The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 7, 2007




Dreary, cold, near freezing, overcast, drippy skies…nothing could dampen the spirits of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch today as an overflowing crowd of happy GMC’ers came streaming in…each bearing an armful of special toys for those special youngsters…more on that later…

First, Bernie and Renee’ came in a bit early and decorated, as is their annual custom, the tables with those “Fancy” table round things, intertwined with multiple colored garland strands…in other words, GMC wheel covers with Christmas garland wrapped in and around…try it…it’s not only nice but very, very unique and quite an attention getter…

Things started off very special today…first, Ron Whisenhunt, Cmdr, USN, Ret, led us in standing for a moment of silence to honor those hallowed fallen heroes of Dec 7, 1941…then followed by the invocation and a fitting tribute with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag…thank you, Ron!

Lunch then followed (more like a mad dash to see who could be first)…Monte Jestes brought a long time friend, Tom Gifford…turned out he was also a co-worker of Art Moore…small world…

We also learned that’s Becky’s son-in-law, Basil Wyatt, was in attendance today at the dedication of the memorial to the fallen of the USS Oklahoma…Glyn’s almost cousin was also there in attendance, representing the “Last Man Club” of Tulsa…the brave (and dwindling number) survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack…one member’s cousin is still buried in the USS Arizona and another’s uncle survived the debacle…again, a very very small world!!

SURPRISE TIME!! President Musgrove came forth and very gallantly presented a bouquet of red roses to Renee, Doree and Marilyn for their outstanding efforts and preparation for the Guthrie Rally!!! An honor richly earned and deserved…thank you, ladies!!

Chaplain Farris next presented us with his annual Christmas Story…eloquently describing how much Christmas is not only a celebration of His Birth but also a time for sharing with little children and bringing forth light to those with special needs!!

Navy Chief Stewart was on hand to receive our gifts of toys and more toys…Chief Stewart gave us a run down on how the collection of toys was done and more importantly, how distribution was made..He mentioned that one church alone has requested over 14,000 toys to be given out…Thank you, Marines, for caring!!

There you have it…a glorious end to the year 2007 for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch…and thank you for sharing it with us…

We love you…and A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


November 2, 2007




Shades of the Old West!! With Wild Bill Hickock (Jim Haynes) and Annie Oakley (Betty) leading the way, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch rounded up all the old critters (GMCs) from near and far and herded them into the old corral (Cedar Valley RV Park, Guthrie) for a real pow-wow and hoe-down!!

The round up started last Sunday week with a near stampede by Thursday…Cowpokes Bob Musgrove, Bill Rowland, Ron Eimen, Bernie Baldwin and Ken Broostin, along with cowgirls Marilyn Musgrove, Darlene Rowland, Sharon Eimen, Renee Baldwin and Doree Broostin had all the fixin’s laid out with gobs and gobs to spare…

Somewhere in all the melee Glyn not only celebrated a birthday but also acquired a harem, no less…pictures don’t lie but they sure do stretch the truth…ha~~(some would simply say…rearranging the facts…)

Although we were camped out on a modern prairie (the golf course was laid out on both sides of us) it wasn’t hard to imagine a sod house with herds of buffalo roaming out there on that magnificent landscape. Maybe a few deer and perhaps a coyote or two. Oklahoma, you are beautiful.

Anyway, here we are, back at the Old Corral (Golden Corral, no less), with our chaps and spurs, boots and saddles all put away…but, never fear, the appetite is still with us…

We now have a brand new addition to our Lunch Bunch paraphernalia. Up on the north wall of our dining room at the Corral is a larger than life banner telling the whole world that the GMC Classic Motorhomes .. i.e., Tulsa Lunch Bunch, meets here. You gotta see it!!

GMC-TLB Banner

Oh my goodness…almost forgot to tell you… we had the opportunity to share with the Classic Rally folks at Guthrie the history of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, from the beginning in Sep 99 to the present…Among the original start up gang on hand for this momentous occasion were Andy and Jondine Flynn, Ron and Sharon Eimen and Glyn Trimble.

Classics all, we then inducted the entire rally group into the Lunch Bunch with our “secret” ceremony…(“We promise to eat everything in sight”) Boy oh boy, the Lunch Bunch is really big now!!!

John and Marjorie Troy along with Fred and Peggy Pitezel are still beaming over their first ever rally with the Classics. Just ask ‘em but be prepared to listen for an hour to so. Ha.

Since it is now November we must keep the Holiday tradition going. Clyde Jones pretended the turkey and dressing was Cajun crawdads so he took a double helping…Nora moved to another table,ha. Chaplain Farris would have given the invocation but he wasn’t there … but we did give it … just in time.

In the tall tale section of the dining room were Glyn Trimble, Chet Simpson and Jim Haynes. Betty and Nadine held their hands over their ears…Don and Peggy Reeser were on hand today with their brand new remodel job. Oh me oh my.

One last item…and this is serious stuff…next month is TOYS FOR TOTS time…so bring all your unwrapped gifts and we will have the Salvation Army pick them up…

As you know, this is our most importent luncheon of the year…let’s show our love for HIM by sharing with those in need.

Til next month, our love and prayers for each of you. Remember our GMC friends in California.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


October 5, 2007


GUTHRIE (Here We Come)


The Lunch Bunch is at it again!!! Later this month it is GOBLIN time…followed next month by Happy TURKEY Day…then next it’s Merry HO HO Time…Then it’s Happy New Year…but, hold on…first, as you know…

It is WESTWARD HO time to Guthrie for the fall Classic Rally Oct 25-28 at Cedar Valley RV Park…so, put on your best bib and tucker, dig out those old boots, polish up your saddle, tighten up those spurs, wrap that bandana around thy neck and head ‘em up and out…it’s almost rally time!!!

But, first, a little bit of fun here at the Golden Corral…(just the right fit for a name, too) as the Lunch Bunch met Friday to share all, tell all, and bare all (just ask Darlene)…

By the way, it was great to see Black Bart back with us so soon after his surgery…everything went well…at least it didn’t bother his appetite…but, as Sharon says, what does?

Special guest today was Ken Klieson, good friend of Glyn’s…his first time to step inside a GMC…let’s hope it’s not the last…Welcome, Ken..Glad to have you!!

Bob and Marilyn were off to Texas (they never miss a change to baby sit the new grandbaby…don’t blame ‘em)…but they will be at Guthrie…

Good to see Leonard and Jane Howard, too…Remember Jane in your prayers…they leave the middle of month for another series of tests at the Mayo Clinic… Leonard promised to keep us posted…

Fred and Peggy Pitezel were on hand but minus her parents, Clyde and Nora Jones…that old adage, keeping up the Jones’ sure holds true here…they have really been travelin’ a lot…

Bernie, Renee’, Ken and Doree brought us a lot of pics and “show and tell” items to look for while at Guthrie…

So, watch your p’s and q’s…they will be looking for you!!

Claude and Sally Farris, along with Monte and Helen Jestes, Jim and Betty Haynes, John and Marjorie Troy, along with Bill and Darlene Rowland kept the conversation rolling right along…Chet Simpson, Ron Whisenhunt and Bill Brunson all came without their spouses…each claimed somebody in the family had to work…ha…

Oh yes, we did manage to find the goodies (they keep moving the crab salad on us but it didn’t help…we found it anyway)…Nadine (our faithful girl Friday) did her best to keep us filled up on tea, water and coffee…also clean plates for refills. and all that good stuff!!!

Time to go…we’ll see you at Guthrie and then back to the ole’ Corral here next month as we now start our NINTH year of Lunch Bunch follies…

Our love and prayers for each of you

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


September 7, 2007


Eight years and counting…can you believe it…just a few short years ago the Tulsa Lunch Bunch began a new lifetime and lifeline of fantastic journeys down the road of life with new friends and those beautiful GMC ladies…

Three of the original eight GMC families from Sep 1999 were on hand today to celebrate…Andy and Jondine Flynn, Ron and Sharon Eimen and Glyn Trimble…Most of the others have moved on to other parts of the country and some have gone to be with their Lord…we missed you all today!

Joining in today were long time GMCers Don Cooper, Cecil and Sonnie Martin, Monte and Helen Jestes, Jim and Betty Haynes, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and also Irv and Shirley Pense.

Joining in the fun was long time GMC friend, Don Bobino and his son-in-law, Don Heath, of Talala…Don is still looking and son-in-law is wanting to sell…maybe they ought to get together…huh?

Skipping out today and traveling the high road were several guys and gals..Bernie and Renee Baldwin were in California picking up ANOTHER coach…Bob and Marilyn were somewhere between Moab, UT and Albuquerque, NM…and Ken and Doree Broostin were “just out west”…

Heading out next week were Bill and Darlene Rowland (off to Alabama) and Glyn Trimble (GMC International Rally)…reporting back next month will be MUST for all parties…

Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, one of the original Lunch Bunch eight, now in Colorado, sent their regards for a Happy Birthday Party…miss you guys…

Happy to report that Ron Whisenhunt returned safely this week from another three week trip to Thailand…last but not least we must remember to pray for Chariety Arrowwood, who is undergoing cancer surgery next week…also Lunch Bunch guy Ron Eimen who is undergoing radiation treatments for his cancer….we will keep you posted!!

Until Next Month,

Take care from the Tulsa Lunch Bunch


August 3, 2007



(You shudda been thar)

Shades of Ole’ Albuquerque! The GMC’s have done it again! GMC’s of all colors and sizes moved into Claremore Friday for the 13th Annual Gatesway Balloon Festival…A grand total of 51 guys and gals…54 if you count Grizzly, Bailey and Gigi…for a weekend of fun, food and gawking at those marvelous flying balloons…all colors, going in every direction, and landing almost on top of us…but, that’s another story for later…

Those lovable Classic guys and gals from down south started arriving Thurs and most arrived Friday, meeting the Lunch Bunch at the Golden Corral for an opening bit of hugs and more hugs!!

Traipsing on north about 20 miles to the Will Rogers Downs Race Track and Casino, we set up shop two by two, three by three, etc, getting the rigs all set for the opening moon glow Friday evening…

By the way, there were other RV groups on hand, but there was plenty of room…after all, with 400 RV full hookup spots…you could pick your spots…and we got the best…

President Musgrove, along with Ken Broostin and Glyn Trimble, had gone up Thursday AM and marked off front row seats as well as parking for all of us…and like front row VIPs…indeed we were!!...

The balloons were tethered inside the race track oval and we were all lined up like peas in a pod on the outside of the track right next to the fence…any closer and not only would we have singed our hair but also would have gone up with them…

Renewing old friendships and making new ones became real easy in between those loud whooshes those propane tanks make as they so beautifully and majestically shot those flames up into the balloons… even though each of us could have gone out onto the field and mixed around among ‘em…we all stayed ringside…guess we still remembered those jam packed crowds in Albuquerque…

Let’s see if we can name everybody there…Andy and Jondine Flynn, Irv and Shirley Pense, Art and Sherry Moore and their tribe of 11…(Art said he left the rest of ‘em at home…wow)…Willard and Joyce Murdock, Frank and Cathy Emshoff, Don and Chariety Arrowwood’s family, Ken “Tweety Bird” and Doree Broostin plus Grizzly, Jerry and Frances Reeves and Ron “Black Bart” and Sharon Eimen plus Gigi.

Also on hand were Glyn Trimble (minus Lady Barbara, Melrose’s cat), Frank and Sharon Jacobs and grandson, Matt, Bernie and Renee Baldwin plus Bailey, Charles and Janice Wersal, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Bruce and Georgene Farrill, Aaron and Dulcie Bedingfield, Jim and Betty Haynes, Jeanne Milholland, and last but not least, James and Redonia Harper…Wow…did we leave anybody out??

Didn’t take long after the Moon Glow was over to head for the bed…(that’s where the AC was…) and we awoke Saturday morning to hear and see those giant space alien creatures from above whooshing down trying to win the prizes for throwing sand bags closest to the target and also grabbing the little gold ring off the top of the pole…shux, that looks real easy…even a blind man could do it…ha..ha…

The rest of Saturday was a “do your own thing” sort of day…some went to the Will Rogers Museum nearby in Claremore, some went to the Casino (horrors), some even worked on their GMC’s..(egad...what an awful thought)..and then some took refuge in the cool comfort of the Air Conditioning…

Ken Broostin brought out his huge “smoker” and by mid-afternoon he had filled it with pecan logs as well as pear logs…from there he loaded it with ham, brisket, ribs, corn on cob plus some other goodies we never did learn the name of…ha…

Due to high winds the evening take off was cancelled so naturally we had to do something to while away the time…guess what, we just started eating a lot earlier and naturally had to eat a lot more and also later…to take up the extra time, of course…ha..

By the time the ice cream rolled around, it was nearly 8:30 PM…see, I told you we spent the evening doing what we do best…around 9:00 PM most turned in and found their Air Conditioned quarters again… Camaraderie, you have worked overtime today!!

And lest we forget, a great big thanks to Ken, Doree and Marilyn for all the hard work in the food preparation!!

Sunday morning we again awoke to the sound of whooshing but this time it was right on top of us..the balloons were landing in the parking lot and it was fun to watch.

In fact, one almost landed behind Glyn where he normally has the tow car parked…sorry fellas, he doesn’t really want to be a part of your “chase” team…the rest came pretty close also…one landed just across the road between two trees…ouch!!

After a “much too much” to eat breakfast of pancakes, sausage, juice, milk, rolls, etc…it was time to head ‘em up and move ‘em out time…Again, hugs and more hugs, good byes till next time…a wonderful time and even greater experience of sharing love and friendships…over and in between balloons, no less…

Couldn’t finish without saying a word to two about our amenities…the Will Rogers Downs staff were wonderful and very cooperative…the grounds were extremely well laid out…hookups were more than adequate…a few items were missing but, being new owners, the staff already had those on the drawing board…sort of think they wanted us back…Gatesway, you did real good!!!

Take care, we love you

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


July 6, 2007




Rain, rain, go away and come another day!! That was the theme song today as 30 plus hardy, rain soaked guys and gals gathered today for a fun time at the old Corral…

For the first time this year, air conditioning units and their generator buddies got a good work out as temp soared around 90 degrees plus the good old hot summer time sun came down…and we loved it!!

After record rainfalls and almost flooded GMC homes, we were ready for a BIG change…and that included a most fascinating trip last week to Guthrie by a Classic scout team headed up by President Musgrove and Assistant Wagon master Bernie Baldwin!

While parked at the campsite in Guthrie for a few days, almost 10 inches of rain came gushing down and around…but nothing interfered with the gals zeal and desire to make a complete tour and power point purchase of lots of sizeable goodies in those fabulous antique shoppes…

Every restaurant we visited left us the impression that in each we were their best friends just coming in to dine…as if they had known us all our lives!!! Little wonder that the cuisine tasted so good!!

The museums left you breathless…whether it was the historic old Territorial Museum with relics of the stagecoach days or the deputies of Judge Parker’s Court…The Old World craftsmanship in the Masonic Lodge is unbelievable…they actually brought the European craftsmen over to do the design and masterful creative structure!!! By the way, this Lodge is the largest Masonic Lodge in the world…

There were no less than FIVE live theatrical productions going on at the same time…we attended a performance of the play “Man For All Seasons”…the ambience was so real, the atmosphere very intimate…the seating absolutely perfect…the actors became real characters…thus it was easy to wrap yourself up in history and by the time the King had Sir Thomas Moore executed…as the saying goes…YOU were there!!!

Now, quickly, back to the present…Let’s see, today we had on hand lots of GMC buddies…Irv and Shirley Pense, Bill and Peggy Brunson, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Leonard and Jane Howard, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, John and Marjorie Troy, Monte and Helen Jestes, and Ron and Sharon Eimen.

Also on hand were Glyn Trimble, Claude and Sally Farris, Ron and Terry Whisenhunt, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Ken and Doree Broostin, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Jim and Betty Haynes but, alas, no Chet Simpson or Don Cooper!!!

A bit of sadness…but happiness, too! Next week our beloved Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, two of the beginning buddies in the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, move from us to the beautiful state of Colorado…Bon Voyage, dear people, and we will see you real soon…that’s a promise!!

We do expect to hear about a new Lunch Bunch there…that will give us a excuse to come out…as if we need one…ha…

Time to run along now…hot weather, sunshine, you are beautiful…see you next month…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


June 16, 2007




There are no words that can adequately describe the participation of the GMC Classics in the Tulsarama 2007 Car Show!!!

Beginning with the original burial of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in 1957 to the culmination of the 50 year anniversary commensurate with the State of Oklahoma’s 100th Year Anniversary…but that’s all history now…you have seen in the News and read about it all over the world !

We were thrilled to be invited to participate in the celebration by showing off our lovely antique GMC Motorhomes and show them off we did!

The planning committee, under the guidance and direction of Kelly McElroy, graciously blocked off one whole block for us, provided security guards and gates, and allowed us to bring twelve of our beauties for the Open House showing!!

With the President of the GMC Classics, Bob Musgrove, leading the way, all twelve found their way into the designated area by 8:30 Saturday morning, June 16, and set up shop to show them off…After a morning prayer of dedication by Chaplain Claude Farris, we got ready…the show was supposed to open at 10:00 AM, but the crowd traffic started almost immediately…and never stopped all day long…


Setting up shop along with President Musgrove and wife, Marilyn, were Glyn Trimble, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Jim Haynes, Ken and Doree Broostin, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Bernie and Renee’ Baldwin, Ron and Terry Whisenhunt, Claude Farris, Bill and Darlene Rowland and last but certainly not least, Lorren White! Steve Clevenger came down to cheer us on and Don Cooper came by on a two wheeler…minus their GMCs…

The closing time of 3:00 PM was ignored by the crowd and people kept coming by until almost 5:30 or so…

When asked where they were from, the people gave responses such as Germany, Finland, Australia, France, Canada, etc…and it seemed like every state in the union, from Connecticut to California, from Wisconsin to Texas, were also represented among the visitors…

Comments ranged from “I’ve always wanted one of these” to “My Grandfather had one”, “Are they still making these coaches?”, “Your coach looks like brand new”, “Can you still get parts for them?”, “We don’t have anything like this in our country”…all in all, a genuine display of admiration and affection was shown by young and old alike.

We couldn’t help but wonder, since our display was not listed in the program guides, what it would have been like had we been listed…

Sleeping was no problem Saturday night…Sunday was more of the same…the visitors came early and were still coming when the last two coaches drove off Sunday evening…Two fellows in a pick up truck hailed us and asked if we wait long enough for them to take the tour…that’s a real ego trip, for sure!!

Summing it all up, it was a real thrill and honor to represent the GMC Classic Motorhome Club as well as the entire GMC Community. We realize it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we thank the Lord for giving it to us. We could only wish there would have been room enough for all of you…now that would have been a real show!!!

All our best,
The GMC Classic Tulsa Lunch Bunch


June 1, 2007



Today the gals were in charge…reason we know is that they told us they were…and so it went…they sat on one side of the dining room and the guys sat on the other…just like the good ole’ school daze…

Turned out they wanted to do a little rally planning for Guthrie and so forth…so we got to talk about…well, you know…knuckles, generators, blowouts, paint jobs…maybe a little bit about Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Iowa…really important stuff!!!

One bit of miscellaneous tidbit…seems as though a very well dressed panhandler came through the parking lot before lunch asking for assistance…well, Jim Haynes was the only intelligent one in the group…he kept his hands in his pockets…As the panhandler walked away, a slight bit richer than before he arrived…he then proceeded to get into a car and drive away…with everybody laughing about their being so easily misled!!!


While the gals were busy with their whatever…the guys were going over the plans for the upcoming Centennial Celebration, Tulsa Style, on Jun 15-17…

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch has been invited to participate in the showing of antique vehicles…since all of our ladies are over 25 years old…well, we jumped at the chance…and we have been invited to show 12 of ‘em…

On Jun 15 the city fathers will be digging up the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in 1957 to celebrate the State’s 50th Birthday…it was scheduled to be dug up on the States 100th Birthday…and the time is now…

People from most of the United States and quite a number of foreign countries will be on hand…Following the official ceremonies on Friday the 15th, Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17, will be devoted to big block parties to include invited vehicles from all over…there will be over 150 in the competitive showing and about 300 in the open, non-competitive showing.

We are very, very fortunate in that, due to our vehicle size, we have been given a blocked off street to show our 12 GMC ladies…and, with the open showing on lots to our west, and the competitive showing to our east, we are right in the big middle, with all parties going through our blocked off street to see the other side…we plan to take lots of pictures and will place them on the net for all to see…(help, Billy Massey)…

We will be there both Saturday and Sunday, with all show times 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. Most, if not all, will be staying overnight with our GMC ladies, not only to watch what is going on but just to have a good time while doing it!!!

We will be representing not only the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, but our club, GMC Classics, as well as the entire GMC community. We expect to see quite a bit of TV and news coverage and we are pleased that the current president of the GMC Classics, Bob Musgrove, will be present with us and be our spokesperson.

Should you have the opportunity to visit the Celebration we would love to have you drop by and visit with us a bit..we will have plenty of refreshents on hand, maybe even a bit of ice cream or whatever…

To say that we are just a bit excited about this opportunity is a bit of understatement…whoopee…

Til next month and a full report for sure…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


May 4, 2007




From time to time in one’s lifespan the opportunity to give back to a friend presents itself and today was one of those days!!

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch was honored today to present a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Tulsa to Bill and Bobbie Bramlett giving them this day one of recognition for their total and completely unselfish life of service to those of us in the GMC community…not only locally but across the country.

Chaplain Claude Ferris introduced them to the gathered Lunch Bunch guys and gals and then turned to the President of the GMC Classics, Bob Musgrove, who in turn read the proclamation from the Mayor to Bill and Bobbie…this was followed by a standing ovation and one so richly deserved. Well done, faithful servants, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett…you have served us well.

We were also doubly blessed in having our own Ron Whisenhunt, our resident GMC missionary, give us a sweet report on his latest mission trip…one that took him to Cambodia where he was in service for a month. Ron is another of those individuals who has truly followed “His Star”…God Bless You, Ron!!

First timers today were Peggy Reeser (Don’s wife) and Zelmer Rock, guest of Glyn. It was also good to see Sharon Moore with us again…welcome, each of you!!

Despite the absence of the Rowlands (Alabama), Broostins (Florida), Jones’ (Missouri), plus a few others occupied with doctor appointments, we had a special group of approximately 30 on hand today…enthusiasm was at a high pitch, appetites were very generous and camaraderie was running over…

When we reviewed the summer schedule…well, what seemed to be a slow summer suddenly has become a real WOW…hope we can make it all…

Let’s see…3 First Friday Lunches, Oklahoma Centennial open house celebration in early June in downtown Tulsa…a GMC Classic Rally in Mathis, TX in late June..a weekend campout in Parsons, Kansas sometime in July, a Balloon Festival in Claremore in August…GMC International Rally at Amana Colonies in Iowa in September…’nuff said…looks like a fun summer..can we do it all? You betcha…just hope you can join us…

Til’ next month

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


April 27, 2007




Like the days of the old west, the Lunch Bunch dodged the tornadoes, high winds, heavy rain and cold temps to sneak into the Osage Hills State Park near Pawhuska Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning!! Expecting the worst, turned out to be no tornadoes (despite the warnings), heavy intermittent showers, with good cuddle weather, we made it throughout the campout!!

Tuesday noon Bernie, Renee and Glyn scooted over to Big Bad Brad’s in Pawhuska to sample the BBQ and blackberry cobbler. (ala mode of course) That set the example for the rest of the time. Let’s see, which one is the HOT sauce? uh, oh, THAT one! Quick, waitress, a refill on the drink, please!!

Wednesday morning the rest of the crew came rollin’ in. Those GMC’s really looked pretty against the spring foliage as they cruised ever so slowly and majestically through the park. Finally all arrived, including some very special guests of Bernie and Renee, Jerry and Marilou Bork of Dewey in their maiden voyage at camping!!!

All of us remember our maiden voyage, of course. Still remember pulling the valve to the holding tank open with the hose not yet hooked up…yep, experience is a very, very valuable lesson. …ha..

Lunch time Wednesday soon rolled around and, as if by magic, tables laden with food appeared from everywhere!! Let’s see, about 15 of us were lined up at the chow line. In addition to Bernie and Renee, Jerry and Marilou and Glyn, others were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Bill and Darlene Rowland and last but not least, Ken and Doree Broostin. Quite a good group despite the threat of wild and wicked weather.

After an afternoon of cold, chilly rain (nap time for sure), we set up a bonfire with lots of logs and windy smoke that seemed to follow Darlene no matter where she sat. Between the tall tales and outright oversight of fabrication, we managed to dwell long into the evening, finished off the evening meal with ICE CREAM while huddled in blankets no less. Only way to go!

A special treat for the gals, Glyn brought out some 4th of July sparklers that Melrose had put in the coach and the ladies enjoyed the frivolity of being little girls again … sweet, sweet memories… soon it was beddy bye time.

Next morning we were greeted by a couple of the gals huffin’ and puffin’, fannin’ and blowin’ till the ole bonfire started up again, to keep us warm, of course!!!

Regrettably no pics were taken of this so you will just have to use your liveliest imagination Breakfast was McGMC style, but lunch was an eloquent display of culinary art ala campfire w/real smoke!!

Highlites were big, big, fat juicy burgers with all the trimmins, followed up with lots of ICE CREAM and blackberry cobbler. Did we mention one of the appetizers before lunch was a fabulous Doree special shrimp dip.

By perchance you should think that the Lunch Bunch just sits around and eats all the time, you would be dead wrong. It is only MOST of the time …ha…

Anyway, a great time was had by all. Most everyone departed for home Thurs soon after lunch. A few stayed until the next morning. One fascinating note, as soon as we departed the bonfire site, (after it was put out) the local inhabitants (birds and squirrels) made a mad dash for the site to see if there were any goodies left for them…you might get the idea that they had done that before. Fun to watch.

Again, welcome to our special guests, Jerry and Marilou Bork. We enjoyed having you with us, and we hope your first camping experience was all that you hoped it would be!!

Til next time, our love and prayers
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


April 7, 2007




Well, if you count that beautiful pair of Canadian Geese out on the parking lot, believe we had around 32/33 souls on hand today, despite the blowing, blustery wind and spitting snowflakes that peppered down like it was December…

It didn’t help any either that Cecil and Sonnie Martin sent a postcard from beautiful Hawaii…anyhoo, while they were feasting at the local luau, we were dining at the Golden Corral…serves ‘em right!!!

Special guests today were Monte Jestes’ mom, Deputy Sheriff Wayne Pauley and Don Reeser…our condolences to Mrs. Jestes in the recent loss of Mr. Jestes…Wayne, who owns an SOB, and Don, who owns a GMC, both promised to return, and soon.

Five of us were still recuperating from the International Rally in Rayne, LA…especially Monte…He consumed 15 lbs of Cajun crawdads while there…Glyn sold a bunch of GMC dominoes…Bob Musgrove did his usual bit of greatness as the Classic president and host for the Classic get to gethers…

Ron Eimen was apparently sick…nothing happened to him on this trip…ha…Irv and Shirley Pense joined in the fun, also…Bill and Bobbie Bramlett skipped out and went to Colorado instead…missed them, too!!

Do want to mention that about a dozen of the Lunch Bunch guys and gals are planning a little 3 day safari in late April (24-25) at Osage Hills State Park, just west of Bartlesville on Hiway 60…Nothing fancy, just lay around, eat, tell tall tales, eat, do craft work, eat, oh yeah, might even discuss the usual “how to” things… can count on it!!

By the way, it is strictly a come and go reservations, so plan on staying around one, two, or all three nights…a little campfire cookout here and there, maybe a visit to the local museums…Tom Mix…Woolaroc..??? Don Cooper is going to fry some catfish, too…(though he doesn’t know it yet)…!!!

Until next month then, take care and we will count on you being on hand…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


March 2, 2007



With the chilly wind whistling all around (singing Dixie of course), the guys and gals gathered today at the old Corral to make plans for the spring and summer…and it’s March already…

First of all, next week is International Week, with a whole bunch heading out for Rayne, LA for another great time! We will have to forgive Bill and Darlene Rowland…they are heading for Alabama land…Fred and Peggy can’t go because he has to (schh) WORK…oh well, somebody has to help pay for our Social Security checks…but he is planning to make future rallies…that-a-boy, Fred!

Bob and Marilyn left early to go visit their new grandbaby and then on to Rayne for them…Glyn is leaving next Saturday providing he can slip away from Lady Barbara…(Melrose’s cat who has taken over the household now)…Bill Bramlett and Claude Farris just got back from delivering a GMC to a new owner in Washington…glad you had a safe trip, guys!!

Oh yeah, we also made plans to go camping in late April at Osage Hills State Park, about 60 miles northwest of here…beautiful little park nestled among the rocks and trees…lots to see and do…yep, eat, lay around, eat, lay around, things like that which are really important…maybe gab a bit or so…

We had a very special guest today…Paula Hale, Chairperson of the Oklahoma Centennial Tulsa activities…The Tulsa Lunch Bunch has been extended the opportunity and invitation to participate in the open division showing of classic vehicles…we are really excited about this…the events are scheduled for June 15-17, with our participation being Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day.

Most of you have read about the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried during Oklahoma’s 50th Anniversary and will be dug up, along with many other 1957 paraphernalia…to celebrate Oklahoma’s 100th Anniversary as a State…people and car clubs are coming from every directions to be a part of this…you will be seeing a lot more of these in the newspaper and on the television…we have asked for and been granted spaces for 12 motorhomes…and, as of luncheon time today, 12 motorhomes have already been committed to show off our beauties!!!

After lunch today, Paula took time out to tour each of the coaches on hand…we are looking forward to working with her committees to make certain everything comes up like roses…or whatever…we are entered as the GMC Classics…1973-1978…sounds like a great time ahead!!

Meanwhile, back to the present, the luncheon today turned out to be a real hoot…how our waitress, Nadine, puts up with us…nobody knows!!

We did miss a couple of regulars…Cecil and Sonnie Martin…Leonard and Jane Howard…we still had a long line of motorhomes and a passel of people on hand…

Only thing better would be if you had been there…

Till next month…and a few tall rally tales…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


February 2, 2007




Let’s see now…last week the Tulsa Lunch Bunch…about 21 of ‘em, were sprawled out on the shores of Lake Buchanan in central Texas and the temperature was a balmy 70 degrees…fast forward one week and…

Today the Lunch Bunch guys and gals were all huddled up inside the Golden Corral in Tulsa…about 30 of ‘em…and the outside temp was a cool 20 degrees…and, for the first time ever, ALL the GMC’s had sense enough to stay at home…it surely did look strange, though, to look out on the asphalt and concrete corral (parking lot) and not see a single GMC on the lot!!!

Congratulations to Bob Musgrove, new President of the GMC Classics, and also to Bernie Baldwin, new Assistant Wagon Master of the Classics…we know you both will do well but we also who will be doing all the work…Marilyn and Renee’…ouch…just kidding, girls!!!

A great time was had last week at the Rally…Black Bart lived up to his reputation…He broke down on the way home but the new assistant wagon master and president fixed him up and got him on his way!!!

But the bigger gaff came before the rally ever started…As you know, Glyn has his GMC under roof at his house…when he started out the Tuesday before the rally…well, he couldn’t get the roof to raise in order to get out…no matter how many times he pushed the little red button…

FINALLY, he walked out front, looked up on the roof, and discovered a measly little ole’ 3” of solid ice packed everywhere…solution…when in doubt, call another Lunch Bunch guy…so in comes Ron (Good Guy in White Hat) Whisenhunt to the rescue…he climbs up on the ladder, chops the ice all away and presto…woops…still no raise!!!

Seems as though the rocker arms had bent “slightly” under the weight of all that ice when the little button was pushed and the hydraulic lift strained itself…so, plan B was instigated…a couple of 2 x 4 x 10 poles from Lowe’s were brought in and the roof was raised manually…glad it worked cause, folks, there wasn’t any plan C….anyway, alls well that ends well…the service guys came out while Glyn was gone, made necessary repairs and the little red button works once more!!!

Well, since we had no GMC’s to mosey in and about, we came in out of the cold, just ate, ate, and ate…oh yah, we did mention a GMC “how to” a time or two…since we had a little extra time on hand, the ladies used the old revolving door thing to keep checking out Hobby Lobby, Gortmans, and a couple other credit card homeys in the center…

Special guest today was Ron Sampson, life long friend of Glyn and Melrose’s…Ron and his wife, Yolanda, traveled many a mile over the years with them to the Univ of Oklahoma football games…Yolanda also succeeded Melrose as the Church Librarian at Eastwood Baptist Church…glad to have you Ron…come again, anytime!!

It was also good to have Sonnie Martin with us today…we have missed you, young lady…Cecil, it’s all your fault…just ask Sonnie!! And what a delight and surprise to have Nora Jones with us today…Nora recently fell and broke her right hip and damaged her left shoulder…she’s improving rapidly but also didn’t want to miss a chance to eat out, either!!

So, folks, there you have it…last week 70 degrees…this week 20 degrees…but, let us assure you…nothing, but nothing, interfered with the old GMC appetite today…in fact, there were more return trips to the buffet line than seen in many a moon…schh…that’s a secret…don’t tell, please!!

Until next month, Happy Travels and stay off the ice…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


January 5, 2007


Yeah, you are write…we blew out the old year and drug in the new one…let’s see, now…this is the way it goes…

The Penses got in late last night from the Fiesta Bowl, excited but slightly on a downer (OU lost)…the Ferris’ took off for Israel right after Christmas and haven’t heard a peep out of them…Nora Jones is home recovering from a broken right hip and fractured left shoulder…Glyn is limping around on a gimpy arthritis leg or two…

Bobbie and the doc are having a slight disagreement…Art’s wife, Sharon, had to work today so he came without her…Minda got called to work at the last minute…Marilyn took off for Albuquerque to be with her brand new granddaughter…

But, other than that, everything else was just hunky-dory and we had a whale of a good time today….we were doubly blessed today when Ken brought his son, George, and grandson, Imeldo, from Minnesota…Glyn had special guest, Tom McCartney, long time friend and unfortunate owner of a SOB motorhome…Lorren White, past president of the Classics, was on hand today, also…great to see you, Lorren…John and Marjorie Troy drove down from Parsons, KS…

The ladies were all in a dither, so, right after eating, off they went to Hobby Lobby to seek out craft ideas and materials for the upcoming Classic Rally in Burnet, TX later this month. Speaking of the rally, it looks like a whole passel of guys and gals are going south later this month…the Bramletts, Musgroves, Eimens, Haynes, Baldwins, Broostins, Rowlands, Penses…just to name a few!! Probably more than that, for sure!! Believe a bunch of ‘em are going to caravan down also…that will be fun!!

With all the coaches on hand today, it was again fun to see the local yokels circle the wagons, slowly and carefully looking over those fabulous ladies of fashion…those folks just don’t realize just how much fun they are missing, not owning a GMC…maybe we should say they don’t know how much they are not spending while owning a GMC…hey, all’s fair in love and war…right!!!

Reluctantly and slowly we finished up, breaking up into little groups, asking this, asking that…and, as Bernie so aptly stated, continuing to build lifetime friendships over the hood of a GMC, one year at a time…

So, until next month, take care…and drive carefully…Happy New Year, and see you in Burnet…

All the best,

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch