayers to Joe Henderson, whose mom fell and broke her hip the other day…take good care of her, Joe, and give us an update soon.

Clyde and Nora Jones, along with Claude and Sally Farris, were among the first to arrive today. (Chaplin Farris led the invocation…appreciate you, Claude)..Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Jim and Betty Haynes, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Chet and Pat Simpson, Andy and Jondine Flynn…they kept one table just plain full of empty plates…(that’s what those second helpings do for you…).

By the way, it was good to see Pat Simpson here today…Pat, it’s been too long…at least Chet didn’t make you ride on the back of his Harley…

Jim Moore sat quietly and didn’t say too much…(He’s getting married in a couple of months after 25 years of bachelor life)…Charlene, keep a close eye on him…ha…Fred and Peggy Pitezel held down another corner of the table…

Ron Whisenhunt joined us today, prior to leaving on another missionary trip…Shirley Pense joined us even though Irv was off among the ticks and mosquitoes…Ken, Doree and “Grizzly” Broostin were on hand also…(they wouldn’t dare come without “Grizzly”)…Bill and Darlene Rowland were making a day of it…understand Darlene went straight to the mall after lunch…oh well, so did Melrose…got to get ready for the July Rally in Shawnee…so they said!!!

After lunch, the gals gathered in Glyn and Melrose’s coach and did a little plotting…er…planning for the July Rally in Shawnee…

Bobbie, Darlene, Melrose, and Sharon

…so be forewarned…they are starting to get real serious about this…will keep you posted as much as possible but we think most of it supposed to be a “secret”…ha…

As always, we had a great time…good food, good fun, and good times…

Next month will be the last time for our favorite waitress, Julie. She is moving to Joplin and will be serving patrons at the Golden Corral there…maybe we can all go there for lunch sometime…maybe???And if you just happen to pass that way, ask for her and tell her you own a GMC…that will bring a really big smile to her face…and yours!!

See you next month or down the road a piece…

Our love and prayers for each of you…

The Tulsa Lunch


February 24, 2006



Never let it be said the Tulsa Lunch Bunch misses a chance to eat…Since so many of the guys and gals were going to be at the GMC International Rally at Montgomery, TX in early March, we decided to meet (and eat) a week early so as not to miss a meal!!! Wasn’t that clever of us? Ha!!

Chaplain Claude Ferris led the invocation and from there everything sort of went down hill (or up – take your choice). Bill and Darlene Rowland were in Alabama, Ken and Doree Broostin were off to Florida, Bernie and Renee Baldwin got tied up in Dewey (the showplace of northern OK). Melrose was in the hospital undergoing preparatory surgery. Glyn was there without his GMC, first time ever for that. Now the good stuff!!

Lorren White and Justin Hill drove over from OK City. First time in several months. Glad to see you guys!!! Andy and Jondine Flynn were all primed and set to go to International. Jondine even confessed she bought a new RED HAT just for the tea.WOW! Does Andy know that yet?

Don Cooper was out rabbit hunting, so he says, don’t think he took his shotgun, tho…tsk, tsk, tsk. Irv Pense was off down in TX, maybe he was getting an early start to the rally. Bill and Bobbie Bramlett were on hand, with Bill giving out his usual impeccable advice. Sally Farris was busy passing around a get well card for Melrose. Monte and Helen Jestes were over in the corner working on the Shawnee Rally, along with Bob and Marilyn Musgrove.

Chet Simpson showed up early, without his motorcycle. Chet, it wasn’t that cold, only 65 degrees. Cecil and his lovely bride, Sonnie, were asking those usual questions…how do you do this? And can we get it done locally? You know, the type of questions no body has ever asked before….yeah, yeah!!!

Ron and Sharon Eimen added to the jokes and fun. Ron drove in the night before from rattlesnake country. Jim Haynes, (where’s Betty?), Clyde and Nora Jones, and Fred and Peggy Pitezel added to the festive day.

All in all, it was a good day, seeing those lovely GMC ladies lined up by the Golden Corral, most headed out next week for the International Rally in Montgomery. So, look for us! We will be the good guys with the Lunch Bunch badges and big smiles.

Till next time
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



February 3, 2006



February is that time…when the guys and gals get together with their sweethearts and their GMC’s…well, everybody knows you just can’t have one without the other!!!

The Tulsa gang met today with a whole host of activities on their minds…GMC’s, Red roses, GMC’s, Valentine Day, GMC's, Rallies, GMC’s, Lunches, GMC’s, Picnics, and all other sorts of GMC goodies…not the least of which was “How do you fix this…or that?...Truer words were never more true than when you express your love for that other person (GMC?) in your life…just kidding…of course everybody knows that every guy puts his gal right next to his heart and puts his GMC right next to his pocketbook!!!

One of our favorite wanna be guys, Jim Moore, took February real seriously…Jim announced today that the real light of his life, Charlene Hemphill, has agreed to become his wife…Knowing that Jim has been a bachelor for the past 25 years it was a real celebration…now if he would only buy her a GMC for a wedding present…

Let’s see…Clyde and Nora Jones, along with son David, were on hand today for the festivities…also Fred Pitezel, Andy Flynn, Doc Parsons, Don Cooper, Bill Brunson and Chet Simpson, to name a few…

Irv Pense gave the invocation today…his lovely bride, Shirley was present today, too! Bernie and Renee Baldwin came, too…already they are geared up and ready to go to Montgomery for the International Rally…Cecil and Sonnie Martin, as well as Leonard and Jane Howard were present, all spruced up, pretty as you please…John and Marjorie Troy were on hand, and gave a standing invitation to visit them (on the lake) near Parsons, KS…some of us are already planning to take them up on that, too!!!

Shirley and Irv Pense
Shirley and Irv Pense
Bill Brunson, Don Cooper and Andy Flynn
Bill Brunson, Don Cooper, and Andy Flynn

It was a moment of quiet sadness today, too!! Julie, our beloved waitress, announced that she was moving to Joplin, MO to be near her daughter and her family…she would, however, be working at the Golden Corral there in Joplin and invited us to have lunch there…how ‘bout that? Julie, we are going to really miss you. (She is leaving at the end of May)…Julie has been with us for several years…

Most of the chatter today centered around the upcoming GMC International Rally in March in Montgomery, TX (just out of Houston)…Many, many of the Lunch Bunch are already making preparation to attend…we will be looking forward to seeing all of you there!!

Speaking of rallies, if you didn’t make the Tyler GMC Classic rally, you missed half the fun and all the laughs! What the guys and gals from the Lunch Bunch didn’t do…well , it just ain’t worth mentioning…

First, let’s tell you who went and you’ll understand what we mean…let’s see…first, there were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett (Bill gave an outstanding tech session on front wheel bearings, etc…) Ron and Sharon Eimen (Ron found the biggest fire ant hill in East Texas and has the scars to prove it)…

Glyn and Melrose Trimble (Glyn missed the coach sofa and sat right down in the middle of their kittie litter box - minus the kittie…) Ken and Doree Broostin (Ken managed to find a little ole’ rusty piece of Texas angle iron on a mean ole’ Texas blacktop road that knocked a little ole’ nasty hole in his gas tank…)

Also going were Bob and Marilyn Musgrove (Bob found an Oklahoma Rock to hit his gas tank on the way home…) Bill and Darlene Rowland (They cut a mean rug on the dance floor Saturday night…) and last but not least, Clint and Beverly Davis (Clint reported doing 85 mph between gas stations coming down…) And so it went!!!

And it would not be fair if we didn’t report that the Tulsa Lunch Bunch gang really set the pace Saturday night at the big western whing ding…they cleared out the back of the dining hall and improvised a dance floor and away they went…Ken and Doree with the grace of the Olympians, Bill and Bobbie with all their square dancin’ skills…

Bill and Darlene looking like they had danced together for years, Bob and Marilyn floating on air, Ron and Sharon, well, never mind…and all had a great time…

Forgot to mention, Friday night Elvis (yes, Elvis) entertained the crowd…When he sang the song about the “Teddy Bear”, he gave one to Beverly, and when he sang “Love Me Tender” he knelt in front of Melrose and held her hand…she’s never gonna be the same again!!!

By the way, one last item before we forget. Our next regular Luncheon for Friday, March 3, has been moved up one week to Friday, February 24 (that’s the last Friday of this month) so that everyone can leave early enough to reach the GMC International Rally in plenty of time. So, mark your calendar right now. That's the last Friday in February. We will see you then and then it’s off to the Big Rally!

Take care and Happy Valentine Day

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


January 7, 2006



What a day! What a crowd! What a beautiful lineup of GMCs!! It was a sight for sure…and with all that enthusiasm it was hard to even get quiet long enough for Bernie Baldwin to give the invocation…

Poor Julie, our beloved waitress, never worked so hard in her life!! It was pure fun to see everyone going back, back, and then back once more to the buffet line!! One nice thing, although accidental, we arrived just a short time before the West Texas State (Canyon, TX) gang of basketball players…those guys weren’t just TALL, they were BIG…they were on their way to play a basketball game in Tahlequah, OK and had stopped off to re-fuel…between the Lunch Bunch and the basketball team, that buffet line took a real slob-knocker!!!

We were delighted to have several visitors…plus a long time no see gal…Don Bobino brought his gracious bride, Leanna, for the first time in a long, long while…Leanna has spent most of the past nine months in and out of the hospital…great to see her!! Ron Whisenhunt took time off from his work and brought his two teen age helpers with him…Those two, Andrew and David, ate like the basketball players…ha.

Don and Leanna Bobino
Don and Leanna Bobino
Suzy and Doc Parsons
Suzy and Doc Parsons
Stan Turner and Sandy Harpin
Stan Turner and Sandy Harpin

We were delighted to hear that our buddy, Clint Davis, is recuperating nicely from his recent stroke…that’s a real praise!! Claude Farris didn’t make it today…his lovely wife, Sally, phoned to say he was in the midst of recovering from the “ups and downs” that keep one near the house throne…take care, and see you soon…

Oh yes, Renee Baldwin brought her college gal, Minda, along…Minda mentioned “casually” that college was a LOT different than high school…and this after only her first semester, too!!

Ken and Doree Broostin were on hand, and Ken is doing very nicely since his knee replacement. Ken and Melrose got together and compared “replacement” stories…He’s ready to go again and is planning to be in Tyler later this month, along with a good size gang of us also.

Ron Eimen just barely made it back from Okeene, OK…seems as though he and the rattlesnakes out there have become bosom buddies…did see Sharon, along with Helen Jestes, Marilyn Musgrove, Bobbie Bramlett, and Doree Broostin over in the corner planning goodies for the next few rallies…and, by the way, if you ever get the chance, be sure and grab a handful of those “sinful, luscious, stick to your mouth” caramel and fudge candies that Doree makes!! As that famous Cajun says, “It’s guaranteeeeeed to make you drool”….

Doc and Suzy Parsons were on hand and brought a lovely visitor, Joyce Newby…turns out Joyce knew the Jones, Trimbles, and the Pitezels from way back when…welcome, Joyce, and bring hubby next time!!

Joyce Newby
Joyce Newby
David Jones
David Jones

Andy and Jondine Flynn came out early, showing off their gorgeous, refinished Royale…understand he washed it just for the occasion…ha!! And we had a new owner stop by briefly, David P, who promised to return next month…he just wanted to confirm where we were meeting!!

You probably have already guessed it by now…but we had a real fun time and next month, after we return from the Classic Rally in Tyler, maybe we can share another blooper or two…

Our best and Happy New Year

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch