The Tulsa Lunch Bunch
Founded 1999 by Glyn Trimble

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Luis Molina

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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The Tulsa International
GMC Lunch Bunch


Dec 5, 2014




Nearly 30 good GMCers braved the nasty, rainy, foggy, drizzly weather today to come out and celebrate the Christmas Holiday in good fellowship and camaraderie! The Spirit of the Occasion was not lost as our own Chaplain, Col Claude Farris, USAF, Ret. brought us a short devotional about the true meaning of Christmas! Thank You, Claude, we appreciate you as well as the timing of the message.

Most of us were still recovering from our most recent outing…a trip to the annual Thanksgiving Feast, prepared and served by students of the Culinary Arts Department of Okmulgee Technical College in Okmulgee. This always occurs on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, giving you a whole week to get ready to have your own Thanksgiving celebration…being true to ourselves, we did both…

We had a nice surprise today when we walked into the reserved dining room at the Golden Corral today…not only had our faithful Friday gal, Nadine, decorated all our tables for us but we had two brand new GMC owners sitting at one of the tables, waiting for us to arrive! Must confess, we would have been in sooner but we were outside doing a little gabfest of our own, both in a GMC but also standing out in that mucky weather…maybe one of these days we will learn but probably not!

Oh yes, the new owners…Pat and Susan O'Brien of Fayetteville, AR…they recently purchased a 75 Eleganza II and are in the process of bringing it up to snuff…unfortunately, being the new owners that they were, they did the same thing all of us did when we bought our "new" GMC…they actually believed everything we told them…ha…hopefully they will return in spite of our "expertise" we showered upon them!!

Another pleasant surprise today…Doc Parsons brought his new bride, Micah, with him today! The last time they came, they were not married and sat at the table together, holding hands but this time Micah sat with the girls and left Doc on his own with the guys! There is a story somewhere in this but not quite sure what it is! Ha!

Good to see two old friends today also…Ron and Terry Whisenhunt…they no longer have a GMC but are still loyal to our gang! They do still have a motorhome but it's one of those kind we dare not put a name to it…the fallout would be more than we could bear!

Coming in today were most of the regular guys and gals…Monte and Helen, Bob and Marilyn, Ken and Doree, Fred and Peggy, Jim and Betty, Ron and Sharon, Larry and Joanna, plus Clark, Leonard, Hal, and Glyn, just to name a few…

We were also delighted to see a couple of old friends, Bob and Charlotte Ankersheil, who are back in the fold…they have their new to them GMC almost ready to rock and roll…with their new paint job on the coach, it's a real beauty! This makes nearly a dozen GMC ladies in our little group that are "showroom" ready!! Looking forward to spring and "show time"….plus a camping trip here and there, of course!

Time to say good bye until next month…each of us want to wish you the very best, not only for Christmas but also an exciting New Year ahead! And remember, HE is the reason for the season!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch gang




Nov 7, 2014



What a great time we had today! Good crowd, enormous appetites and even a few GMC complaints…no, make that GMC compliments!! After all, we gotta tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts!

First, the good news…our own Clyde Jones is showing much improvement at the hospital while recovering from a severe illness! Secondly, Clyde's gr-granddaughter (and Fred and Peggy Pitezel's granddaughter), is having her first baby in the same hospital as Clyde is in…sounds like the family is going from floor to floor and then back again!

And dialed up among all the fun today were our tales of our upcoming GMC projects…camping, fixing up chores and holiday cheer! Starting with next Tuesday, Nov 11, Veterans' Day, Glyn is providing his coach to be the "King of the Porta Potties" again this year for the Daughters of the American Revolution in their annual Veterans Day Parade. After all, they gotta change into those period costumes somewhere!!

Of course, the guys (The Sons of the American Revolution) are going to help a bit, too! Together, AFTER they get everything ready, they will all ride on a huge patriotic float! Understand that this year's parade is going to be one of the largest in the United States…and it's fun to be a small part of it…hope you can make it there!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch today, a number of important issues were solved! First, we set the dates for our annual November outing at the Okmulgee State Park…we will be there three days, culminating in a grand feast at the Okmulgee State Tech Culinary School…put on and prepared by the students themselves…

This is a marvelous tradition which we have enjoyed for many years…can hardly wait!! Between that and a couple of old fashioned campfire cookouts, it's living outdoors at its best with warm sleeping quarters at night to boot! Join us…you won't be disappointed!
Two of our favorite friends, Jack and Betty Thompson, joined us today, and shared the news of their purchase of a brand new 2015 Class A 32 ft motorhome…we were almost positive they were talking about a "new" GMC cause they mentioned that as soon as they got it home, they discovered a number of items that needed to be fixed…sound familiar? Of course not!! Ha!

Last on the agenda was trying to decide whether or not to go back to the dessert line at the Golden Corral for seconds…or was it thirds…from the looks of some of the plates those secrets are best to kept in true Vegas style…what happens here stays here!

Til we meet again, your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P.S…After lunch today we had a visitor who wanted to see the coaches we had parked out on the lot! Seems as tho she and her husband are looking for a coach that is not too big and easy to drive!! What can we say…that's a GMC for sure! More later!


October 2014



Wow! What a way to start the month! Last Friday Oct 3 the Tulsa Lunch Bunch gathered at the Golden Corral for our monthly gab fest and gab we did plus feasting a bit from the never ending selections at the salad bar, the meat bar and, of course, the dessert bar, just like the ads you see on TV for the Golden Corral! Did a wee bit of GMC talk, too!

Plans were made for the upcoming visit to the Antique Classic Auto Show on Tues Oct 7 at the local Fuddruckers/Target location on East 71st in Tulsa…. that's an open classification show with around 300 vehicles on hand each time! Also, last minute details were checked for our upcoming Foliage Tour on Oct 21-23 in eastern Arkansas including a marvelous foliage train trip plus dining in route! In fact, we have reserved one whole dining car just for us…how 'bout that?

Back to the drawing board for the Auto Show…four coaches…the Trimble, Southmayd, Potts and Eimen coaches were on hand…plus a whole bunch of the guys and gals without their coaches…Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Chet Simpson, Chuck Meyers, David and Cindy Eimen plus Greg and Pat Bush came in their "new" 1930 Packard (a straight eight, too) touring sedan…

The gang started arriving around 4:30 PM and we finally pulled out around or past 8:15 PM…lots of old friends came by, quite a few new ones, including a brand new GMC owner…believe we sold a GMC too but time will tell…ha…oh yes, we did indulge ourselves with a few of those renowned Fuddruckers burgers…

We did get invited to two other upcoming car shows but will have to wait and see what the folks want to do! It was a fun time for sure!

Oops! Back to the drawing board! Just received word that the train that was wrecked over in AR was our planned scenic tour train! Time for Plan XYZ…Bernie suggested that since we all primed and ready to go, why not go anyway but in a different direction…recommendation was Washington Cove Campground, Lake Copan, Copan, OK (a US Army Corp Campground, just north of Bartlesville)…

So, off we went, Tues-Thur Oct 21-23 with nearly a full complement of coaches and lots of goodies in the fridges! Making up the happy contingent were the Musgrove, Baldwin, Pitezel, Jones, Broostin, Eimen and Trimble coaches…joining in also were David and Cindy Eimen, making up a good size group at a gorgeous campsite right on the lake.

Pot Luck was the order of the day on the meals and you can rest assured there was no shortage of goodies! A big treat was Wed eve when we were surprised with a big load of KFC chicken (courtesy of David and Cindy) then it was birthday time for three of the gang…Bob and Marilyn Musgrove and Glyn Trimble! Cake, Candles and Ice Cream all around!

One tiny little side note…the local squirrel population completely ignored us…they went about their business of eating and playing as though we weren't even there!

And there you have it…a fun filled October for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch gang and a quick look ahead for another fun time for November…we hope…Ha! Maybe you can join us!
Your GMC buddies



October 3, 2014



Fall has finally arrived! It's Hot Chocolate time once again…and time to get the old gals out of mothballs and head for the hills…foliage time that is!! A great crowd today and the general topic was "Gettin" the GMCs out of hock, check out all the little glitches, sort out the old rattles from the new ones and let's go camping in them thar' hills!! And so we shall!! Read On…

First of all, a great big welcome to Lorren White,, a past president of the GMC Classics, who drove over from OK City and joined us for lunch! His GMC still has that pristine look about it…was fun for all of us to make the usual "tour"….

And a special thanks to Claude Farris for the very moving invocation he brought to us prior to our luncheon….thank you, Colonel Farris…you are much appreciated!

Quite a goodly number on hand also today…let's see if we can name a few…Fred and Peggy Pitezel plus Peggy's dad, Clyde Jones….Irv and Shirley Pense…He's all excited about going to the OU-TX game next week in Big D…wouldn't sell us his tickets, either!

Then Dan Farrill arrived with his coach…he calls it his "Work In Progress" project…hmmm…where have we heard one before…surely no where among this august group, that's for certain…Ha..Ha..Ha..Also dining with us today was Hal Fischer…he was driving one of those great big commercial buses…seems as tho he dropped a group off at their destination and had a little free time, so he came on out…and he had a couple or so of GMC how do I do this questions also!! Imagine that!!

Jim and Betty Haynes, along with Ron and Sharon Eimen, Monte and Helen Jestes and Larry and Joanna Potts help fill us one of the tables…Missing today were Bernie and Renee Baldwin along with Ken and Doree Broostin…believe they had not yet arrived home from the GMC International Rally way up in north country!! Said they were on the way, tho!

Gene and Barbara Shepherd, along with little Brie plus Claude and Sally Farris plus Glyn Trimble occupied part of the table also…back to the future, tho….

Next week we plan to exhibit our ladies at the local Antique Auto Show…it's really just an excuse to eat some of those fabulous burgers they serve next door! Hope you can join us!

Later this month a contingent of the guys and gals are planning a little foliage trip, weather permitting, to view the magnificent colors and images of fall leaves bringing us to the reminder that winter is not far behind. Thanks to Bob and Marilyn Musgrove for making all the arrangements…hope you can join us…we do plan on eating a few goodies along the way…ha…

Now that we have had our fill of the food line and answered all those GMC questions, we bid you adieu until next time…and yes, you can come…shux, we will even let you pick up the tab!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch Guys and Gals





September 6, 2014




Seems like only yesterday a few GMC guys and gals met at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Tulsa for a little food and friendly gab about our lovely GMC ladies…and maybe it was!

NO, hold it right there…it was actually 15 years ago this month, Sept 1999, when several GMC devotees met and dined in air conditioned comfort and little white lies all around….and looking around the room today there were three folks that were there that memorable day…Ron and Sharon Eimen, plus Glyn Trimble!

Not here today but their beautiful presence still among us were Bill and Bobbie Bramlett, both of whom were here in the very beginning…miss you guys but we know you are enjoying Colorado!! Also absent today were two other first timers, Leonard and Jane Howard!

Looking around we see Jim and Betty Haynes here today…two very faithful attendees, who came aboard a short time later in Jan 2000! Another faithful and loyal GMCer not on hand today was Bill Brunson. Bill joined up with us in Apr 2000!

Sitting over in the corner today were Irv and Shirley Pense…they first met with us in Mar 2001 and have continued doing so all these years! Later that year Bernie and Renee Baldwin joined up with us in Jun 2001 followed by Bob and Marilyn Musgrove in Aug 2001! Also later that same year two other loyal GMCer families, Claude and Sally Farris and Monte and Helen Jestes found their place among us!

Two other families on hand today, Fred and Peggy Pitezel and Ken and Doree Broostin, came on board in Feb and Nov 2002 respectively! And Peggy brought her father, Clyde Jones, along at the same time!

Some of the "newbies" on hand today were Larry and Joanna Potts (they came aboard in Aug 2012) and also the same month were Gene and Barbara Shepherd plus little Brie. John Broostin and his bride, Teresa, first joined up with us Feb 2011 (even before they were married)…

Sitting down at the far end of the table was Chuck Meyers…he's our local Ham Operator…don't remember when he joined up but it was a long time ago…and two of our favorite people, Clark and Patty Southmayd joined up with us back in Apr 2009…

We would be remiss if we didn't pause and remember all those wonderful guys and gals who have come aboard over the years and have since gone on to be with our Lord. Regretfully there are too many to mention but we will always remember each and every one of you!

Just a couple of more items…several families are heading north later this month for the GMC International Rally in Wisconsin plus next month we have a GMC Classic Rally on the schedule plus a local foliage trip and fantastic train ride scheduled for late October! Also a showing of our lovely ladies at the local Antique Auto Show is coming up real soon, too! There is also a real honest to goodness Balloon Festival later this month for some of the guys, too!

So, til next month…as Roy Rogers always said…Happy Trails!
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P.S. And a special vote of thanks to the staff and management of the Golden Corral who have so faithfully provided us with good food and every better service all these years…and thanks for the birthday cakes today, too!



August 1, 2014



This morning the temp was in the upper 60's and by lunch time it had creeped all the way up to 74 degrees…we drove the motorhome to our Golden Corral rendezvous with the windows open and breezes blowing ever so gently in our face…and believe it or not, it was the first day of August!

After a brief thought, we realized that the folks at the Corral wouldn't serve us courtside, so reluctantly we went inside to the man-made air conditioning…besides, that's where all the goodies were!

Some old friends we hadn't seen for a while, Leonard and Jane Howard, came strolling in. Also, our good GMC buddy, Bill Brunson, made it down…showing us pics on the progress he had made on his "new" GMC project…(He sold his long time finished project GMC last year and recently started on a "new" GMC endeavor)…

Ron and Sharon Eimen made it in also…Ron is still undergoing treatments for his illness and "as he so eloquently puts it in Black Bart style"…his bank account is being gradually transferred to the medical fraternity…

Two first time visitors were on hand today also…Jack and Betty Thompson…although we realize they own another brand of RV, we did forgive them…but only this time! Glad to have you with us…come back in your new GMC…yeah!

We learned that one of our oldest GMC buddies has had to sell his GMC due to declining health…we wish you well, good friend…we look forward to seeing you real soon, even without your GMC!

Little Brie Shepherd came in with her folks today…all bubbling over with enthusiasm…she's all of 11 years old now and almost grown up…didn't see her grabbing any cotton candy today…

Patty Southmayd and Joanna Potts came today, minus their hubbies…said they had to work or something like that…we ae going to check out the local golf course…just to make sure!

All in all, it was a great crowd today…but it would have been a wee bit better if you had been there…but we managed to eat your share, so don't worry about it too much, please! Ha!

Til next month
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



July 11, 2014



What a day this has been! Six beautiful GMC ladies parked out in the Golden Corral parking lot and a whole bunch of GMC guys and gals crammed into the dining room ready to eat and "maybe" talk a little GMC stuff…imagine that!!

Plus…we had two brand new owners, Bob and Charlotte Ankersheil, who have just acquired their very first GMC and are in the midst of bringing it up to "snuff" so they said… They have a "new" (to them, of course) 1973 26 ft blue Glacier and it's almost "show room ready" now! Its name? Why, "Blue" of course! What else? It was only fitting they we inducted them into the Tulsa Lunch Bunch with our "secret" ceremony which they followed to the letter…and from the looks of their plates they did exactly that, too!

We mentioned there were 6 coaches on hand…Glyn Trimble, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Ken and Doree Broostin, Larry and Joanna Potts, Don Terrill and Chuck Myers all brought their "babies"…a beautiful site to see and yes, we did have passerbyers stop and ask the usual questions…

Happy to report that Black Bart (Ron Eimen) is still in the recovery mode, taking more tests and moaning over the doctor bills…so he must be getting better! Sharon lets him out now and then but still on a short leash! Ha!

Glyn reported on the latest Classic Rally, also got a fun report on the little excursion several made this week to Copan Lake…long range plans, by the way, include a return to the Claremore Gatesway Balloon Festival that we attended for so many years… The dates have been moved to September so that should be a most welcome relief from that scorching July heat!! More on that later!

We were honored today by a visit from some long time GMC Flatlander friends from the Springfield, MO area…Max and Joan Kanel along with Randy and Margie Van Winkle…they have been with us before at the Balloon Festivals of the past…thanks much for the visit!

And also a special guest today of Glyn's was George Nuss, a longtime friend and cousin by marriage! He seemed to have held his own very well among our heavy chow boys and girls! Said he "might" be back…ha!

Thanks again to Claude Farris for the invocation…we appreciate you.

Have a fun month and we will see you next time, on that infamous "First Friday" date…

Your Lunch Bunch family



June 6, 2014



Oh my goodness! Its June already…seems like it was only yesterday that we observed Christmas and New Year's Day…we must be having fun or getting old…wonder which it might be? And you may keep your answer to yourself, thank you!

So many things have already happened this year and maybe it's time to pause and reflect…but, FIRST, let's remember those brave heroes who, 70 years ago today, invaded Europe on that Normady beachhead…we all know some of those soldiers who were there…some who survived and also those who didn't…

So, as you remember where you were on that fateful day, let's go find one of those guys and just say "Thanks"…there are a few still around, but not many!

Now, back to GMC stuff…our luncheon today was a rousing piece of conversation…we had 30 brave souls on hand…and we were thrilled to have Black Bart (Ron Eimen) with us for the first time since his major surgery a few weeks back. He wasn't exactly functioning on all "fours" as the old saying goes but he managed to hit the chow line fairly well.

Still a bit of conversation about our recently camping trip to Sequoyah State Park…like "When do we go again?" …a bit of fun talk about last week's excursion into NW Arkansas by several antique hunters of the group…and yes, a few did buy some of that "inexpensive junk" on sale…

One of our new owners called and said to save a place for him and his bride…their new "baby" is in the shop getting "all beautiful"…there's nothing like "cash" to help a GMC look better…er, excuse me, forget we said that…another prospective owner was on hand today…looks like June is not too had after all…

Coming up real soon is our annual summer trip to the local Antique Car Show…it's an open showing with no classification…there should be about 300 vehicles of all shapes and sizes on hand…believe four or five of our guy are bringing their coaches out…we plan to be ready for those perennial questions…"Do you travel in these things?"… "You can get parts?"… and, of course, the biggee…"How many mpg do you get?"….Oh well, we know the answers by heart now…
One of the guys is bring his 1916 Model T out rather than the GMC…of course, he has "souped" it up a bit…but it looks and sounds great…just like GMC always does…yeah! Can't hardly wait to see it again…He tows it on a dolly behind the GMC wherever he goes…so, be on the lookout…he may be coming your way!

Coming up shortly is the GMC Classic Rally in Durant, OK at the Choctaw KOA campground…that beautiful resort/campground is well worth the visit in itself. Should be a fairly good group on hand…from the schedule it looks like the grub won't be half bad, either!
Some of the folks are headed out for family reunions, family vacations etc but we will all be back next month for First Friday of course…and don't forget, next month First Friday will be on the second Friday, Jul 11…we want you to celebrate Jul 4 with your own family, fireworks and all…

Till next month,
Your Tulsa GMC Lunch Bunch


May 2, 2014



One by one, two by two, or something like that, the gang drooped in today, stil in slight recovery mode from last week's camping trip to Sequoyah State Park in Wagoner. Handshakes, hugs and warm greetings were the order of the day!

First item on everybody's mind was the recovery mode of Black Bart. The operation was deemed successful and now comes the waiting part…waiting for him to fully recover, waiting on him to regain his normal status (good luck on that one), and waiting on him to rejoin us for luncheon! Ron, you are on our daily prayer list, that's for certain. And Sharon, too!

We were delighted to have a first time visit by Don Ferrell of Owasso. Don purchased his GMC last year and, despite our dire warnings and reckless advice, stayed all the way through lunch and even promised to return next month. He left wife, Judy, at her job…hopefully she can join us soon!

Two other folks, Gene and Shirley Bedingfield, came out to look us over…they are shopping around for their first RV (tenting doesn't count) and we did our best to convince them that the GMC was the only way to go…we thought about bribing them but we couldn't raise enough moola to make it worthwhile…

Claude and Sally were the first to arrive, followed by Glyn. Next came a passel of the gang…Bob and Marilyn, Jim and Betty, Bernie and Renee, Clark and Patty…Don, Gene and Shirley, along with Ken and Doree, made up the next group of lunch eaters…Fred and Peggy, along with Clyde, arrived shortly.

Going inside, we found Larry and Joanna waiting patiently for us to stop gabbing outside, and come on in get ready to eat. After we got in, John and Marjorie along with Gene, Barbara and little Brie joined in with the group. May have been a few more but counting noses is against the rules anyway…only appetites count…

We do want to remember the family of a long time Lunch Bunch member, Steve Clevenger. Steve passed away this past week and we certainly want to extend our condolences to daughter, Julie, and the family. Steve was one of those guys who never complained, even when his health began to fail. We will miss you, Steve!

Do want to commend two of our guys for being Good Samaritans just recently. One of our fellow GMCers was traveling from Texas to Indiana through Oklahoma and began having water pump problems around McAlester. Being the good guys they are, Ken and Fred jumped into their car and drove to McAlester and changed out the water pump and got them on their way. Kudos, guys, you are Numero Uno in our books!

Wow! Look at the clock…it's almost 2:00 PM and it seems like we just got here! Well, we did, only it was around 11:00 AM…My oh my, how time flies when you are having fun! By the way, we didn't hear a single report about those "friendly" ticks everybody brought home from our camping trip last week…guess they have all gone to "Tick Heaven" by now…Ha! Hope So!

Time to say "Bye bye"…See you next month

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch guys and gals



April 22-24, 2014




Never let it be said that the Tulsa Lunch Bunch doesn't go all out for a campout…this past week we managed to do it with only minor faux paus and a few boo-boos…what we really needed was our good buddies, Ron and Sharon Eimen, directing our paths into camping history…but alas, Ron was home awaiting surgery so we had no "Black Bart" to lead us down the forbidden path…ha…
Life on the rough side began early Tues around 9:30 AM when Glyn Trimble arrived at the Sequoyah State Park office and checked in…so far so good…so off he goes, settling in on the most beautiful site of the campground…the point site leading off toward lakeside…more later…

Next, at early afternoon, came Fred and Peggy Pitezel, with Peggy's dad, Clyde Jones, right behind. Arriving soon after was Ken and Doree Broostin (with Grizzly, of course), checking in right beside them. Bernie and Renee Baldwin, with their dog buddies, soon followed. Bob and Marilyn Musgrove arrived shortly, minus their GMC, and checked into one of the very comfortable cabins near the Lodge Office. The next GMC in line was Monte and Helen Jestes, who found a beautiful site at the top of the hill .
Completing our delightful group was Clark and Patty Southmayd, with their two four legged bosses, and then came Larry and Joanna Potts to finish out our Lunch Bunch party for the week. And, as a point of considerable discussion, they brought their two prize guys, who wore LED collars that glowed bright red in the dark…

Up next came a bit of the unexpected…somehow, after TWO trips to the State Park Campground office by Glyn to confirm scheduled sites and activities, the campground host and hostess, who actually oversee the campground, never received word that we were going to be there…

Whoa, Nellie…they said, you are in somebody else's reserved spot…But, using squatter's rights, and also not saying anything, the host couple did some paper shuffling, refiguring and amid a bit of complaining, let us keep our sites and so we were off to the races….

And, right on schedule, Clark set up his big OU camping tent at Glyn's site right on the point, chairs came out, and promptly at 6:00 PM, the food magically appeared on cue and it was "down the hatch" time…and we did, with the most picturesque view of Ft Gibson Lake as our "Front Porch".

Ken had very graciously brought firewood from home and as evening approached and the sun sank slowly and beautifully behind the trees across the lake, we enjoyed until late in the evening "Tall tales and refreshing lies" about anything and everything. And, most of all, we missed Ron and Sharon!

Nighttime turned out to be perfect for sleeping…light blankets were in order and the furnace was needed Wed AM to take the chill off, and the pet walkers kept up a brisk pace around the campground walkways.

We were scheduled to visit the Wagoner City Historical Museum at 10:30 AM so around 10:00 AM we loaded up into four cars and headed out. The Museum, located about 10 miles from the Campground, was one of those truly magnificent "hidden" treasures that cry out for you to visit again and again. The historical relics, artifacts, carefully dressed manikins, mementoes of the past, all pristinely prepared and placed in special costumes of long ago left you in an awe stricken mode as you wondered how you might have lived in those long ago times.

A totally and completely unexpected treat came when the girls went into the local drug store across the street from the museum. "The Owl Drug Store", so the sign outside said, was more than a local pharmaceutical house…it was truly a small town, old time "General Store" that sold everything from A to Z…did notice that the gals kept coming out, asking for more money, and then bring out more "goodies" that they just couldn't pass up…real bargains for sure!!!

Do believe that our next scheduled trip to Wagoner should have the Owl Drug Store as a destination with the Museum (right across the street) a secondary visiting haven. And one more thing…the auto drivers made U-turns in the middle of the street, including backing out and turning in the opposite direction for travel…that really took up by surprise!! Home town benefits for sure!!
Up next was a lunch time break at the Lodge. Glyn had made reservations for all of us but, as it turned out, it really wasn't necessary! Seems as though our group of 16 were the ONLY patrons in the dining room. That was a first for us in all the nearly 15 years we have been bounding about the country sides. Still a fun time…

Afternoon nap time was next in order in preparation for Wednesday evening's activities. Just before 6:00 PM we loaded up, headed out nearby for the Bridle Stables and evening hayride and cookout. Larry Turner, our "Wagon Master", had the hay all packed aboard the wagon and hitched up to modern horses (tractor to you city folk)…now, just to refresh your memory a bit…WHEN was the last time you went on a hayride-and with whom? Don't fret…we couldn't remember, either….

Loading up, climbing up on those straw bales of hay and/or hanging your legs over the edge of the wagon, we took off…down through the pastures we went, round and through the fields, some muddy, some stinky…ducking vines and branches, and all the while, catching a glimpse of the deer and wild turkeys abounding off in the distance.

Suddenly we were there…amidst the most beautiful picnic campsite you could imagine…the bonfire was raging, and marvelous concrete picnic tables and seats were all around. Fred and Peggy soon arrived, bringing most of the food with them…(They drove around and came in the good road…courtesy of Larry).

Hot dogs, buns, pickles, relishes and even pecan pies were in order…Larry had provided roasting tongs and the guys went to work almost immediately! Seconds became the norm and even those blackened marshmallows tasted pretty good (but not as good as the pecan pie)…

Promptly at 7:30 PM, Larry returned, loaded us all up, and off we went, back to the Stables, but a different route this time…as you rode along, gazing this way and that way, you could imagine your ancestors traveling along similar routes, except they had to make their own trails, forge their own pathways…no wagon tracks to follow like we were doing…and certainly no modern horseless tractor, either!

Back at Campsite # 17, it was time to sit under the Big Top or toast yourself by the fireplace…reluctantly we finally folded up our conversations, took the pets for a final walk and turned in, tired but happy for a fun filled day with special friends for sure!
An overnite shower (around 2:30 AM)and chilly wind kept most of us in the coaches Thursday AM but we finally began to stir around 9:30 AM and then began packing up in preparation for departure for home. Just before 11:00 we lined up, headed out, making one last stop, and, as it turned out, one of the best stops of the week.

We had reservations for 11:30 at Runt's BBQ in Wagoner…with Fred leading the way, we caravanned through Wagoner, parking those GMC ladies in the neighboring business's parking lots and marched into Runt's…what a delightful and pleasing place to dine! The ladies informed us that they were dining alone to talk "girl stuff" and the guys were on their own!! Sounds like normal, don't you think?

Reluctantly we folded up our travel week, boarded onto those GMC ladies, and gently turned their heading toward home. What a week this had been! One of the best ever and scenic campsites par excellence! We can only say "Thank You, Lord" for giving us this splendid opportunity to share your beautiful blessings!

Til next time
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch




Apr 4, 2014



Is it the birds? Is it the bees? Is it springtime? You betcha!! Just look around and see for yourself! The weather's just fine…only two tornadoes last night and one hail storm…rain is on the way and the GMCs are up and rarin' to go!

Looking around today and everybody had their pocket maps out, the newest photos of the grandkids and at the same time trying to persuade their buddies out of that new part they just had to have…it must be spring/love or both!!

We even had our brand new Tulsa Lunch Bunch banner hanging up for all to see…it's a real beauty…and it hangs very nicely over that big picture window! Guess that makes us "official" now…we have been without it for nearly a year!

Appetites were well in hand and then it was time for the real important stuff-like, where are we going and how soon…however, we must confess that for some strange reason we are now building our travel acumen around "doctor visits"…it's gotta be the hangover from the winter blues…of course!!

Coming up first on the agenda is our semi-annual visit to the local "Auto Show" at Fuddruckers on Tues Apr 8…this is an open show with no restrictions…the gamut runs from World War I era Model T's to souped up brand new Corvettes plus a few GMCs thrown in for good measure! Should be around 300 plus or minus entries…no charge unless you grab a delicious burger at Fuddruckers…

Entrants start arriving about 4:00 PM and hang loose until after dark. You can come and go as you wish, take all the pics you want and also be prepared to answer those all too familiar questions: "Do they still make these guys?", "How many mpg do you get?", "Do you really travel in those old heaps?"…plus a real favorite, of course…"My grandparents had one of these"…A guy really fits in well with that last one…

Coming up next on the travel agenda is a three day excursion to Sequoyah State Park on Apr 22-24. Pre-registration attendance looks real good, especially the sign up for the hayride. We were thinking about asking them to hook the wagon up to a couple of GMCs rather than horses but don't think the Stable guys would think it was near as much fun as we would…oh well!!

In between we have scheduled a visit to the local museum…a cursory visit there last Tuesday indicated that it is indeed a real hidden gem…everything was in tip top shape, in pristine condition and parking is no problem…can't hardly wait!

To sum it all up today…appetites were outstanding…attendance was just right and raindrops were hiding in the clouds!! Early arrivals were just before 11:00 AM and the last departures were around 2:00 PM…Lots of problems solved but, alack and alas, more created…woops…can't believe we said that…oh well!

Til next time
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch





March 7, 2014



What a nice day it was today…temp was above freezing…way above at that…almost 60 degrees…and the Golden Corral had cold air blowing out of the ceiling registers…and why not, it's still officially winter…oh well, we had a good time anyway!

To start things off on a proper note, our GMCs were upstaged today by 4 huge humongous charter busses that dwarfed our "tiny" coaches…reminded us of the time when we were at a FMCA rally and were sandwiched in between two Prevost coaches…there's gotta be an ole' Indian proverb in here somewhere…

Good crowd today…almost…two were over in KY amidst their snow storm…two were in CA basking in the Pacific Ocean…two were digging for gold in the desert…two were out cleaning up their pasture and two more were just not here…ha…

The good food overcame all our woes and shortcomings…plans were rapidly being formed for the Spring and Summer good times…to start off this coming week, several are leaving for a Caribbean Cruise…not sure how that relates to GMCs…but they're going anyway…five families are heading south for the GMCMI Rally in Montgomery, TX….one family is heading up to the lake to inspect a new house and dig their boat out of the goop and junk from winter on the lake…

Also on the agenda is a three day excursion into the foothills of north central OK next month, plus a visit to an open antique auto show in early April. But all of this is built around our monthly luncheon at the Golden Corral. It is a cardinal sin to miss that and you will be taxed accordingly…ha…

Oh we did talk a bit about the latest goodies for sale at Hobby Lobby (ladies only) and also a bit about cleaning out the gas tanks…did not hear a single word about anybody volunteering to help with that job…imagine that!!

Our feelings were somewhat modified when we finally came out of the Corral…those four big guys were all gone and our GMCs didn't look so minute after all. One last item…we have our new GMC banner now and it looks gorgeous…almost as pretty as a cleaned up, polished and waxed GMC…and we just ain't the least bit prejudiced, either…

Til next month
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch




February 7, 2014



Move over, Mr. Groundhog, you've got company! At least that was the consensus today as we worked out way through the ice covered parking lots and sidewalk…but that didn't deter the cheerful spirit and fellowship that followed…and certainly didn't bother the appetites, either!

Good crowd today…even tho we were minus Chuck Myers and his bride…seems as tho they were in Southern California and seemed to be in no hurry to return…wonder why?

We even managed to celebrate Clyde Jones' birthday today…Clyde is our Senior Member in age but one of the youngest in spirit…word of warning…don't try to keep up with him on the job…you won't win!! Congratulations, Clyde…may you have many more!!

On hand today to help Clyde celebrate today were most of the old hands…Ron and Sharon, Bob and Marilyn, Jim and Betty, Ken and Doree, Monte and Helen, Claude and Sally, Irv and Shirley, Larry and Joana, Fred and Peggy plus Clark and Glyn. Also joining us for the first time was Micah, special guest of Doc's. And our special server, Nadine, was on hand with all her crew!!

Barbara called to say that Gene was under the weather a bit but that he was doing better…thank you, Barbara, and keep us posted, please! He was in the hospital but should be going home tomorrow! Great News!!

All kinds of trips are in the works…maybe a cruise or two…believe the weather is encouraging a few brave souls to find a better way to enjoy winter! Can't take any motorhome trips cause the weather seems to be in cahoots with every direction you look…north, south, east or west!! Patience, laddies, spring time is just around the corner…maybe?

Good News! A few months ago when Golden Corral remodeled the premises, someone disposed of our beautiful Lunch Bunch banner…we finally got a new one today and it's just plan gorgeous!! You gotta see it! We should have it hanging proudly soon!
Between talks of trips, gadgets that needed to be fixed, new grandbabies, garage possibilities, air bag opportunities plus a few other "minor" items, we stretched out our lunch time from 11:00 AM (early birds) to nearly 3:00 PM…think the truth is that no one was ready to go back outside…can you really blame them?

All in all, it was a great time today…lots of expert conversation, a bit more not quite so good and even a mild bit of "bull"…oh well, after all, we are GMCers!!

Til Next Month, Our Love and Prayers for each of you
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch




January 3, 2014



Glory Be! Here 'tis…2014 already and we have just barely learned how to type in "2013"…well, never mind, Happy New Year to ye' anyhoo!! And may the Good Lord shine down brightly on you all the year long!!

We were set to celebrate with a fine luncheon today when a couple of the guys and gals almost spoiled everything…but not quite…Clark and Patty e-mailed us from Cancun and said they couldn't make it back on time…and then Mike and Carol said they would be in Maui today and would be in no hurry to return…after all, it was all the way up to 20 degrees today…

Never mind, tho, we did manage to tackle the food line with our usual enthusiasm…Nadine, our trusted server, is still with us…she kept the coffee and tea coming right on schedule!

It was a delight to see Leonard and Jane back with us again. We continue to pray that she has good health and doesn't have to go back to Mayo too soon! Holding down the fort near the window were two special people, Art and Sherri…good to see you two again also!

Renee is still among the walking wounded but seemed to be getting around real good today, also. Jim and Betty, along with Claude and Sally, brought us their usual cheer! Glyn brought a special guest today…one of his "adopted" granddaughters, Julie Small.
Julie is the daughter of his pastor, and that wee bit of a girl teaches "French" at one of the local elementary schools here in Tulsa.

Wow! She spoke to us in French telling us how glad she was to be with us!!! Of course we understood her…silly question….
Bob and Marilyn, Ken and Doree, Ron and Sharon, Clyde, Fred and Peggy plus Larry held down a couple of the tables also. We covered the usual bases today…we progressed from the "How do you do this" all the way up to "WHY did you do that?"…Folks, that real progress!! Ha!

And one last thing…a great big "Thank You" to Larry and Joanna for hosting all the gang for a Christmas Party last month. It was a pleasure being in your beautiful home!! Love you!

Til next month
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch