The Tulsa Lunch Bunch
Founded 1999 by Glyn Trimble

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Luis Molina

Meeting the first Friday of each month at the Golden Corral at 71st and Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


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The Tulsa International
GMC Lunch Bunch

Founders Glyn & Melrose Trimble (1999)

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December 4, 2015

There were a total of 22 in attendance. Present were Monte & Helen Jestes, Larry & Joanna Potts, Pat & Susan O'Brien, Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Jim & Betty Haynes, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Ron & Sharon Eimen, Ken & Doree Broostin, Bernie & Renee Baldwin, Clyde Jones, Robert Ankershiel, Hal Fisher and Clark Southmayd.

We were glad to see Sharon Eimen today. She was home last month recuperating from heart bypass surgery.

A poem, Merry Christmas from Heaven, written by John Mooney in 1989, was read in memory of Glyn Trimble who passed on September 3rd.

I still hear the songs
I still see the lights
I still feel your love
On cold winter nights

I still share your hopes
and all of your cares
I'll even remind you
To please say your prayers

I just want to tell you
You still make me proud
You stand head and shoulders
Above all the crowd

Keep trying each moment
To stay in his grace
I come here before you
To help set your place

You dont have to be
Perfect all the time
He forgives you the slip
If you continue to climb

To my family and friends
Please be thankful today
I'm still close beside you
In a new special way

I love you all dearly
Now don't shed a tear
Cause I'm spending my
Christmas with Jesus this year

~ John Mooney

There were at least a couple of conversations regarding winterizing our GMC motorhomes. Hopefully, we have already completed that task. If anyone has not winterized their coach, it is past time to do this. Remember to flush the commode until the pink RV antifreeze is obvious. Also, backflush at the city water hookup while the system is pressurized. This will displace water from that short section of line.

Reminder: Larry & Joanna Potts have volunteered to host the Christmas Party at their home on December 9th. A potluck dinner is planned for 11:30am. It was agreed that the party would include NO GIFTS!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Party!!
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch





November 6, 2015

There were a total of 20 in attendance. Present were Claude & Sally Farris, Monte & Helen Jestes, Larry & Joanna Potts, Pat & Susan O'Brien, Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Jim & Betty Haynes, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Ron Eimen, Ken & Doree Broostin, Bernie & Renee Baldwin and Clyde Jones.

Ron Eimen gave a report on Sharon who is recuperating at home from heart bypass surgery. We will be looking forward to seeing Sharon at the December luncheon.

Regarding the passing of Glyn Trimble, a condolence card from GMC Classics members Willard & Joyce Murdock was circulated, as was a letter of appreciation from Eastwood Baptist Church. These correspondences were directed to the Tulsa Lunch Bunch. We all know that Glyn was a long time member of both of these organizations.

Larry & Joanna Potts have volunteered to host the Christmas Party at their home on December 9th. A potluck dinner is planned for 11:30am. It was agreed that the party would include NO GIFTS! We are looking forward to a time of conversation and friendship.
Discussion included the planning of a November RV outing with Osage Hills State Park being the destination. The getaway is planned from November 11th to the 13th. The park is located 13 miles west of Bartlesville on the south side of US Hwy 60 with 20 RV sites available. Also, there are eight cabins in case someone needs to attend minus their GMC motorhome.

A calendar of the planned 2016 luncheons is attached. Thank you, Marilyn Musgrove for your efforts.

Until next month.
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



September 4, 2015

There were a total of 24 in attendance. Present were Larry & Joanna Potts, Pat & Susan O'Brien, Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Shirley & Irv Pense, Jim & Betty Haynes, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Ron & Sharon Eimen, Ken & Doree Broostin, Bernie & Renee Baldwin, Chuck Meyers, Clyde Jones, Clark Southmayd, Bob Ankershiel, Hal Fischer and Larry Hill.

Discussion today was not about our GMC Motorhomes; but, rather about the passing of our dear leader Robert (Glyn) Trimble. Glyn departed this world at about 6:25 am, Thursday, September 3rd after a several month battle with health issues. Glyn was an active and avid supporter of the GMC Motorhome community. The attached Bio was provided by Glyn several years ago; and, it seems appropriate to include it with today's write-up since it addresses details of Glyn and Melrose's GMC connection as well as other personal information that is pertinent to the lives of these two wonderful people.

Most of us in the local GMC motorhome community wouldn't know each other if it wasn't for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, an unofficial group of GMC motorhome owners, which was started by Glyn Trimble in September of 1999. It was quite sobering to walk into the empty meeting room at the Golden Corral today and not see Glyn's smiling face. Rest in peace our friend; and, give Melrose a hug for all of us.

Until next month.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


Glyn's GMC history
Bought our first GMC, a 23' 1973 Glacier in November 1973.
Bought current GMC, a 26' 1976 Glenbrook in June 1977.
Joined the GMC Classics Club a few months after it was organized.
Charter member of GMC International. FMCA in 1974.
A group of us started the Tulsa Lunch in Bunch September 1999.
Melrose and I have traveled all over US. In the early years when I was still working, she and her girl friends would take the coach and GO.

World War II, Sgt-Major US Army Infantry
Army Reserve. Retired Lt-Col, Artillery, US Army Reserve, 1976

Graduate of Oklahoma University 1951
Married Melrose Scales June 1953. Melrose passed away August 2006.
Retired Wm E Davis Food Service Company June 1991

Eastwood Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK
Deacon, Head Usher 35 for years.
Lay Director, Senior Adult Ministry

Chapter President, Tulsa Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (Currently) plus other local and state offices.
Genealogy Researcher. Author of six books on family histories.



Robert Glyn Trimble
October 24, 1926 - September 3, 2015

Robert Glyn Trimble, son of Murl Hays and Everett Trimble, was born on October 24, 1926 in Bristow, OK and passed away September 3, 2015 at the age of 88 years, 10 months and 10 days. After graduating from Bristow High School in 1944, Glyn entered the military on 27 Feb 1945 and served in the US Army on active duty as Sgt. Major, Infantry, until 30 Sept 1946 (WWII). He joined the Army Reserve in 1946 and retired from the military in Aug 1978 with the rank of Lt Col, Field Artillery, US Army.
Glyn graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK in Jan 1951. On 20 June 1953, he married Melrose Scales in Oklahoma City, OK. No children were born to this union.

They have lived in the Tulsa, OK area and maintained an enthusiastic interest in motorhoming and genealogy for many years. Glyn has prepared detailed family documentary histories on each of his parents and grandparents. They were active in the Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa where Glyn served as usher for 64 years and head usher for more than 41 years.
He worked for and retired from the William E. Davis & Sons, Inc. where he received several awards for outstanding achievements. He was named the top salesperson 20 consecutive years in a row.

He has participated in the activities of the Reserve Officers Association and the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). He was also active in the Naturalization process for new citizens and presented them a copy of the Constitution of the United States and officially welcomed them to the United States as a member of SAR in the Tulsa area. He found delight in participating in, as well as, organizing trips, luncheons, etc. for the East Tulsa Lunch Bunch, GMC Motor Coaching group.

He was preceded in death by his parents, and his beloved wife of 53 years, Melrose in Aug 2006. He is survived by one sister, Nada Whitfield of Winters, Texas and one brother, Carl Trimble of Midway, Arkansas; numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, family, and friends.

Funeral services will be Tuesday, September 8 at Eastwood Baptist Church at 1:00 p.m. with visitation preceding the service from 11:00 to 12:30. Burial will follow in Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Eastwood Baptist Church, 949 S. 91st East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74112


Editor's note:
Glyn was my first contact with the GMC Classics in 1998. He has been a very close friend ever since. He will be sorely missed by myself as well as all those that were touched by him.

He put together the Tulsa Lunch Bunch and kept them going. They promoted GMCs in many venues in their area.
He missed his beloved Melrose immensely. I'm sure they are happy to be together in God's arms at last.

Rest in peace my friend
Billy Massey



August 7, 2015

There were a total of 21 in attendance. Present were Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Shirley Pense, Jim & Betty Haynes, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Ron & Sharon Eimen, Ken & Doree Broostin, John & Teresa Broostin; Monte Jestes, Bernie & Renee Baldwin, Chuck Meyers, Clyde Jones, Clark Southmayd, Bob Ankershiel and Hal Fischer.

Ken Broostin gave a report on a distributor failure that occurred on their coach in Kansas City as they returned from a trip to Minnesota. Like numerous GMC coaches, the Broostin coach has been retrofitted with fuel injection; and, modifications such as this can cause complications with searching for the right repair parts.

Our leader, Glyn Trimble is back in the hospital; but, we understand that he is improving. Get well soon Glyn. We miss you!!

Until next month.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch



July 3, 2015

Several members were away due to 4th of July weekend plans; but, there were still a total of 16 in attendance. Aaron Bedingfield, a close friend of Glyn Trimble, gave a report on Glyn's progress. Glyn is at Methodist Manor doing rehabilitation to regain his strength. Glyn looks forward to going home in a few days where he will continue his recovery.

Present were Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Irvin & Shirley Pense, Jim & Betty Haynes, Larry Potts, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Shawn & Candi Pitezel, Pat & Susan O'Brien, Aaron & Dulce Bedingfield and Ken Warman.

Attendees talked about what they were doing this summer; or, what they have plans to do this summer. Of course, there was lively discussion about different motorhome issues with opinions being freely expressed.

Until next month.

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


June 5, 2015

This was a perfect day for the Lunch Bunch get together. There were a total of 23 in attendance with three GMC coaches lined up in the parking lot. The meeting was far from normal though; because, our leader, Glyn Trimble was missing. Glyn is in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery so that he can be back with us by next month.

Present were Bernie & Renee Baldwin, Ron & Sharon Eimen, Ken & Doree Broostin, Robert & Marilyn Musgrove, Irvin & Shirley Pense, Claude & Sally Farris, Jim & Betty Haynes, Larry & Joanna Potts, Fred & Peggy Pitezel, Pat & Susan O'Brien, Clark Southmayd, Clyde Jones and Hal Fischer.

The Lunch Bunch has been quite busy recently. Glyn mentioned in a previous write-up that we had been invited to participate in the Folds of Honor/Route 66 Patriotic Celebration over the Memorial Day Weekend. We were assigned a location on the Webster High School property in front of the Athletic Building where we dry camped from about Friday noon to Saturday 3:00pm. Nine GMC Motorhomes were there all lined up on display with a number of people stopping to look or take pictures. One lady said that the sight of them brought back memories of when she was 10 years old and traveling with her parents in their GMC motorhome.

Some of us spent several days just before the luncheon at Hawthorn Bluff on Lake Oologah. Actually, the lake was up about 20 feet; and, the bluff was underwater due to the recent rains. We won't complain about that though because the rain was badly needed over this whole region. There were eight coaches present with Larry and Joanna Potts driving up to visit late Thursday afternoon. We all went to Hammett House in Claremore for lunch Thursday; and, some in the group sampled the homemade pie that makes them famous.

Until next month (when we hope Glyn will be back).

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


May 1, 2015



April 3, 2015



What a way to start the month! Lunch at the Golden Corral with oodles of friends! According to the best guestimate we had 30 hardy souls on hand and including little Brie's doll, the count made it all the way up to 31! And yes, we did make a slight dent in the buffet line…barely!

Several of the folks recently made it all the way to Patterson, LA for the Spring GMC International Rally…and a little birdie told us that our own Monte Jestes ate a total of 3 pounds of "craw pappies" at one setting and then came back the next day and ate 4 more pounds of those Cajun "craw pappies"….What a man! We will never know for certain, however, as Monte brought back no evidence of his culinary appetite/skills! Being a dutiful wife, Helen refused to confirm (or deny) such preposterous rumors!

We were once again delighted to have with us Tulsa Councilwoman Jeannie Cue and her party. They are really working hard to insure that we will be made welcome at the Folds of Honor/Route 66 Memorial Day weekend festivities and we really appreciate that. So far we have eleven coaches signed up for the Classic Vehicle Show for Saturday, May 23. More on that later. Can hardly wait, however!

Coming up real soon is a local Classic Vehicle Show on Tuesday, Apr 7…we have a new location, according to the Show Sponsors, and we are looking forward to being a part of it. Quite a number of our guys are planning to attend…and yes, we will in all fairness try out the new restaurants nearby…sometimes a guy gets the impression that we meet to eat or something like that…would we do that? Nah!!!

Looking around today we realized that a number of the folks had never been inducted properly into membership of the Tulsa Lunch Bunch, including the councilwoman, Jeannie Cue! Therefore, with all diligence and respect (ha) we had them stand, raise their right hand and repeat the "secret" words of membership in the Tulsa Lunch Bunch! And, as an added bonus, we always give out fully paid life memberships into this august group! What else can we say about a "No Rules, No Dues" RV club like ours! Just find the nearest chow line and jump in, of course!

Let's see if we can remember all who were here today…Councilwoman Jeannie Cue, her hubby, Tom Cue and Ed Byleveld from the Folds of Honor, Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Monte and Helen Jestes, Bernie and Renee Baldwin and Ken and Doree Broostin to name a few!

Also, Gene and Barbara Shepherd along with daughter, Brie (plus the doll), Jim and Betty Haynes, Glyn Trimble, John Broostin, Ron and Sharon Eimen, Bob Ankersheil, Clark Southmayd, Larry Potts, Ken and Marjorie Warman, plus our ever faithful waitress, Nadine! Fred Pitezel along with son and daughter-in-law held down one table. Probably a few more but don't remember who they were! Everybody was moving around and talking up a storm between bites! For Shame!

We are very proud and humbled to be asked to be a part of the Folds of Honor/Rte. 66 Memorial Day Celebration. Just the thought of being a part of this gigantic city wide patriotic celebration gives you chills and goose bumps! This is going to be a real FIRST for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch! Our banners will be posted for all to see and the GMC motorhomes are going to be the star of the classic vehicle auto show….at least we hope so! The Patriotic Celebration is a four day event but our part will only one day, May 23! (Don't imagine they will let GMC motorhomes on the golf course).

In the meantime, it's time to get those GMC ladies out of storage, wash and polish them up, and make sure they are primed and ready to go…I know we are and we look forward to seeing you there, too! So, until next time we meet, have a safe journey and load up the fridge…we love to munch a bit at these shows…just like the Golden Corral but on wheels!

Happy Trails and Bon Appetit'
Your Tulsa GMC Lunch Bunch



March 6, 2015



What a gorgeous day it was today…the first nice weather day we have had in weeks…and just for the Tulsa Lunch Bunch…no matter, we'll take the credit anyway!

Believe it or not, the guys and gals were ready to get out and enjoy a little GMC fun and frolic…at last count we had either 34 or 35 on hand…counting little Brie's doll, it was 35 for sure!

We had two very special guests today…Tulsa Councilwoman Jeannie Cue and her husband, Tom. They came with a very special invite but more on that later. We also had for the very first time, Linda Trimble, Teresa Broostin's mother. A quick check soon revealed that we couldn't find a genealogy connection with Linda and Glyn Trimble…

Let's see if we can name all those present: Bob and Marilyn Musgrove, Larry Potts, Bernie Baldwin, Jim and Betty Haynes, Ken and Doree Broostin, Chuck Meyers, Irv and Shirley Pense, along with a lively grandson, plus Bob and Marjorie Warman.
Here are a few more: Monte and Helen Jestes, Claude and Sally Farris, Gene and Barbara Shepherd along with daughter, Brie, Clyde Jones (Welcome back, good buddy, you have been away for several months), along with daughter, Bonnie. Also with us were Fred and Peggy Pitezel, John and Teresa Broostin, Ron and Sharon Eimen plus Glyn Trimble.

And of course, our two very special guests, Jeannie Cue and hubby Tom Cue. She brought us an invitation to participate in the upcoming Folds of Honor/Rte 66 Patriotic Celebration over the Memorial Day Weekend…We were delighted to accept and now the planning and all that whoop-de-doo goes into effect. Next step, of course, is the viewing onsite to determine which way the ball bounces…ha

In the meantime, we have camping trips galore on the docket…both locally and across the state lines…FMCA Rallies, GMC Rallies and just down the road a piece…

Do want to add that the food was delicious as usual…the spring like weather today kept more than a few trotting back and forth to make sure they hadn't lost their appetites!!! Huh-Fat chance on that!!!

Until next month-join us on the camping trail or at the food bar! You are welcome at both!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch




February 6, 2015



What a day this has been! Almost short sleeve weather, ideal lunch companions, and we get to talk about GMCs….a group huddled up over here, another group huddled up over there and another group just flittin' around all over the place! True Love…ain't it great, especially when you can talk and visit about your favorite GMC…new owner, old veteran GMCer… makes no difference!! And we ate a bite or two also!

To start the love feeling today, right off the beginning, Ken and Doree brought their brand new Airedale puppy, Skylar, to meet us. She is now all of three months old, nearly 30 lbs, and just loves everybody she meets…With tail a-waggin, she starts kissin' you and jumpin' up in your lap all at the same time! Needless to say, who can resist a Valentine gift like that?

And, just to top it all off, we had two first timers today plus they are also brand new GMC owners, too! Ken and Marjorie, from Claremore! They recently purchased a 1973 23' and have started their GMC journey with credit card in one hand and questions in the other! We did offer a suggestion or two but no one volunteered an extra credit card…uh oh…the Valentine spirit slipped a little it seems!

Three of our favorite couples (Bob and Marilyn, Clark and Patty, plus Larry and Joanna) sneaked out early for a Caribbean cruise with that fabulous Irish Tenor, Danny O'Donnell…we know that they will have lots of good stories to share when they return! Maybe next time they will take us with them….perty please! Sugah on it! Of course, we must also mention that a certain ham operator by the name of Chuck was off out in sunny California…what a life!

Oh Yes, one very important item to share! Our own Clyde Jones turns 90 years young this week and we want to congratulate him. He's a very special guy and always has a smile and good word for everybody he meets. He's also a greeter at the door of his church and has been there since Hector was a pup! Way to go, podner!

Upcoming activities include a campout over near Lake Spavinaw (just below the Spavinaw Dam) and maybe a trip to the GMC International Spring Rally near Lake Charles, LA (just east of New Orleans)….somewhere in between a big FMCA Rally is scheduled to be held in Shreveport, LA…can't you see our "little" GMC guys squeezed out there among all those big 45 footers? What we say? Our guys are sure to attract attention…you can count on it!

By the way, remember that TV piece a couple of years ago on the local NBC affiliate about our Tulsa Lunch Bunch…well, they apparently liked it so well it is being re-edited and re-aired on ALL the NBC affiliates that carry the program. We will be watching for sure!

In the meantime, take care, enjoy your special Valentine and we will see you next month, same place, same time…and with a humongous appetite, of course!

Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch


P.S. For those of you who did not have the opportunity to view the clips on TV here are the sites for the you:
The first one is  the original made almost two years ago.

The second reference is  the revised and edited clip show last week on the national network. Enjoy




January 2, 2015



What a way to start the New Year!  A large crowd, great camaraderie, good plans, no breakdowns, plus 70 degree weather and sunshine outside!  Well, maybe we did exaggerate a wee bit…we did have a great crowd here at the Golden Corral with lots of visitors, we did yak up a storm or two, we fixed quite a number of GMC problems without leaving the room and the weather was…well…a whole lot of cold, nasty, foggy, drizzly gunk, plus miserably wet streets and just barely over freezing…otherwise it was just fine!

Including guests we had a marvelous group of 33 on hand today! In addition to our regulars, we were especially glad to have with us again, Pat and Susan O’Brien of Fayetteville, AR. They were with us last month also and cheerfully reported today that their “New Baby” still will not get up and go!  According to Susan the grand old lady still needs a bit of TLC…where have we heard that before?  Ha!

Ken and Doree also brought Ken’s brother, Jerry Broostin and his bride, Cheryl Broostin today!  Jerry and the wife are from Minnesota and were headed to Floriday for the winter…can’t say we blame them…wish we were going with them…Ken and Doree also had their lovely college age granddaughter, Laramie Stone, visiting with them over the holidays! 

Flash! Important Report!  Ken and Doree recently became the proud new owners of a six week old Airedale puppy…named Skyler…Rumor has it that thus far during his training process with Ken that Skyler is winning the battle! But, of course, it is only a rumor!  Ha!

Fred brought his son, Sean Pitezel and daughter-in-law, Candi Pitezel, with him today!  Happy to report that Peggy’s father, Clyde Jones, is making remarkable progress in his recovery. Still  a long ways to go but our prayers and thoughts are with you, Clyde!

Glyn had two longtime friends, Aaron and Dulcie Bedingfield, drop in today also.  Aaron has been with us before…don’t stay away so long…we miss seeing you! Also, one of our favorite people, Steve Rhodes, managed to slip away and join us for lunch.  Steve is one of our local heroes…a member of the Tulsa Firefighters and is stationed not too far away! And he owns a GMC too!

Good to see Doc Parsons and his new bride, Micah, back with us today.  They recently went on another gold-prospecting trip out in the western deserts of California…fascinating hobby, and traveling in a GMC, too!

Clark was with his today minus his bride, Patty…seems as tho she and the children were on a Caribbean cruise but without Clark.  Somehow we sort of believe that Clark is just a wee bit jealous! I know we are! But, somebody has to stay home and work…and he must have been nominated! Besides that, the GMC probably needs some winter time fix up while Patty is gone!
As you can tell, we had a marvelous time today…the folks started arriving around 11:00 AM and the last straggler left around 2:00 PM…so back out into that fantastic Oklahoma weather we strode! Can hardly wait until warm weather and GMC time comes around!  So, let’s fix those old gals up, strap on the boots and saddles, buy some of that “cheap” gasoline and head down the pike!  And, you are welcome to come along!  Just bring some goodies and a smile!

Til Next Month
Your Tulsa Lunch Bunch

P.S. And a great big hug and thank you to Clark and Patty Southmayd who hosted a Christmas Party for us last month. It was a beautiful and wonderful time! You are special to all of us!