The Tulsa Lunch Bunch

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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Tulsa GMC Gathering

December 4, 2009




Self: Oh, no…Seven O'clock already…can't be…

Self's Conscience: Time to rise and shine, buddy…today's the day…

Self: But I can't…beside the fact it is 19 degrees outside right now…

Self's Conscience: Never mind, get up anyway…

Self: But why? This bed is so nice and comfy…

Self's Conscience: Sorry, don't you know what day this is?

Self: No, I don't know…please, Lord, just a few more minutes…

Self's Conscience: That's it buddy…up you go…NOW

Self: Why, pray tell…

Self's Conscience: Cause it is TOYS FOR TOTS TIME!!!


And there you have it…this scene was repeated o'er and o'er again this morning by all the gang of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch…and the guys and gals really turned out today… cold but very sunny weather…a beautiful December day!!

Counting the Marines on hand, we had a great crowd…just a wee bit under 40 souls came hustling in, bringing gifts galore, and placing them under the beautiful Christmas tree, so graciously provided by the management of the Golden Corral…

Nadine, our loyal and faithful waitress, really went all out today, decorating our tables with little Christmas trees, plus nice white napkins adorned with candy canes…thank you, dear lady…we love you for that!!

And then Bernie and Renee Baldwin came a few minutes early and added their special Christmas touch…GMC wheel covers all decorated with multi-colored garland ropes…laid out on each table…and then the presents came tumbling in…all shapes, sizes, colors and each with a touch of gift giving love for the little tykes at Christmas!!

Clyde and Nora (Peanut Brittle Lady) Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Claude and Sally Farris, Jeff and Jane Gibson, Roger Gleason, Tom McCartney, Bill Brunson and Glyn Trimble filled up one area…

Then Bruce Smith, Joey Coulter, Ken and Doree Broostin, Marine Sgt Bradford, Bill and Darlene Rowland and Bernie and Renee Baldwin filled another row…plus Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ron (Black Bart) and Sharon Eimen, Jim and Betty Haynes, Monte and Helen Jestes, Art Moore and Gerald Weems…probably more but didn't have time to get 'em all…

The invocation was given by Bernie and the race for the food department was on…of course, a few (no names, please) had already "slightly" indulged…but Bernie blessed the food anyway!!

New guys, Bruce and Joey, really took advantage of the buffet line…we can tell they are going to be real, honest to goodness…Lunch Bunch examples to all of us….

After lunch, we were entertained by Gerald with a couple of Christmas songs on his Q-Chord…we even sang along on "Jingle Bells"…of course, it did sound a little off key, especially with food both in your tummy and, heaven forbid, food in thy mouth still!!

Chaplain Farris then brought us a timely Christmas devotional…with special emphasis on giving (as we did today)…thank you, Claude, for your spiritual insight!!

And then we turned all the toys over to Marine Sgt Bradford and his aide, who loaded them all up in their truck to tote back to the Armory. And, one last lingering look at the Christmas tree…it looked so lonely and barren with all the toys gone…maybe we should do it again!! But, looking again at the tree…what a blessing!!!

Until next month, we will see you then…and have a very, very Merry Christmas, one and all!!

Our love and prayers for each of you….remember, HE is the reason for the season!!!
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


November 17-19, 2009






Gather round, boys and girls, and let me tell you a story about the Tulsa Lunch Bunch and their most recent escapade into the far wilderness of Red Oak Campground at Okmulgee State Park…home of the most beautiful Oklahoma November scenery and the toastiest campfire ever….

A paradise of fallen leaves, together with a shimmering lake (a wee bit too cold for skinny-dippin), and a growing and glowing pile of logs that radiated heat all through the evening…no matter what the beverage!!!

First to arrive Tuesday was Glyn, followed soon afterward by Fred, then Ron and Sharon, then newbies Bruce and Joey and last but not least, Bernie and Renee…a round of visits and show and tell soon followed, along with appropriate oohs and aahs for the spectacular view of the lakeside…hookups and heaters soon followed and in that order!!!

Wow! Time to go eat…imagine that!! Off to Massey's BBQ for a most delightful respite…and Glyn did it again…last year he ordered their "Spud" off the menu and he couldn't eat it all then, either…think he learned his lesson? No way…he did it again…(by the way, their "Spud" is a huge baked potato piled with gobs of meats and other unknown goodies that tickle your palate and burn your throat)…

Back to the campground and get ready for Wednesday…lot's more to come for sure!!! Woops…turn on the furnace…the space heater ain't gonna do it!!

Wednesday morning rolled around…no frost, just good old fashioned bone chillin' weather…Soon Ken and Doree came rollin' in, followed by Bob and Marilyn, then last but not least, Bill and Darlene…(they just arrived home late Tuesday from a visit to Alabama)…

The guys took off for a never to be forgotten tour of the Covington Aircraft Engine Co…they specialize in overhauling and refurbishing aircraft engines of all sizes and shapes, including those turbine jobs…we couldn't help but notice the destination tags…from all over the world…plus maintenance on a whole passel of crop dusters…By the way, Monte flew in from Stillwater (he left his GMC at home) just in time to join us on the tour…and accompanied by friend Bill, along with Lunch Bunch guy, Jim Haynes…

Next a tour of Abbot Aircraft Works, owned by Fred's son-in-law…they were located in an old hanger that you could store a passel of blimps in…machinery that could do anything and often does in aircraft maintenance…

While touring the plants, we came to a realization that an impeller that costs $30,000 is just a wee bit more than buying a part for the GMC…little gear parts, with a half dozen fitting into the palm of your hand, costing over $1,000 each…GMC, we love you!!!

Back to the campground we went…by now the campfire was roaring and so were the…never mind, you know what we mean…ha…and joining us for the evening were Fred's daughter, LaDonna and two grandchildren, Ben and Leslie…Since Leslie was turning 5 the next day, it was only appropriate we sang "Happy Birthday"….she enjoyed that and so did we…

Time to go eat (again!)….it was off to the Western Sirloin Steak House…we even got a private room, our very own waitress, and it was time to dig in…buffet, move over, we are coming…and we did…and we did…and we did…even the steaks were just right, too!!

Back to the campground we waddled, and there we enjoyed the campfire until late into the night…with very little breeze, the smoke and fire just leaped up into the star lit night skies…wist that it would never end!!

Thursday morning rolled around much too soon…the pet owners rousted out early for their dutiful walks…the rest just slept in real cozy like under blankets of warmth…and then we stirred up the campfire again…thanks to the Park Ranger who so graciously provided the logs for us again this year…and so the yakkin' started all over again…

Time for the coup 'de gras…a visit to the Okmulgee State Culinary Art Institute…where they teach young students the finer aspects of food preparation…and each Thursday during school session, they prepare a gourmet buffet…and all 20 of us did our best to "gourmet" through their banquet tables, each loaded with goodies, succulent and fantastic to the taste…except for their fresh cooked asparagus, soaked in a hot sauce…that said "Hello" all the way down….wow!!!

Finally, time to load up and head 'em out…but, first, must mention that a local Model A Club was also at the banquet…we parked right next to them and we both spent oodles of time looking over each other's antique and classic vehicles…at least we didn't have to cold crank our engines to get them started…ha…but we do have to jump start now and then…don't we, Fred? Er uh Hoiman? …. no trades were made, we might add …

Back home again…Thank You, Lord, for a safe and happy journey into the fantasy land of GMC Motorhoming…all for now…see you in December at the Toys for Tots time…our love and prayers…

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


November 6, 2009




Goodness gracious!! Here it is early November, temperature in the mid 70's, lots of GMC's ON HAND, big appetite, .SO WHAT DO WE DO?


THE REAL PECKIN' ORDER WENT LIKE THIS, WE GO EAT, WE GO BACK FOR SECONDS, THIRDS? WE GO FOR DESSERT AND THEN WE STARTED TO TALK A LITTLE GMC STUFF. Uh oh, didn't see that on the chow line, gotta have some of that, … and away we go.

Wow, what a great crowd today, all primed, rested up and ready to go somewhere. So we will! We are booked into the Okmulgee State Park for Tues-Thurs Nov 17-19 with a little bit of shopping, sightseeing, and a fair amount of browsing in the food lines.

Let's see, Tuesday evening we will be dining at Massey's BBQ, Wednesday pm we will be on tour at an aircraft turbine engine plant, or shopping at the antique mall and Wal Mart, of course … take your choice. Wednesday evening we will be dining at theWestern Sizzlin' Steak House, and Thursday noon we will be at the Okmulgee Tech Gourmet Buffet, complete with white table linens and wait staff dressed in their fancy duds complete with white gloves! ... oh my …

By the way, must mention we had several special guests today as well as first timers. Roger brought his granddaughter, Niki, with him. George and Christie Livingston came today for their very first time, with their 'take your breath away' decorated coach. Harold upholtz came today, guest of Glyn, .and yes, we did "induct" him into the bunch, although he was a "slight" bit reluctant … .ha …

Bill and bobbie Bramlett visited with us today. They were leaving to go home to Colorado right after lunch. God Speed, dear friends.

Chuck Myers joined us again. Good to see you, sir. Chet got there in time to … well, to be just "Chet". Ken and Doree were on hand, along with Tweety Bird and Grizzly.

Also Ron and Sharon, Glyn, Monte and Helen, Bernie, Clyde and Nora, Fred and Peggy, Jim and Betty plus Cecil, Claude and Sally.

Ron Whisenhunt was out hanging up Christmas lights, Bill and Darlene were on the way to Alabama, Bob and Marilyn were baby sitting in Dallas, John and Margorie were vacationing in Colorado, don't know where Don Cooper was, Becky was at the doctor's office.

Plans were also made for next month's toys for tots. Everybody bring lots of toys, all unwrapped, and the Marines will be on hand to pick them up and deliver them in time for Christmas!! We will be having a special Christmas program also, so fair warning, don't miss it.

And so, till next time, have a great Thanksgiving and God Bless.

Our love and prayers for each of you,

The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


October 9, 2009




Mercy Sakes! It's almost Boogie Man Time, but shux, the Lunch Bunch guys and gals have already had their fun and there's more on the way. By now you know that seven coaches of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch made their way to the GMCMI Rally in Pueblo, CO and all are safely back home to roost. Would have been eight but that's another story.

Let's see, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Irv and Shirley Pense, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Claude and Sally Farris, Ken and Doree Broostin, Ron and Sharon Eimen plus Glyn Trimble, all made it safely to Pueblo and back with only minor scrapes and bruises, coaches as well as egos, so to speak. A great rally. Over 150 GMC's on hand, lots of good food, outstanding seminars, but you can read about those elsewhere, now for the good stuff, the gossip, of course!!

Seems as tho Bernie and Ron went out to visit the local Air Space Museum in Pueblo, their tour guide, Docent Col Vincent "Flash" Gordon, a perky WWII P-51 Pilot, all of 93 years young. Despite his age, "Flash" was still the slightly cocky, arrogant and very jet-jockey pilot of long ago. Those of you who know your history know that the P-51 pilots were the 101st Airborne Division guys in the skies (by the way, their 15 min tour turned into two hours of fascinating history)!!

Whether marching down the streets, three abreast, or flying sorties over the skies of Germany, "Flash" reminisced about the fun he had flying back from his missions, 79 all total, strafing anything and everything that moved, especially rail trains or planes on the ground, none of which was on the flight plan. No wonder Tom Brokaw called them the "Greatest Generation".

On a more humorous note, coming back from the rally, we were stopped in Woodward, OK for a stretch (potty) break, we loaded back up to go but Black Bart could not get his coach started. Just then, an Angel in the form of an Okie Red-Neck stopped with his trusty pickup and offered to jump start Black Bart, which he did, of course, and on our way we went.

But, wait, there's more to the story. At the next rest stop, you guessed it, same story but with a different ending. This time, Black Bart stepped back into his past and used his tried and true method. He took out his little bitty (small sledge) hammer and smacked that battery ground post real good and away we went. What can we say, Boogie Man, go away!

One more story and then we will tell you about the luncheon today…you know how you must very carefully watch for deer and other wildlife jumping out in front of you in Colorado as well as Oklahoma, well, there was this GREAT BIG RED stop sign that jumped right out in front of Glyn as he was approaching a four-way highway intersection.

With great fear and trepidation, Glyn managed to scoot past that GREAT BIG RED stop sign without so much as getting a scratch on it or the coach. Between great skill and dumb luck, to what else can we attribute such success? By the way, you will not find this as a recommended procedure in the driver's manual, but of course you already knew that … ha.

Luncheon today was full of fun-talk, missed you guys stuff, braggin' rights on gas mileage, outright fabrication of other details plus a whole lot of pickin' out the right goodies in the chow line. On hand were Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Monte and Helen Jestes, Claude and Sally Farris, Clyde and Nora Jones, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Chet Simpson, Cecil Martin, Roger Gleason, Irv Pense, Glyn Trimble, Bill and Darlene Rowland, plus first time visitor, Gene Wilbern, who is looking to buy a GMC after owning several other larger coaches.

Surprisingly, we didn't scare him off, even after all the "not so tall" tales of coaching "opportunities" that we had on our trip to and from Colorado!!! Gene even wanted to go through the coaches on hand, believe it or not!!!

Sorry, can't help it, just gotta tell you another good travel story. Sseems as tho that Ken and Doree made one of those stretch stops along the highway somewhere in Kansas, unknown to them they stopped along side a prairie dog colony. The plan was to let Grizzly, their pet Airedale, out to do his "thing".

Since Grizzly was only accustomed to seeing a couple of squirrels at a time back on the farm in OK. Well, he went sort of bonkers. He thought he was in "squirrel" heaven with hundreds of those little critters scurrying all around.

Well, they couldn't let him out of course. Can't you just imagine that petite Doree hanging onto that leash for dear life with that 90 lb plus Airedale flying down the "midway". WHOA, WHOA, WHOA and who knows what. Scratch one "stretch" stop. Now, back to today's luncheon at the Corral.

More stuff at luncheon. It was great to see Clyde and Nora Jones back with us. They have had to overcome serious illness, both of them. Plans were made for a short outing soon at Okmulgee State Park. Seems as though about half wanted to go for the camping and the other half wanted to go for the food, imagine that!!!

Just got to tell you this little goodie. Maybe Black Bart will forgive us. Seems as though when we started to leave, yeah, you guessed it, his coach would not start again, and after much probing, prodding, do this, do that, a successful start was made and the rest of us took off in a hurry, Ouch, we didn't want to influence him in any way, of course, since Black Bart sort of laid the blame on us. tch, tch…

Almost time for the kiddies to go trick or treatin'. Watch out for 'em, but we big kids have already met our boogie man, and, as our favorite comic strip hero, Pogo, would say, We have met the Boogie Man and he is _______ ....nah, no way, Jose. Couldn't be.

Til next month, same place, same time, and may the Good Lord keep you in his pocket and smother you with His Love.

Also, don't forget that TOYS FOR TOTS time is coming up in December. That's real soon, too!!
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch Guys and Gals

P.S. Gotta get this in for sure Tuesday evening at the International Rally in Pueblo we were "privileged" to induct almost 300 new members into the Tulsa Lunch Bunch in a fun swearing in mock ceremony. My, my, how we have grown … ha.

And for those of you not able to attend the GMCMI Rally in Pueblo, here's a look at the photo site, thanks to Dan Gregg and Billy Massey. And take a look at those magnificent little Pinewood Derby GMC racers!!


September 4, 2009




Who knew that the small group of GMC pals meeting way back in Sep 99 would turn into a passionate life long love affair…Husband, Wife and GMC…inseparable, devoted, cherished and loyal compatriots and followers…all under the spell of that fantastic old lady…the GMC Motorhome…

Equally as exciting is knowing that many of that original gang are still with us and we are still meeting in the same venue that we started with…LUNCH AT THE GOLDEN CORRAL…with lot's of hugs in between, plenty of good food to eat, and an extraordinary amount of GMC stuff to talk about!!

Let's see if we can name some of those original guys and gals…Andy and Jondine Flynn, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, Ron and Sharon Eimen, plus Glyn and Melrose Trimble…there may have been one other but not quite sure…And, for the record, the second time around we jumped from 8 to 18 in attendance…

By the way, the manager of the Corral stopped in today and offered his congratulations on our 10th anniversary…didn't offer any complementary meals, however…said he would "think" about it…in another ten years or so…ha…

Reminds us of the story in the Bible of the fellow who worked for his prospective father-in-law seven years for the bride of his choice, only to discover (too late) that pappy slipped in the older daughter in her place…alas, another seven years he had to wait and work…

Anyway, back to the present…we had a special newcomer today…Chuck Myers of Tulsa…brought his 23 ft Birchaven out with him…said he had been reading about us on the net…Thanks, Billy…
Quite a few on hand today…Fred and Peggy Pitezel, along with granddaughter, Loren…Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Claude and Sally Farris, Ken and Doree Broostin, Bill and Darlene Rowland plus Jim and Betty Haynes…oh yeah, Cecil Martin and Glyn Trimble held down one end of a table, too….

Irv and Shirley Pense along with Chet and Pat Simpson, left early for Dallas for the OU football game…Roger and Debbie Gleason sneaked out for a weekend at the lake…Don Cooper just plain played hookey…Clyde and Nora Jones were at home recuperating from hospital stays…

Must mention that the Corral has undergone extensive remodeling and an extra salad and goodie bar has been added…would you believe…it took TWO trips today to check everything out!!!

The excitement of today was our scheduled trip to the GMC International at Pueblo later this month…several are going in convoy, meeting up with the others at the Rally…so far, going are the Penses, Musgroves, Eimens, Farris', Pitezels and Trimble….couple of others are still mulling it over…looking forward to meeting up with the Bramletts plus a lot of old friends…and making some new ones, too…

Travel time is really getting close…gotta close now cause it's time to go back to check out that new food bar just ONE more time…ha…

Our love and prayers for each of you
The Tulsa Lunch Bunch


August 7, 2009




What a weekend! Starting Thursday and going through Sunday morning, the Lunch Bunch had lots of records broken.

Nearly 60 people joined us at one time or another…whether at Lunch on Friday at the Corral in Tulsa, or watching the skies in Claremore for non-existent balloons, Dining Extra-Ordinaire, at the Casino's Turf Club or Pot Luck Lunch at the Campground Pavilion, viewing the Hot Rod Show or yakkin' on the sidelines. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention the guys really had a ball at the lawnmower races Saturday afternoon, and each one imagined himself crossing the finish line in style on HIS lawnmower, no less.

First of all, a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Doc Parsons, one of our own. He entered his Ford Hot Rod in the competition and won FIRST PLACE in the Ford category, plus a tidy sum of cash to go with it, check the pics, you gotta see it. In addition, we want to say a huge bit of "Thanks" to Rob and Helen Mueller, from Sydney, Australia, for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and spend a few days with us. Needless to say, we fell in love with them. Believe we heard them say that the Turnpike Fare in Oklahoma was "slightly" less that airfare to Australia, but not by much, ha, just kidding.


By now you know that the balloons did not fly, with the exception of a few on Friday morning and a few on Sunday morning, the high winds were just too dangerous for the pilots. Believe you me, none of us would have ventured up there in those windy skies, either. Unfortunately, one balloon did catch on fire while attempting a short moon glow. Nno injuries, however.

Lots of "circle the wagon" lookers at all the beauties. Again this year we had prime front row parking places (and we have been booked into the same sites next year). The Cherokee folks also invited the Lunch Bunch to participate in their first ever RV Show next spring, and if their attendance is anywhere near what came out for the Balloons and Hot Rod Show, well, we will be busy.

Let's see if we can name all the folks who joined us at one time or another during the festivities. Ed Vincent, T J Dougan, Max and Joan Kanel, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Ron and Sharon Eimen plus guest Jeanie, Monte and Helen Jestes, Chet Simpson, Don Cooper and his gal, Sheila, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove plus daughter, Kathryn, and her two little very impetuous toddlers, Grant and William, both ALL boys. Also Frank and Cathy Emshoff, Boyd and Sherry Mooney plus three grandchildren Grant, Gavin, and Addison, Jim and Betty Haynes, Charles and Diane Ree, Glyn Trimble, Doc and Susy Parsons, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Lanny and Billie Young, John and Carolyn Mahan plus granddaughter Alexi and friend Piper, Claude and Sally Farris, Clyde and Nora Jones. Also Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Roger and Debbie Gleason, Ken and Doree Broostin plus his son and his family, and there were more (especially at the ice cream table) but didn't write their names down, shame. And, of course, our new Australian Lunch Bunch members, Rob and Helen Mueller. And, yes, we did induct them into the Lunch Bunch, with all the pomp and circumstance that which we inducted the rest of you. Now you won't have to ask … ha. Even though the balloons did not fly, the camaraderie and fun time went right on as if we had planned it that way, everybody's A/C units worked and the cokes and ice cream helped pave the way for a rousin' good time. .As per usual, Black Bart won at the Casino (HE SAID he did, for what that's worth).

The only thing that would have made it better was to have you there. Maybe next year. ok? And maybe the balloons will fly then, But, then, yea or nay, we will have a great time, .and we can't say enough about the courtesies and gracious manner in which we were received by the folks at Gatesway and Cherokee Casino/KOA.

Again, our special kudos to each of you that made that extra special effort to be with us and traveled down the pike those extra miles. You made the difference for us.

Our love and prayers to each of you.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P. S…If you will "Google" in the words, "Tulsa Lunch Bunch", our (slightly tainted) history of the past ten years will come up on the net…big words and all…


July 10, 2009




Just a few short days ago, a group of your Tulsa Lunch Bunch were grazing along the slippery sliding slopes of the Lake Spavinaw dam at Lake Spavinaw State Park in the hidden hills of eastern Oklahoma. While camping there all the while there was a never ending cascade of water pouring over the dam, giving a soft cool smell of fresh water floating throughout the campsites. After all, we were at the base of the dam, actually almost within rock throwing distance, and, this is absolutely first hand knowledge, the water was very clear, rippling along beside us, and much too cold to swim in.

One of the highlights was watching a group of teenagers, (from a teen half-way house) enjoying camping, fishing and swimming for the very first time in their lives. It brought back some tender memories for one of the gang. Seems as though he was brought here years ago when he was only a lad, and it was his very first camping experience also. Still remembers that painful skinned knee he got while playing in the water at the base of the dam. That concrete was hard then and it sure looks like it still is.

Fast forward to today and lunch at the Golden Corral. Lots of gmc stories and a few other little tidbits. All true, of course. Plans for future rallies and that sort of good stuff.

Must remember Bll and Darlene Rowland in our prayers. Both are under the weather. A daughter flew in and is staying with them for the present. Also, Roger Gleason had out-patient surgery yesterday but doing quite well.

Don Cooper sold his sob and is having withdrawal pains, but he still has his GMC. Now he must go to work on it or else.

Also joining us today were Claude and Sally Farris, Clyde and Nora Jones, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Andy and Jondine Flynn, Ron and Terri Whisenhunt, Ken and Doree Broostin to name a few.

Plus Irv And Shirley Pense, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Jim Haynes, Glyn Trimble and, Nadine, our faithful waitress.

Hey, it's almost time for the (Hot Air) Balloon Festival that's coming up on Saturday and Sunday August 7 - 9. Ken brought a report on planned activities. We have 30 reserved sites, check in time Thursday or Friday. Friday lunch here at the Corral, Friday night dinner on your own or with your neighbor. Then watch the balloons. and ooh and aah to your heart's content. Take a pic or two, maybe a little ice cream.

Saturday morning the Hot Rod Car Show (it was a rousing success last year), and something different this year, a fabulous buffet Saturday evening at the Casino next door, all enclosed and air conditioned. You can even stay and watch the balloons from there if you wish.

Sunday morning it is watch and duck time. The balloons come over and set down in the parking lot just behind. Last year a couple almost joined us in the RV park.

The fare? $20 per night, full hookups, and we will collect it. There is also a new outdoor pavilion for us this year. The Saturday night buffet is $13 per adult and $7 for the youngsters. Plus we will be taking up a generous contribution for our sponsors, Gateway Foundation. They are a group that employs and assists our "special friends" . These folks do a blessed work and we can never thank them enough!!

In the meantime, give a holler if you are coming. Just let Glyn, Ken or Bob know. We want to make certain we have enough spaces for everybody, and make certain you're A/C works really well. ha. see ya

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


June 5, 2009




What do you do with a roomful of GMC people? All they want to do is sit, talk and eat, not necessarily in that order. So, let's join 'em here at the ole' watering hole, The Golden Corral.

Lot's of firsts today, first time visitor, guest of Glyn, was Curtis Hanks. First time to bring his "new" GMC was John Mahan. First time to be on time, well, never mind, we know who it was!!!

Discussions and attitudes were the order of the day. Remembering our little outing at Allen's Point RV camp on Lake Oologah a couple of weeks ago, planning the next one on Lake Spavinaw in a few days, discussions of GMC fixes running rampant, no solutions, mostly wistful thinkin'.

Let's see, today it was good to see John and Marjorie Troy again. Leonard and Jane Howard, Chet Simpson, Ken and Doree Broostin, Roger Gleason, and Clyde and Nora Jones all made it in. Also, Fred and Paggy Pitezel with granddaughter Loren, Monte ahd Helen Jestes, Bill and Darlene Rowland (just back from Alabama) and old friend, Wayne Pauley.

Also huggin' the dinner line were Ron Whisenhunt, Glyn Trimble, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, John and Carolyn Mahan with granddaughter Alexi. Doc Parsons arrived with a few tall tales about hunting rattlesnakes. Fortunately he didn't bring any live trophies. Bernie and Renee Baldwin made it okay, daughter Minda safely in her new apartment at college. Claude and Sally Farris had family visiting and couldn't make it. Jim and Betty Haynes arrived minus their GMC, we'll forgive them this time, ha. Cecil and Sonnie Martin, along with Don Ccooper played hookey today, shame, shame.

Ss now it's off to Lake Spavinaw State Park (if at first you don't succeed, try, try again)). Tuesday and Wednesday, June 16 and 17. Several are going, so feel free to join right in. Good sites just below the Lake Spavinaw dam and a first class old fashioned hillbilly eatery just around the corner.

Oops! Almost forgot, we sang "Happy birthday" to Peggy today and had birthday cake, too!!

Until next month, take good care and work on that GMC (isn't that SOP)? And if you see Black Bart, ask him about photo cameras at traffic intersections.

All the best,
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P.S A special note. Let's remember in prayer the families of the couple who, shortly after we left Allen Point RV Camp the other day, went out in their small boat and never returned. The search is still ongoing.


May 20-22,2009




Seemed like a good idea at the time. A call as well as a visit was made to Lake Spavinaw State Park for a group of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch to spend a few quiet days of just plain ole' lazy solitude. "Sure, fellas, come on up, water level is down and we've got lots of room." Scenery was gorgeous, water cascading over the dam about 300 yards away, home style cookin' available about a mile away. What more could you ask for?

Surprise! Surprise! An early arrival Wednesday AM (Black Bart) found there were no vacancies whatsoever. A quick call by the Park Ranger indicated another campground was opening up nearby and had 14 vacancies. (High water had kept it closed for a few days) Shux, that was more than enough.
Upon Black Bart's arrival, he discovered a long line of RVs waiting to enter. Shot down again, guess we will just have to cancel our outing.

WAIT!! Good guy in White Sombrero comes galloping to the rescue. Ken "Tweety Bird" Broostin makes a call or two dozen and locates a campground on Oologah Lake called Allen's Point RV Park. Oops, it's not listed in any printed material, campground magazine or whatever, but wait, they do have a web site. Since we were all packed and ready to go, .and being self-contained, a final "GO" verdict is agreed and we all set out for, as Bob Musgrove said, "A New Adventure".

Glyn arrives first and finds a semi-primitive, tiered, beautiful, fishin' village type of campground that is literally parked on the side of the hill complete with electric and water hookups, reasonable level pads, lots of trees, plus a true sense of adventure in getting up the side of the hill to your camping spot!!! Oh yes, it had a very nice boat dock, courtesy of the Corps of Engineers!!

Amenities. Let's see, one restroom for everybody plus one freezer full of ice bags. No matter where you walked it was either up hill or down hill. So, let the adventure begin!!! Gorgeous scenery and trees prevailed!!!

Bob and Marilyn arrived shortly after Glyn, and Bob "bounced" into his spot followed by Tweety Bird and Black Bart, who found the trail to their camp sites. More fun and adventure!!! And we were only about 50 yards from the water.

Evening rolled around and the quiet beauty of nature set in. Tall trees, gentle breeze, rippling waters, boats coming in at dusk, and Grizzly found himself a blond girl friend. They had a ball as did we watching them. While we were people watching, two teenagers wandered out into the lake. Being on the hillside, when Black Bart turned to watch them, well, he sort of rolled down the hill, just like the Pillsbury Dough Boy would do if he fell out of his chair. Hence, Black Bart / Pillsbury Dough Boy, take your choice…ha….

An absolute incredible night for sleeping, no air-conditioning needed. A cool, forest like quiet permeated through out the hillside. Open windows, light cover…zonk!!!

Morning filtered it's way through the windows, orange juice, coffee, breakfast time. Peaceful, just the way nature provided, broken only by an occasional fisherman unloading his fishin' skiff and gear.

By now our "adventure" had turned into a peaceful paradise, sitting out in the open air, doing our nothing thing. Irv and Shirley joined us, just in time for a noon rendezvous with Bernie and Renee for another restaurant adventure, "The Depot Restaurant" in Nowata, a place recommended and listed in the Oklahoma Travel Guide.

Another jewel to be added to our fun places, this was a fabulous restaurant created out of the old train depot in Nowata. Crowded to the gill and tantalizing aromas pouring out everywhere. When they brought out those hot fried mushroom and onion ring appetizers, … well, we were hooked for sure!!

About that time the Pillsbury Dough Boy asked about whatever happened to the trains, one came barreling through doing about 60 mph, whistle blarin' mournful and loud enough to wake the cemetery dead. Since we were only about 30 feet from the track, not only did the building shake but it shook us up as well! By the time the third train came through, we were old hands at ignoring it. Yeah, and we lie a lot, too!!!

The meal was scrumptious. Doggie bags were the order of the day and then "reluctantly" back to the campground for an afternoon of leisure socializing, and watching the fishermen come and go. We never did see many fish, however!! The main event, of course, was watching the guys back their boats down in to the water to unload. Some went straight but most zigged, then zagged, zigged some more but they all made it, finally. It was fun watching and we tried not to laugh too loud. Really now, be honest, could we have done any better? Of course we could, after all, we drive a GMC …ha…ha…ha…

Evening came and amazingly, no one was hungry. Just before dark we nibbled a few bits of lettuce salad,drank a coke, then turned in for another wonderful night of beautiful sleep in the forest.

Friday AM showed up. We had planned to leave around 9-10 AM but, surprise, surprise, no one wanted to leave. Finally, and reluctantly we must add, we folded up our tents, crawled behind the wheel, and headed out for home shortly after 12:00 noon.

Two things for sure, Allen's Point RV Park on Lake Oologah and "The Depot" in Nowata are two return visits for sure. Everyone is safely home now. Thank You, Lord, for looking after us once more.

Til next time…
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


May 8, 2009




One by one the Lunch Bunch Gang buckled on their pontoons and swam back in from the Texas GMC Classic Rally, almost literally. Wow, did it ever rain, cats, dogs, alligators, peacocks (but not during the daytime, thank you, Lord) you name it. Coming home you could see water up to the tops of everything, rushing along the roadways, flowing nowhere but everywhere.(and the guys and gals who traveled to the Bean Station Rally also made it back home all in one piece, more or less, but with no flooding!!)

But, first of all, a joyous time viewing the beautiful red roses at the Tyler State Rose Park reminded us of the Azaleas at the Muskogee Park in all their magnificent beauty. Then along the way, we sneaked off for a Mexican fiesta/dinner at a delightful, colorful restaurant called "The Jalapeño Tree". And, yes, it lived up to it's distinctive name!!

And now its First Friday time again, even though it's the SECOND Friday this month (shhh, don't tell anybody)

Plans are underway for a short two day respite at Lake Spavinaw State Park coming up on May 20-22. Tis a lovely camping site just below Lake Spavinaw Dam, with it's mountain of water overflowing, lots of gorgeous scenery and scrumptious restaurants all nearby with the garb of Lil Abner, Starsky and Hutch and the Beverly Hillbillies all rolled into one, so grab your favorite fishin' pole, snag your comfiest pair of overalls, hook up your appetite and let's go.

Today was a very special day. After lunch we had the honor of presenting Carrie Reeves, daughter of owner Wade Reeves, of Wade's RV Clinic, a commercial membership in FMCA for his special efforts and endeavors in securing a prime place for us in the Green Country RV Dealers RV show last month at the Quick Trip Center here in Tulsa. That was a very unique and historic time and experience in the history of the Lunch Bunch. (See last month's letter for all the fun details)!

Carrie Reeves and Jenifer Batterson with lucky Glyn

Celebrating Mother's Day (why not?) today were Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Monte Jestes (What? No Helen?), Ron and Sharon Eimen, Ken and Doree Broostin, Glyn Trimble, Bill Brunson, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Jim and Betty Haynes, Andy and Jondine Flynn, (Belated congratulations to them as they recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary)

Also Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Clyde and Nora Jones, plus a number of other special guests, John and Carolyn Mahan, along with granddaughter Alexi joined us for the first time. John's looking for some first class assistance in his restoration of his "new to him" GMC. Also Jennifer Batterson, (special "adopted daughter" of Glyn and Melrose). She snuck off without her hubby to join us (for shame, he had to work) and, of course, our guest of honor, Carrie Reeves!

The Farris family was off to Iowa for granddaughter's graduation, the Bramletts have returned home to Colorado, Irv Pense was out in West Texas shooting at something, Don Cooper was hiding again, Chet Simpson, where were you? We can't have a meeting without you!!! In between bites we managed to cover a broad range of topics starting from "Where did you get that?" to "It cost HOW much?", "Where are we going next?", "That's so cute, did you make it?", Oops.

And, just in case you are wondering, yes we missed you!! See you next month at the ole' waterin' hole, the Golden Corral, Friday, Jun 5th.

Til then,
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


April 3, 2009



Well, maybe we fibbed a bit, it was mostly eat, talk, eat, gossip, jabber, eat, talk, gossip and eat time today.

All the gang from the RV show were on hand plus a whole bunch of others plus a number who were looking to buy their very own GMC.    IMAGINE !!!

Special guests today were Bill and Phyllis Haivala from Choctaw, OK who were in the market for a GMC. THEY TOOK LOTS OF NOTES, ASKED A SLEW OF QUESTIONS. IT SEEMS AS THOUGH THEY WANT TO DOWN SIZE FROM A 38 FOOTER. Really nice people and we look forward to seeing them again, real soon!!

We also had a local guy, William Southmayd, who not only visited us at the RV show but came out today to look and ask, and took notes on where several coaches were that were up for sale, locally as well as statewide and nationally. We appreciate him being with us.

Cecil and Sonnie Martin brought a special teenage grandson, Brandon, with them today. Hope we didn’t scare him too badly, having lunch with a whole bunch of old geezers, your editor being the exception, of course!!!

It was good to see Chet Simpson today. Chet visited with us at the show also. Monte and Helen, along with Bernie and Renee, kept the conversation going rather lively. We even sang a somewhat distinctive version of “Happy Birthday” to Ron Eimen. Black Bart is still holding his own!!!

Clyde and Nora joined in. Clyde is gradually improving with his health. Marilyn was off doing her “Grandma” thing in Louisville, KY. Peggy went back to work last Tuesday after being off for her shoulder operation. Bernie is up and around after knee surgery.

Enough of that. It’s off to the Classics rally for a number of the folks. We are really looking forward to that. It’s been a way too long!!!

Next month will be a very special time. As we may have mentioned, one of the local RV dealers, Wade Reeves, owner of Wade’s RV clinic, recommended that we be invited to participate in the RV show last month. Well, you already know the story about the show.

So, we, the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, got together and we are giving him a commercial membership in FMCA for his kindness and thoughtfulness. So, next month, Wade will be with us and at that time we will present him his membership plaque and certificate. (And, of course, he will be “inducted” into the Tulsa Lunch Bunch!)

Lest you think we just eat and run, today we started arriving around 10:30 and it was almost 3:00 this afternoon when the last coach pulled out. No names, please, we must protect the guilty.

That's all for now. Come see us

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


March 6 - 8, 2009




Gather round, boys and girls, and let me tell you a tale of GMC FUN AND FROLIC, ALONG WITH SORE FEET AND ACHING BACKS…

A FEW WEEKS AGO WE WERE CONTACTED BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE Green Country RV Dealers Association of Oklahoma about showing our fair ladies at their upcoming RV show at the Expo Square Building in Tulsa…

We quickly agreed and set out making plans. Little did we know we were to be the centerpiece of the exhibition. After several meetings we were able to draw up our floor plans. We had nine of our ladies and one antique tow vehicle. This made ten spot. .Just enough to make two old fashioned western style “Circle The Wagons” exhibits, which we did on arriving Thursday afternoon, March 5, complete with electrical hookups. We set up shop .amidst hundreds and hundreds of other rv’s. All sizes, from little bitty pop-ups to the great big 45 footers. It didn’t take long to ask each other just what had we gotten ourselves into???

Friday rolled around and we met for our normal first Friday lunch at the golden corral but a little earlier than usual so we could make opening showtime at noon.

Lots of the other folks were on hand to see us off including Clyde and Nora Jones, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Cecil and Sonnie Martin to name a few. A goodly number skipped lunch and joined us at the show later.

By the way, we didn’t realize it at the time, but the RV marketing department filmed us arriving as well as after we were set up and made a couple of commercials featuring the GMC motorhomes to show. And show them they did on the local NBC, ABC and CBS television stations. We have a copy of these ads and plan to put them on u-tube for all to see!!! (The show floor manager had asked us to set up in a staging area outside and all come in together. Now we know why, as well as easier parking for them).

And the people came…and the people came…and the people came…along with a number of our own lunch bunch. Chet and Pat Simpson, Dennis and Ginger Nichols, David and Becky Paliotta, John and Mary Stoeki, as well as a number of others.

Oh yes, the coaches being shown belong to Fred and Peggy Pitezel, Roger and Debbie Gleason, Irv and Shirley Pense, Bill and Darlene Rowland, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ken and Doree Broostin, Jim and Betty Haynes, and Glyn Trimble.

Time passed very quickly over the three days. A lot of serious questions were asked and a few in the other category, i.e. one lady pulled out a drawer and exclaimed “Oh, there’s clothes in here!” (she pulled out the underwear drawer). Another asked “Do you really use these coaches?”. Another kept saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh”, then called her sister on the phone and said “Sis, you’ve got to come out here! You’ve always wanted a GMC and, well there is a whole nest of ‘em here”. But the best one of all, one lady looked at Glyn’s GMC complete with the 1984 vintage Cadillac tow car and asked “do you tow this?”, and, as you will see in the photos, it was fully hooked up and ready to roll.

We were not allowed to stay overnight but we did manage to sneak in a few tidbits. Since the fridge’s were all on and, as per usual magic, a goodly number of goodies kept showing up (imagine that!) Best of all was Sunday morning, with breakfast muffins, chocolate fudge squares and a huge crockpot full of sausage gravy along with luscious bicuits. Our reputation was upheld!!!

We had set up portable tents and lots of chairs, giving a literal “courtyard” and camping atmosphere. Several (no, a whole bunch of) people used our camping spots as a rest and relax oasis.

A lifetime of memories, a mountain top experience, and all our past rally experiences rolled into one. Nothing could ever surpass the joy and camaraderie of this show. Including the experience of a certain unnamed lady who crawled into the window of one of the coaches that was locked and no key. Check out the pics.

(and next time you see Doree, ask her to tell you about her free-fall.    shhh, it’s a secret!!)

Show’s over now, and we have been asked back. Wow, time to rest and recuperate. And it’s only a little over three weeks until the next luncheon.

Our love and prayers to each of you. Wish you could have been with us.

Your tulsa lunch bunch

P.S. check out the pics at :

Also, video that the local TV stations ran about us:


Febuary 6, 2009



What a great time today!! Not only did the ladies all wear RED today in honor of HEART Day but two of our old and much loved friends, Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, surprised us for lunch. Wow, have we ever missed you!! Our loss is Colorado’s gain!!!

Joining them today also were Kathy, their daughter-in-law, and Emily, their granddaughter, everybody’s favorite little Princess.

Joining in today were Clyde and Nora Jones. Clyde turned 84 today and is still going strong. Daughter Peggy (recovering from shoulder surgery) and son-in-law, Fred were on hand as well. Andy Flynn and his lovely bride, Jondine, anchored down one table along with Don Cooper and Irv and Shirley Pense.

Chet Simpson brought his better half, Pat, for the first time in a while, missed you, Pat. Cecil Martin, along with Glyn Trimble and Roger Gleason, shared old war stories and other “questionable stories” with each other. By the way, our resident missionary, Ron Whisenhunt, leaves for another mission journey on Monday, this time for a month in India. Godspeed Ron. We will be praying for you.

Claude and Sally Farris held forth on another table, thank you, Claude, for bringing the invocation. Black Bart Eimen and his lovely bride, Sharon, came in their coach today and brought along a brand new member of the family, little “Sonny”, a little 5 month old mixed Yorkie poodle.

Over across the way were Bernie and Renee Baldwin, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, along with Jim and Betty Haynes, Ken and Doree Broostin. Almost forgot, Bill and Darlene Rowland left Wednesday for Alabama.

Plans were made for a few outings for later in the year, including both Classic and GMCMI rallies. In the meantime, we will see you next month, provided we ever get through visiting today. Early arrivals were about 10:30 this morning and “conversations” were still going strong late into the afternoon. Oh yes, the food was great, too!! And, believe it or not, we did manage to get in a little “GMC” talk!!! Happy Valentine Day to all!!

Til’ we meet again

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


January 2, 2009




Let’s see, where do we start. Last Janary we were in the midst of recovery from a terrible ice storm. Today was a mixture of happiness and good cheer, plus delightful weather.

“How was your Christmas” and “Happy New Year” were the orders of the day and the weather was in the upper 50’s. Outstanding! And appetites were on the upswing to match. Black Bart, Sharon and little Missy were the first to arrive, followed shortly by Glyn.

While he was inside confirming reservations, Bob and Marilyn, then Jim and Betty arrived, carrying their appetites in a special brown bag. Yeah! They reported that their marine grandson was back safely on base after his Christmas leave.

Clyde and the peanut brittle lady, Nora, arrived with trays in hand, then came rolly polly Don without the pheasant he promised. Irv and Shirley were still in West Texas hunting deer and turkeys. Tom McCartney came driving up in his 1958 Ford Fairlane showpiece. Fred and Peggy arrived, and Peggy was full of smiles. She didn’t have to work the night before. Holiday for her.

Claude and Sally brought their big smiles today. Claude gave the invocation. Roger found his usual place, in the food line of course. He made Debbie work again today.

Andy and Jondine, we missed you. Also Leonard and Jane, Ken and Doree drove in from Claremore, along with Bill and Darlene. They brought two special people with them today, their son Neil and his lovely bride Terry, from OK City. Welcome!

A special treat today. John and Marjorie Troy made it in okay. John is recovering from knee surgery. Welcome back, John. We missed you and Marjorie.

Bernie and Renee brought up the rear. Oh yes, Nadine was her usual cheerful server self. She was busy cleaning up our plates about as fast as we could empty them. Thank you.

The big question. When are we going out again? Think tomorrow would have been not soon enough for some, but it won’t be long, maybe a day trip here and there, depending on the weather. We don’t want to camp out in below freezing temps. Been there, done that. Phooey!

Remember to pray for Peggy. She is having shoulder surgery on January 16 and will be off work about a month. Thank you Peggy, for sharing with us.

And a great big special thanks to Ken and Doree for hosting the gang once again for a lovely Christmas party last month. Their home and Christmas party are an ideal pair. The weather cooperated and a great time was had by all.

Time to wrap this up. See you next month at the Golden Corral or sooner if we can make up an excuse to get out and take a drive to another special place, to eat, what else?

Our love and prayers for each of you

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch